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DianaMite live in studio tonight on Speed Scene Live TV

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  • DianaMite live in studio tonight on Speed Scene Live TV

    Okay, last week Chad was on with Donnie and Darr, but tonight DianaMIte returns to the air. She drives a 10 second '66 nova ss, she says whatever the hell she wants, and is always a fun host on the show. If you saw last weeks show, you know Speed Scene Live TV is all about the racing, the cars, and the people of our car culture.
    Give DianaMite a chance, and check out the show tonight, and every tuesday night at

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    Oh yeah, 6:00 Pacific / 9:00 Eastern time


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      If you missed the live show, here is a link for you to use........


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        I tend to be one of those out of sight out of mind type people, keep posting links & I'll keep showing my support by watching.


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          Thanks Casper. Didnt you post something yesturday? I thought I saw something and now it is gone, but maybe it was too much fumes from the nitro cars at bakersfield last weekend..........


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            Either that or the fumes that were coming out of my wifes ears after she read my posts...

            No brain no pain, it's all good