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    I'm looking for "dream features" for a PC for use with Hot Rods. Desktops for shops and trailers, laptops and even netbooks and tablets for in-car use. Things like ultra durable industrial PCs and/or comfort items like a TV/FM radio card to tune to the track PA or just kill time on delays. Any ideas?
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    I would at least choose a laptop with an SSD, as they are less prone to damage by bumping around on those back roads.
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      ssd is climbing on up fast. I agree..

      those lap tops can get thrashed anyway, bought a cheap one. Regular disk or not.
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      background for desktop could be photos of conversions, or whatever..

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      never treat it normal...always data.

      I will always hate the mouse functions, be it I am in the tall category with a slouch..just unfit for lap top stuff. I use it anyway.

      never pay a lot. Go for dual core generation onward, apple equivalents etc.
      2008 or so, onward..usable til broken.

      my own still has a serial.. and usb 2.0 something. Bluetooth. Wifi.

      170 bucks.
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        I thought I was special when I brought up SSDs a year or so ago, but Bangshifters are so on top of their game everybody else already had one. Good news is they are getting cheaper and you don't need a lot of space for car stuff. Data tables for wallpaper is something I hadn't considered. I love cheap laptops off E-Bay. Look at Dell Latitudes, their business models. Lots of Magnesium for lightness and durability.
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          I have several older laptops that still work...and don't really have hardly any use for them in the car/shop right now. One of these days, I might.

          but my Android phone is kind of handy....and very portable.
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            No, the main use is EFI and data acquisition like RacePak. Like Barry said, dual core and up isn't ancient yet.
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