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  • E-Builds

    Right now I am a little broke from saving to go to Vegas on the 30th. But when we get back I am buying myself a birthday present. So I have been doing a E-build (Building the car how I want on a budget I want. Looking up prices, searching how to do certain things)

    Just Curious if anyone else does this. It kind of interesting to see things progress even if its just in my head.

    So here is the list....
    1966 Galaxie 500 (no pics yet)
    1995 5.0 H.O out of a 1995 Mustang Gt
    AOD trans
    16" mesh wheels off of a Mercury marquis.
    Rear springs off of a Pontiac mini van, cut fronts. (Or stock car springs to help bring it down and make it stiffer)
    Big sway bars off a late model car.
    I don't know what kind of shape the interior is in yet but either repair or replace.
    Quite a bit more of budget mods.
    But all in so far on paper is around $1500 with car. Not bad

    I'm thinking "Poor Touring"
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    Doing it all wrong since 1966


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      Poor Touring for the win!
      Escaped on a technicality.


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        Yeah, I call them virtual builds. I spend a lot of imaginary money there. But , atleast if you do pull the trigger you know what the damage will be. Right now I'm figuring the damage of small blocking the all wheel drive bravada. Should be a blast as it will be quite . Should fix the drivablity problems the last three S 10 swaps had in the rain. Mostly on take off.
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          I think if I ever did that, I'd never do anything.
          I'm still learning


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            bench build!
            Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.