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2007 ford focus - to buy or not (wife commuter car)

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    if you can find a Mazda 3 cheaper ,.,... its the same car


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      Originally posted by Loren View Post
      We were teetering on buying one for the daughter last year. I was understanding that problems were the ignition switch, brakes that don't last for crap and the valve seats dropping out...but that may be different for different years.

      I thought all air filters were hole units...
      HAHA FUNNY.. 2005-7


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        Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


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          I'm the Ford fan, but the Focus is excluded. For no real reason except for Unit's dad getting a much older one years ago. It was a turd. I'm sure they're much better now.
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            Originally posted by SpiderGearsMan View Post
            if you can find a Mazda 3 cheaper ,.,... its the same car
            No they are not ... the European Focus from 05-up was the same as the Mazda 3, the North American Focus from 05-07 was just refreshed from the 00-04 chassis. Heck, even the 08-11 cars still shared a lot of mechanical parts underneath with the 1st gen cars ... I see the part numbers every day to confirm that. Spidey, I know that you think everything Ford has made in the last 15 years is actually a Mazda underneath, but that just isn't true.

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              same car ....shitbox


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                I have absolutely nothing bad to say about Foci. I've had 3 as daily drivers. Had a hatchback 2001 5-speed manual, upgraded to a coupe 2009 SE 5-speed manual, then last summer broke down and got a 2013 SE sedan 4 door automatic. The last isn't nearly as fun as the others, but they get pretty awesome gas mileage, are reliable as heck, and you can get some real good deals on them if you shop around. In regards to a daily driver, the S and SE series are like the cheaper versions but perform just as good as the high end models. I honestly don't see myself straying from the Focus in the future as I believe Ford has made a very nice reliable, affordable car. From a very happy Focus owner, I say GET IT. The only reason I ever got rid of mine was to get a newer, fancier version of the same car.


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                  Except for an PATS (anti-theft) malfunction at about the 8-year mark, our 2003 SVT Focus has delivered more than a decade of anvil-like reliability (although it has only been in a "garbage time" back-up role since we bought our Coyote V8 . . . and it may need some AC work this summer . . . starting not to cool as quickly as it used to)

                  The main problems with it have been:
                  (a) its lack of acceptance at Ford performance events (for example, they tried to shuttle it to "spectator parking" at a Ford cruise night once);
                  (b) its attractiveness to law enforcement (we've actually gotten more warning stops in it over the years than in our Mustangs . . . the "Po-Po" apparently profile it as a backwards-hat hip hop punkmobile);
                  (c) its boundless appetite for tires (basically it needs 'em every 20,000 miles . . . but that may be affected by how hard I've driven it, tire selection, and the more aggressive SVT suspension), and
                  (d) sixth gear isn't tall enough for m.p.g. (3,000 r.p.m. at ~ 70 m.p.h. isn't a formula for high fuel economy)

                  It also needs a turbo to run with the SRT-4 and other sport compacts. (John Coletti missed the boat here by importing the ST170 instead of the RS)

                  If you like/want FWD, a Focus a good one, IMHO.


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                    We bought it......they came down a good amount and the repair work was good. They document all their cars so there were lots of pictures from when they bought it at auction.....looked like a pickup backed into it and peeled/folded the hood back and took out a headlight/grill/fender top.

                    Yeah, its an appliance, but that is what she needs. Putting 25,000 miles a year on a car makes an appliance the logical answer. Good mileage a must-have!
                    Drives nice, is real clean and makes my wife happy. One item off the list, fresh car for wife commuter, check!

                    Off to sell the '02 Cavalier - lots of miles, minor rust, runs great - clean one owner. Glad its tax return time.
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