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  • I like where this is going.
    Life is short. Be a do'er and not a shoulda done'er.
    1998 Mustang GT
    1983 Mustang GT 545/552/302/Turbo302
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    • I'm too purist to do that, but.... with the exception of the tubular intake and Lightning cover, a lot of folks wouldn't be able to spot it at first glance without being told. Off the top of my head there is a lot of maybe and probably.

      It's a speed density computer that could be tuned with a chip - the VE tables might be off a bit, but who knows, maybe it just runs a little rich. They both used 19 pound injectors. The cam isn't big enough to worry me, my '88 302 F150 ran fine with an HO cam, long tubes, and a stock tune. Explorer rollers are 10 degrees less intake duration than the HO, so at least the cam is probably not an issue.

      You would probably have to get a Mustang / F150 type distributor for the Explorer, and if it's very late model, you would have to do something about EGR and AIR/TAB/TAD junk. Late model heads aren't plumbed for AIR and the intakes don't have external EGR. The computer will probably not like the expected changes when it opens valves that don't do anything. I can't remember if my 2000 Explorer engine even had an air pump.

      Exhaust may or may not need length changes.

      E4od / C6 flywheel in 50oz style unless you're keeping the E4od and I'll say this, those suckers are heavy. A C4 in the Mustang would be worth a tenth because it's 100 pounds lighter. Apparently there are changes in the strategy for an E4od and the 4r70w, so that may be a tuning problem if you put anything but an E4od in there.

      Radiator hoses may need length changes and you'll want the FEAD junk from a 302 truck probably.

      '95 or '96 model 49 state 460 and computer from an E4od truck with 4.10's would probably be an easier swap.

      Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


      • That sounds like way more work than I want to do!

        Yesterday morning I slipped out to the shop for a half hour or so. The cold pipe that goes from the outlet of the intercooler to the TB is a u-bend cut in half and rotated about 150 the bend it not crimped but it's not round either which make the fitment not as good. I used the tube expander to round it out then because I didn't cut it straight set it on a grinder with a flap wheel to even it out. I can now rotate any angle and it fits nicely. Just need to mark it and weld it.

        Cheap materials and the incorrect tool for the job make it take longer.


        • Originally posted by Russell View Post
          ...Cheap materials and the incorrect tool for the job make it take longer.
          Most anyone can do a nice job with the best tools - it takes extra effort and SKILL to do it with less!


          • Beagle's
            I would like to know where you live, plan a trip Just So You Can TUNE Up the Marrakesh Express.
            It's Running, but Not Just Right Yet, and I am only getting 10 mpg, the Shaggin Wagon does better at 11-12 with a 460 4bbl


            • It's time to list the distraction for sale. I played the lottery a couple times and didn't win so it's time to go! I have enjoyed having the Lightning. I drove it to work, grocery store, to haul the trash a few times. I have taken my wife on date night, dad for a ride (he had a 70 F100 when I was a kid). Today I took the kids to get slushies. Other than football tailgate I think it's done everything I would like to do with it.
              Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20211017_192603_145.jpg Views:	29 Size:	603.1 KB ID:	13079321993 Lightning 240k miles. Running and driving project truck. Could be restored or its good enough to be "a car guy daily driver". Mostly stock with genuine 2007 Mustang GT500 wheels.

              Can include DMJ Dream beams (lowering I-beams) and flip kit with shocks


              I Thought some new ford's would be a nice back drop for a few pictures.
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                • Good luck!



                  • The L (also know as the distraction) has left.

                    Parting is bitter, but the cash is sweet!