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  • dirtiest circuit
    I have a confession on the ash tray bulb. I knew this truck had one.. but assumed it was gone.
    Had not seen this design before..the bulb not only hidden way, but barely visible.
    they set it up to avoid ash tray heat Nice way to finish off the ash tray years.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC02900.JPG Views:	0 Size:	195.7 KB ID:	1281031
    The other weird thing to confess, the filth of that one bulb, remaining in vacuum, blown or not.. has turned into a monster in at least two other vehicles that I can remember.
    I have even killed ignition with it.
    a 1978 olds delta 88 , possibly my 1974 chevelle.. I have had 23 vehicles. hard telling which ones.
    the 87 subaru even had one. that one also had the old school smoker filth. the slimy brown alkalinic carcinogen smell.
    you get a battery odor with it.. you can be assured it was a mystery monster

    oddly enough, it is the same parking lights on design.
    First drive today with it got the engine bay wash odor I gave this some weeks ago.
    very old cigarette carcinogen... and as fast it came in, it was gone.
    cleared out to the ground for sure.
    the lights do not have to be on to be back looped through ground side.
    yet another reason I love the LED revolution. the diode lamp puts an end to all that silly stuff.

    the full signature is in, and even the runtime noticed it.
    very dirty old circuit on the ground side.
    the diode light allows no games.

    it is one of those simple mysteries.. decades long.
    at 385k miles..this truck is lucky to not have had a big smoker.

    I also tried my cellphone to the old alpine aux port connection.. very nice sound and volume worked good.

    I also got slammed with another SARS type event the other day. Cutoff wheel on some plastic that has given me a hard time before.
    I only keep that scrap for being insanely strong. All gone now, used the last of it.
    I wheezed my way through the past couple days. not sure what combo that is.. but it tries to kill me.

    imagine going to a hospital now with a cutoff wheel caustic and plastic combo causing life and death breathing disorder..

    crazier than a hypoxic crew chief struck by lightning while hypothermic and overheating.

    I bet they'd call that the covid-19 too.
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    • the last of my subaru days
      cleared out an old shed.
      Dad understood that I want to keep the old turbo ea82 subaru block and 9 cylinder heads and 12 cams and...
      its quite a pile
      Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC02904w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	391.1 KB ID:	1281084 this is 9 subaru wheels of the 1985-94 variety, all steel..stacked perfectly the width of the bed.
      there is 4 more in front of them.
      they are for free. I have them advertised on facebook.
      gas money and I'll deliver.

      The majority of space taking had to go.
      if I was healthier (and proper help for income) lost 20 years of brain damage would have been my SBC routine uninterrupted for 33 years.

      live and learn is a common wisdom.
      when you cannot learn and live.. go with what ya got.

      it is ok to cry when you should wake up and look back at yourself.

      my dad is aging. Fixed his shed with him. I remember when it was built new. There was 3 of us similar age.. in our 20s back then.
      one joked the shed would outlast the house.

      my number one fan with the truck may be my dad.. he said it sounded super.
      he has mentioned the exhaust note more than several times in 5 years.
      I don't mind that he does.

      I of course have to think f what I did to trigger his memory like that. there was only a trillion iron SBC over the decades.

      spider injection on dual bank monitor, oem
      genuine high flow cat is low cells per inch. Not many know that is the only high flow cat.
      of course the flowmaster with their recommend for this application. The SUV 50 has been awesome. will get the same again when the time comes..
      this time of year even 1.8liters vibrates eyeballs.. performance attempts of summer are now meeting the cold buzzing or thunderous ricochet that fills the valleys. Echoes of something unpleasant can drive people crazy this time of year.

      the "little" 5 liter setup right..all the way to factory tail pipe gets no trouble at all.

      now off to wonder where the few droplets are coming from on the tailgate.
      several sources..
      I got oil spilled in my toolbox.. that drains. the oil drain pan is under the toolbox on the other side.. I found the dribble at the transfer in July.

      maybe get under there again, while the ground is still good...just to be sure. I remember tightening the oil filter/cooler adapter once. Might need something again. Very good on oil. No big rush.
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      • scrap steel and woodcock
        Click image for larger version  Name:	woodcock-e1475018966644.jpg Views:	0 Size:	72.8 KB ID:	1281179

        the roads lean, dips and bumps are harsh. i knew I had some weight on then.

        saw one of these doing its funky dance in the road. I am not like an over emotional driver to swerve and cause a 57 car pile up over a chipmunk in the road.
        this little bird jumped last second and thumped into my bumper.
        a fluff of feathers is all I could see in the mirror.
        better to go with no pain I guess. 6k pounds was enough.

        steel is tricky.. even if its just 13 subaru wheels and tires and half a front end to a GL
        couple of cylinder heads.

