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    Need input:

    My buddy Dick with the 5.0 Volvo wagon - he's really fussy and knows nothing and now he's started noticing some gear whine from the transmission area. I'm not sure if the noise is new or if he just started noticing it. We went for a ride today and it sounded pretty normal to me for a 5 speed (T5, methinks) but for sure a bit noisy. I'm not sure what's normal for these. What I heard was input shaft bearing noise but not all that terrible. Any input?

    I suggested that he take the car to my buddy's shop (I'm tied up with the S-10) and have them switch the trans and rear axle to synthetic lube. Dave (my buddy and the shop owner) was the head wrench at the Ford dealer for several years so I know he'll do the right thing. Dick is already a happy customer at the shop so I expect he'll take my advice - but I was shootin' from the hip.

    I figure some of you folks have experience with this set-up (it's a Mustang GT under the skin) and can fill in the blanks.



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    Nothing's clicking with me right now, let me think about it for awhile. There's a very vague memory that's kinda floating around, but whether it has anything to do with this or not, well there's no way of knowing right now. I'll circle back later.
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      OK, I think I remember something about making an insulation layer with spray foam to cut down on trans noise transmitted through the opening from the tunnel. Maybe I can find something similar to link to.

      That's not much help if it's a noise that has been getting worse, though. T5's are apparently well known for being noisy, and the noisiest ones I remember in Fox bodies are transplanted ones. If there is new stuff, does it sound like this?

      Edit: It will take me forever to track down what I'm thinking of. Basically, you cut a chunk of expanding spray foam down to fit in the opening of the trans tunnel. This deadens the noise coming form it a considerable amount.
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        I transplanted a 86 T5 into the Trans am probably 8 years ago. The car has always had a 350 in it . It has a slight whine but nothing like the video. Maybe 1/10 of that and it isn't a world class one. So unless the one that Teddy put up had straight cut gears put in it I would say something is wrong. Also it probably isn't really going to cost anymore to fix at a shop if he waits so unless it is really loud I'd just drive it and hope my buddy gets his S10 done soon.
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          been a long time (20+ years), but I seem to recall the t5 in that SVO I worked on, making some noise. I think it had some noticeable wear on the main drive gear (the gear on the back end of the input shaft, which turns the cluster gear). That area is under a lot of load.
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            Doesn't sound right to me........if you pull it, I'd double check the bellhousing alignment, for sure.
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              His sounds like that video but not nearly as loud. It'll be interesting to see what the shop thinks.

              THANKS for the input!



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                I had trouble n a 85 t5 being noisy on the front bearing retainer where the throwi it bearing ran. They were aluminum and a upgrade was steel. My only issue.


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                  The T5 I had in the Ranger (when it was a 5.0L) got noisy after I mistakenly used gear oil instead of ATF in it. Worked ok, but it did make noise.
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                    That sounded like my brother's 89 5.0 T5. His T5 had 90,000+ miles behind a supercharged 5.0. One problem with T5's is the rear mainshaft bearing retainer. It's stamped steal and over time it can deflect allowing the whole main shaft and gears to around. This can cause the trans to fail. They make billet rear retainers that keeps everything in place. I was talking to a guy years back on the Mustang Forum I hang out on. He rebuilt T5's on the side for buddies who raced them.He said ever since he started to use the billet retainer he hasn't had a come back. Another thing to check is input shaft end play. I think specs call for something like .003", but everyone says to set it at .000".

                    Another overlooked source for T5's are mid 90's 3.8 V6 Mustangs. Charts say they are rated at 275# vs 300# for 5.0. Not true, they're really 300# rated. IIRC, the differences are slightly lower 5th gear as well as reverse and maybe 3rd gear. Who beats the piss out of their V6 Mustang at the strip?

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                      Fourth gear not making any noise is because it's the direct drive gear. Could be the input bearing going, but with my transmissions, the input bearing going out makes the trans sound like it's full of gravel. Randal, and John both heard it at SEMA 2010.
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