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  • fancy wipers

    new glass almost 2 years ago.. and continued to run the old style wipers.. you know those all metal creak like a hinge and miss half the windshield kinda wipers..
    7 bucks apiece while swearnig in a blizzard because you can't see pulling into a napa parking lot last second kinda wipers.

    It occurred to me.. glass manufacture nor wipers are the same as 1996.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	18puvfront.jpg Views:	0 Size:	53.4 KB ID:	1285386

    bosch 18puv
    modern marvel.
    after 25 years, thought I'd give it something new.

    very vivid clear view. Glad I paid 38 bucks for these.
    this truck has never had this kind of view.

    got a door latch striker on the way too.
    thousands of times the door has opened and wore the pin down to grooved.
    386k miles.

    hope all had a good xmas...onto a new year.

    my new address is half mile from oreillys.
    .9 miles form mcdonalds..
    several other places in this university town.

    am loving my new place.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03093w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	198.0 KB ID:	1285387
    went trucking with dad today.
    huber up in easton maine.
    it is my 30th year riding along with him to that one far as we can remember.
    we had no hard hats back then. We just climbed the load to move the tarp back then.
    long hair and mullets and smoking cigarettes back then.
    the radio in the warehouse was playing led zeppelin back then.

    more than 40 years in memory. My first ride was in 1978.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03095w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	110.7 KB ID:	1285388

    Today, a young man was giving me advice on how to throw a strap.
    I was completely dumbfounded.. I am old enough to be this kids father.
    I have watched 30 year careers from day one wander off to retirement this year...from the very place he was standing.
    these new guys are taking their place.

    peering over my tinted safety glasses and under the brim of my hard hat.. 48 years old is not obvious to some.
    I feel my old wrinkled face smile, I think it creaks like my bones now..
    as this guy talked to me about throwing straps...and I said nothing in return, but "thank you."

    I hooked a beam up in the ceiling for giggles after that.

    I realize my dad is not the only one getting old.
    he is talking of retiring. it is not sinking into either one of us fully yet.

    Dad tells me of old hart trucks with automatics.
    he may buy one, as long as i go get my cdl

    I cannot tell him my health anymore. I know there is something about that subject that gives him a brain he cannot believe I am disabled.

    when that rumbling diesel is long gone. I may awaken heartbroken and hurt myself to get a license....until then.. just keep on trucking.
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    • squeak free
      Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC03101.jpg
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Size:	238.4 KB
ID:	1285612

      changed a driver side door latch pin (striker) today..
      as it turned out, it was my trucks only squeak. it did not close the door any tighter that I can tell.. although it did measure to be 1/8th inch gain on the latch. That little dent goes all the way around it in intervals. previous owner must have been adjusting it as miles rolled by.

      Dad had me move the peterbilt with trailer to it's spot at the truck stop.
      I still have eyes in the back of my head... they stay closed until getting behind the wheel of the rig.
      the first time he had me driving around parking lots was 35 years ago....or more.

      Different angles, no one is parked straight due to the snow.. I pulled into the cockeyed gathering and balanced out my own space.

      I may try for class A license, if an automatic comes along.
      I am already the next gen old guy...I do not like talking much of the abuse my dad unknowingly dished out since I was 5 years old.
      its been more than 40 years for me too.. in more ways than one.

      for me to get into trucking, I'd have to leave this locale. I do not like desperation of jobs needed.
      my dad was that guy who drove across the ice for prince edward island potatoes.
      he was that guy throwing flames to grain alcohol in the gelled 290 at the hudson bay in canada...25F below in the powedery haze sunshine.

      he was that guy who enjoyed I-10 when it was brand new with no traffic.. in the middle of a southern winter breeze of tropical.

      I am that old for being there every step of the way, every phone call from a payphone.
      retirement for dad is closer than we think... not sure if I will ever feel bad.
      resting in peace after witnessing a 6 million mile trail.

      anyway, pickup is doing awesome. got a foot of snow yesterday.
      Have an extra one to weld this summer, my dads 1999 LS 6.0 as factory heavy 3/4ton.
      dad is up to something..he said it is mine after he passes on.
      he does not let future out to anybody.. he catches me at the right time sometimes.
      he knows I have faced the end and awoken to the stupor that follows.
      All you can do is keep on trucking.
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      • poor mans stimulus

        only 7 miles from the wholesale club.
        it is fog, ice and drizzly wet snow all at the same time.
        bad time for a serious flu to be flying.

        coming out of the store and realizing the truck is getting bigger to my perception..winter is becomes more important and gets larger in my mind.
        I love the sight of it.
        truck is smothered in goop.
        all vehicles are.

        I packed up my overpriced food pile into the back and the front.. meats in the snow pack of the bed. makes a nice cooler all winter, for free.
        made my way home.
        I live in a college town...
        I see a young lady jogging along, an old man...a couple with their dog and realize.
        I am in mental trauma.
        Not everyone is dying in this weather...or any maine winter for that matter.

        I am glad to be here..see life moving.
        life is full speed for many more than not.
        the last apt building I was in was a last resort.. a hotel california.
        lots of dying. I got to a point where I could not remember peoples names.
        I did not think they would be there the next day.
        done crying.
        keep on trying.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	dnamapo.JPG Views:	0 Size:	116.7 KB ID:	1285730

        back to my coconut macaroons with my coffee.
        trying many different foods now.
        I got advice to go shopping with my ancestry DNA map in mind.
        it is the map to our stomachs after all
        it is helping ways none of us can see.
        I buy different things every trip now.

        greek yogurt was a big hit for me
        olive oil in all cooking
        several other items..
        flat bread, like tortilla bread. No yeast.