        I would not have guessed 350 pounds or more.
        the little half ton may have crossed 6k pounds today, just being a half ton.

        creeping into the dirt yard of the steel yard, the dips and holes only got deeper.
        I thought of my welded frame and new hangers, poly mounts crawling along in gear one.

        I thought back to when trucks went down the road bent hauling these steel chores for a living.
        acetylene and oxygen tanks sometimes towering above the cab, very heavy racks and trailer hitches... dents from one end to the other.
        the good ones never looked good.
        the strong ones were never quiet.

        50 bucks, emptied my truck.. they knocked off a couple of dollars for giving them the cylinder heads and front end steel.
        Glad to see a small town scrap yard open. it used to be a sincere living for decades. Given a business established, capitalism.. subsidies for importance.. environment. I bet that place is doing better than the rusty piles its got
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        • Good that you got that stuff recycled. I have a pile to take as soon as my trailer gets back from getting rewired (it's a LOOooooong story). Should be done on Tuesday then I'll finish redecking it so later this week I hope to make a recycle run.



          • Originally posted by DanStokes View Post
            Good that you got that stuff recycled. I have a pile to take as soon as my trailer gets back from getting rewired (it's a LOOooooong story). Should be done on Tuesday then I'll finish redecking it so later this week I hope to make a recycle run.

            I saw prices upwards of 20bucks per tire...
            at 14 of them. I was going to go evil on the penobscot river.

            then I found B and S scrap in hudson maine.
            4 bucks a tire with wheel.

            they knocked off 2 dollars on the overall for the steel that was useful as scrap weight

            a load off my back. pun intended.
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            • 18 quarts of green stuff
              4.5 gallons of lime kool aid.
              that would feed a lot of thirsty dogs.

              I thought I'd be nice to my truck and siphon out a quick gallon or so out of the radiator and give it a fresh one.

              I thought I drained 6.5 quarts, this turned out to be a strong gallon.
              I then thought, "there. I flushed half of it."

              No. One strong gallon is only 25% of the coolant in this one.
              Anyway, this past winter we hit a 26.4 F below. I found a hint of a slush puppy in the lower hose starting at around -22F. It does need the mid winter version..ground long gone frozen, and several days of a high in single digits or less.

              I think this still may win perfectly anyway. The stuff removed was in great shape. Not even any iron.
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              • everything works part 3
                it all works .

                was watching this video

                heard the clicking noise at 2:58.
                that happens when my truck decides to start and idle perfectly. I hear that click noise coinciding.

                I had a start and stall somewhere between full warm and cool down.. if i was away from the truck for 10 minutes or more.
                it turned out to be my egr sticking open...very slightly. At least that is best guess thus far.
                I gave it the test like in video, and it was almost hanging at full open, to snap shut on its own.
                when engine is full warm (they get hotter after shutdown for a time) it must have been making it stick for that one start and stall.
                the start must have been the rumble to shake it start perfectly on the second try.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	egr1.jpg
Views:	75
Size:	239.4 KB
ID:	1281528
                as you can see the EGR is bigger than the tire.

                the good news is how dry and warm it appeared as I cleaned with pb blaster, dusty powder black carbon. No oils.

                very good engine

                will see how it goes on my next adventure.. usually does it after coming out of a store where it had been sitting for 30 minutes or so.

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                • sleepy throttle
                  had my neighbor with me.. wanted to sign up for BJs whole sale club.
                  that club has a personal memory.. I remember the first one, I was livingin woburn mass. Just a kid on my bicycle.
                  my family thought that store was an amazing idea... 1984-5
                  I was perturbed at not being a member myself... I was only 13-14 anyway.
                  glad to be a member..and my veteran status actually did somethng

                  that EGR cleansing did not fix it.. the start and stall sometime after full warm and sitting 20 minutes or so.
                  but am convinced it is the EGR. there is manual check on the spring and valve seat.. I think mine is just old. Seemed kinda weak. A clean engine will have hot exhaust to do that to them eventually.
                  I may replace it.. but a start and stall does not bother me.
                  I also have an aftermarket cat installed.
                  maybe the intake does need to relief after shutdown.

