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  • ECTA 2020 Updates

    We are instituting some rules updates and changes for the 2020 season in the hopes of standardizing land speed racing as well as growing it and bringing it into the future. To begin that mission, ECTA will no longer require a membership fee.

    ECTA and SCTA in One Place

    There will also be an ECTA and SCTA tech line this year to allow for more vehicles to enter without significantly altering their configurations to conform. The tech process for ECTA divisions will continue as it has been. ECTA rules are simple and straightforward: if you show up with a well-built, safe race car we will find or make a division for you to race in.

    ECTA Car divisions will be separated by Vintage (pre-1940), Classic (1940-1963), Early Modern (1964-1999), Modern (2000 and up).

    These divisions will be subdivided by European, Asian, American, make, special construction, oval track, number of cylinders, fuel type, induction, transmission, FWD/RWD/AWD, open-wheel, wheelbase — and divisions will be added as necessary to ensure fair competition.

    Motorcycles, we have not forgotten about you, we are working out some details on a major announcement about our motorcycle divisions.

    For those people wanting to run the SCTA classes, there will be a separate SCTA tech line staffed with SCTA inspectors. In order to run the SCTA classes, it will be necessary to have a BNI or SCTA membership. SCTA classes will run SCTA rules with the addition of four-wheel brakes on all vehicles. The front brakes do not have to actuate with the rears, but the driver must have a way to actuate them in the event of an emergency.

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    April event rescheuled to July 3-5th at Blytheville; will include the Bangshift Shootout challenge.