                  on the way home, we were chatting.. I realized i only took this truck to 4k rpm once in about 6 years
                  So I let it climb into 3200 or so.

                  my gas there at bj's, being an insider $1.93. thought I'd try out the octane it has never had.

                  got back home to a perfect idle.
                  I guess I do have to use more rpms once and awhile.

                  the italian tune up..beyond the carb years.

                  so far I have two neighbors looking at fullsize american trucks.
                  no salesman skills from me.. this truck is on its 6th drivetrain needs in sight at all.
                  we have been into deep 20s below, 38 inch snowstorm, ice crippling to shutdown, hurricane remnants leaving one road open if you have a chainsaw..and 80+ mph EVERY time once on the highway.
                  it has been very does rub off on others in a good way as well.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC02918w.jpg
Views:	70
Size:	255.2 KB
ID:	1281701

                  took home an 8 pound ham that barely fit in my cooker... and let it roast for 4.5 hours.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC02923w.jpg
Views:	64
Size:	298.9 KB
ID:	1281702

                  this is as close to an outside pig roast I have seen in decades.
                  it hit the spot. too much fat for mothers version of white gravy...and it came out dark like a roast.
                  stay healthy. Eat like a caveman.

                  feed yourself like an aging throttle of an iron small block.
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                  • Truck left the continent today

                    decided to go for a ride to the coast.
                    went to deer isle. brought my camera.
                    tight turns steep hills, rowing the gears. I love this truck at times, today was just another one.
                    70F in october. the odors are like catnip for humans..or is that just me that thinks of cinnamon and pumpkins and apples and oh my.
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC02979w.jpg
Views:	55
Size:	185.7 KB
ID:	1282041deer isle bridge takes me off the continent. not a place to break down.
                    my dad has a trucking story of going over this bridge... full size tractor trailer.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC02943w.jpg
Views:	55
Size:	179.1 KB
ID:	1282042
                    found a nice shot in the hazy sun. This is not fog to me, I think its cali smoke hitting the sea.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC02940w.jpg
Views:	63
Size:	194.4 KB
ID:	1282040
                    turn off..tourist type view.

                    truck did great, 18mpg.
                    385,100 on the odometer.

                    Seems lonely roads .. until heading back to Ellsworth. ll the tourism keeps a narrow path.
                    From my first year license, we used to find quiet places by the sea.
                    there really is an old is older than america.
                    my dna is in it.

                    when no one else is there, and I am enjoying the moment.
                    I think my relatives are with me. giving me space and time.. more than by chance, but by honor.

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                    • most rain in 5.5 years

                      this is something I kep track of closely with that cursed subaru.
                      I realized I have not seen the autumn rain in this amount in my truck yet

                      about 4 inches in 3 days
                      october 14 was 2+ inches. I was driving in that one at night. this truck is awesome.
                      it was so wet, there were two breakdowns on the side of the road that could not even use their hazards.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	121965836_10160084123512784_8266117649148045128_o.jpg Views:	0 Size:	175.5 KB ID:	1282440
                      this chart has me at 1.6 or so, for the recent storm yesterday and today.

                      at 35F right now.. sun poked through in afternoon. Temps dropping fast. Snow not far off to the west of here.
                      I gave the truck a cold start after a couple of days.
                      one cylinder was down and heard it like a rheostat dial in..
                      I knew that was water .

                      must be going into the intake behind grill. all factory, no errors.

                      wettest start yet. Nothing stops that iron block... i love this thing.

                      autumn here approaching below 40 and heavy rain is a sopping wet rain.
                      a puddle can stay on the pavement for a few days...even in the sun.

                      just the beginning for this winter.
                      heavy rain autumn is frost heaves you would need a truck for.

                      with that pessimistic thought. I got a call about an address I applied to move to some years ago.
                      16 miles closer to bangor maine... and in a fairly organized city already called old town.

                      Hope it goes through. This monday is some errands to tidy up what is needed.
                      more than an impression that t is mine if I hurry up the paperwork.

                      looking at a map of the new address. I can even walk to a mcodnalds or dunkin donuts.. not even half a mile.

                      I came here to lagrange to face an unpleasant past. I feel I have completed my goal.
                      the gravestones never leave. I still can.

                      I am poetic at the crack of dawn. wrote this one today.
                      I like to riddle thought..

                      tombstone heads
                      in the grind:
                      Dead men's quotes in the writing

                      deaf dumb and blind
                      they don't even know what they are fighting

                      see the colors and smell the hell

                      nobody eyes?
                      nobody sees.
                      nobody ears?
                      nobody hears.

                      tombstone heads above
                      stressed bones below.

                      perpetual care?

                      nobody knows:
                      my poem about the living.

                      it is nothing but south from here.. and that is a great direction.
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                      • wheel caps
                        had one peeling off the metal cover.
                        it did take 385k miles to get there.
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	caps1.JPG Views:	0 Size:	164.3 KB ID:	1282469

                        I noticed the caps that came with my year 2000 wheels were much more robust.
                        swapped those in today. they look like they have lug nuts.

                        we went down to 27F after rain did not dry.
                        thinking of all the past things that annoyed the hell out of me during these times.

                        electrical in this truck is awesome. I am now thinking of vents and places of grease.
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                        • hotter than death valley

                          33rd year here. My air conditioner is on right now.
                          I was outside in my tshirt..
                          10pm on veterans day.
                          Never seen anything like this.

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	10pm.JPG Views:	0 Size:	78.7 KB ID:	1283546Click image for larger version  Name:	dvalley.JPG Views:	0 Size:	102.2 KB ID:	1283547
                          sparked the truck up..been a few days. like to keep battery and fluids moving.

                          Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03032w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	150.7 KB ID:	1283548
                          spotted the odometer as it sat in the driveway.

                          stocked up on boxes. my 30 day notice is down to 9 days.
                          awaiting a call of moving date and heading south just 24 miles.
                          if you know maine and my starting point to destination..that is quite a move.

                          looking forward to it. I learned the new address is much more realistic. bang a frying pan etc.. make normal noises.
                          watch tv, listen to a radio.
                          have my own patio with sliding glass door. second story means no lock needed.

                          been along 6.5 years... but I have many years much longer than this stay here.
                          I am grateful.

                          happy warm veterans day.
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                          • southbound trukn
                            Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03055w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	341.1 KB ID:	1284247

                            truck did four trips, freighted.
                            did not know I had that much stuff.
                            of course i do not have a full bed either.

                            I am all moved into my new place.
                            old town maine
                            world of difference.

                            I could start crying again. but I won't.

                            this is my most normal address since disabled.. 1996.
                            3 outside walls and part of a fourth.. just me into nature on the other side.
                            I can open windows... set flows.
                            set the heat with a thing called a "heat pump". incredibly quiet.
                            this place must have been buttoned up.. got it airing 24/7 in sneaky ways.

                            started at 5 am today. been 4 days with thanksgiving off...just moving my stuff.
                            6.5 years of lagrange maine.
                            I cleaned up the apt, left the keys on the counter.

                            my neighbor said i do not look like I am 47. I have heard that before.
                            I'll be 48 in january.

                            my truck has 386k miles on it. It does not look it either.

                            anyway, my first night here. the floor is solid underneath me.
                            slamming cabinets no longer there on the other side of the walls.
                            no more earthquakes to trains and jake brakes...or maine ladies walking the hall in their eloquent ways.

                            My head is shrink wrapping to my skull.. calming down the fluids i guess.
                            I'll look my age soon enough.
                            I am getting old.
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                            • Barry, you're just a kid! A somewhat beat-up one but a lid. Hell, Sonny, wait 'till you get to my age..........
                              Hope the new digs work out well for you.


                              • I just had to rewrite this twice.

                                I was young to be old and now old as old
                                don't even know what mid life is.
                                be 48 soon.

                                Am on my new internet
                                new address. doing much better here.
                                old town maine.
                                within one day of settling in we got a 2.76 inch official measure rain and a 56mph gust
                                no power loss.

                                truck can relax some, like me.
                                stores are local.
                                everything is.

                                my head feels like it is shrinking after a swollen torture fest.. should have moved sooner I guess.

                                I don't know what working extreme torture is, when the goal is to be possibly dead anyway.
                                With a black hole record, equally bizarre medical.
                                I still have a place, and food.. and I watched the big rain fall high and dry.

                                the gulf war stuff started my life at 18 in 1991.
                                I did not feel bad until seeing war kids of syria in the 2010s.
                                if they had a gmc full of gas... what 250 mile direction would they go?
                                my most difficult time narrowed down to a vehicle saving my life.
                                just my own.

                                saw a little kid in the yard here at my new place. he had two toy hand guns.
                                I think mom may have explained a veteran plate to him. he seemed to be trying to show me something with the guns.
                                I don't get away either.
                                even if to find a place to stay.

                                but if the old gmc keeps running....
                                well you know that history
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