        I have several clues, I come from a long line of soldiers...its about the foods.

        hope the new year is chiming in well.
        This may be the most help I have received since disabled..
        normal building to live in. Convenience close by..a town with actual police and budget.

        got a new EGR valve on the way.. tackling the trucks only error.. start and stall after full warm. an audible click and perfect idle emerges.
        it seems like EGR as of now. ..the noise is similar. ..and it is the only random code that comes and goes (aside from p0420)
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        • Best of luck in the coming year, Barry! Maybe I can get up that way for a race meet sometime in the near future. Damn Covid did me in last year.



          • Originally posted by DanStokes View Post
            Best of luck in the coming year, Barry! Maybe I can get up that way for a race meet sometime in the near future. Damn Covid did me in last year.

            I hope this is the year for me to visit Loring. I went up there last year for the b52 fly over, i did get to see it in the sky but I was way lost.
            I had no cellphone or gps stuff. they even let veterans get a special place to park and tour.

            I helped one of their last planes off to junk yard..1993 i think. "one time flight" they call them. I remember the older chiefs getting emotional, 50 years of SAC coming to an end.
            aside from racing.. loring has a special place in my head.
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            • egr tickle
              got my new egr and installed.
              Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03108.JPG Views:	0 Size:	303.2 KB ID:	1285806
              found another error after taking old one out..
              no gasket, and weeped a leak.
              strong engine,
              did not notice.. just slight carbon trace.

              this is also evidence to show it is nowhere near an original 386k miles..most likely.

              I also found my guess was right.. the spring tension for manual checking was very weak compared to new one.
              even ice cold it was sticky.

              I think i just conquered the only runtime error..
              the start and stall after full warm was waiting for EGR to snap shut via computer the neutral spring was almost floating.

              crazy warm january... off to car wash, only half mile away from home now...two of them within in a mile

              start and stall still happened, but i only went a mile down the rod. Response to big idle was much quicker. I am thinking the obd2 standard of 45 miles for a change has to happen. The biggest thing to notice is how beefy idle to 2k rpm has become. I was missing more than i did not know.
              the appeal for dual exhaust comes to mind.. I am pretty sure this could light up the 70 pound tires easily.

              very beefy sound.

              I m blessed to drive slow even in the slop back home with a clean truck. looking forward to my final plating on framing..and then details continue.
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              • real steel

                after welding as a hobby, I quickly learned the psi, weather etc
                I want to do something special for the gas tank area, and it is where the bed drains.. it is never perfectly clean.
                this truck even survived as a battery hauler to the recycler.

                I knew factory rails are 60kpsi..and don't have a need to exceed it. I want the subtle flex and wiggle to grab all of itself.. stays stronger as a unified piece letting stuff resemble factory strain.

                the front spring hangers for rear springs can be a very hard hammer head.. but I do not want to go into 100k+ psi
                no need to. I already have extra angle in there keeping my hangers at 6 bolts instead of 4.
                I just want corrosion protection as a laminate to something already working.

                just getting old.
                Click image for larger version  Name:	corten steel.JPG Views:	0 Size:	247.1 KB ID:	1286131

                found this at metals depot..
                2x2 sheet is 194 delivered.
                at 3/16ths
                total weight is 35 pounds.

                this will leave project mostly 6/16th (3/8ths)
                very hefty.

                simply, grind, plasma some lines, convert hangers to bolts with plasma, clamp it in.. then weld.

                at 2x2 I should be able to get a little bit around the two bends in the way the rails are shaped between bed and cab.

                I admitted that area in all trucks is my phobia, I trust none.

                on an electrical note, the copper additive will be great for very sensitive gas pump ground and the bridge of the whole 12v system skipping across the gap between bed and front half of truck.. not many realize it counts on the rails only there...and driveshaft...
                another source of decay is the cathode/anode games of years and miles from alternator and battery.

                looking forward to summer welds/
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                • french fry juice
                  I check where my truck is parked every time, before backing in...

                  noticed a hefty oil spot.
                  got out and it was peculiar
                  dragged two fingers thru it...
                  smelled like french fry oil, abnormal viscosity in my fingers
                  weird spot to find some.

                  I concluded it may be the plow truck.. the mechanism in the back with the salt spreader..
                  that is the only chance to hit my parking spot with other than me...
                  we have to get out of the way of the plow.

                  anyway, its in the lease, can't have leaky vehicles.
                  not mine this time.

                  steel piece is on the way. 32 pounds for 2x2 foot
                  fancy stuff.
                  truck deserves it.

                  very warm winter, hardly any snow.. our low so far was a short stab to 6F.
                  truck is staying very clean.

                  in personal news..
                  been under the weather, severe head pain.
                  have not slept this much in decades. apartment is the best address I have had since disabled.
                  that is my disabling event.. thought the head pain was gone forever.

                  I'll be 48 on monday. I am sure it is a miracle.
                  most remember happy times on birthdays.
                  I try to.
                  instead I get more memories of death imminent and barely able to sign papers for SGLI (active troops know what that is)
                  I won't divulge details anymore.
                  I am grateful.
                  I do not like this pain.. and will keep trying, as if it is not I have always many soldiers continue to do
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                  • 50 bucks a square foot
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC03125w.jpg
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Size:	346.0 KB
ID:	1286721
                    new steel can sit on my couch any time.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	corten steel.JPG
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Size:	247.1 KB
ID:	1286723
                    got the unique corten steel in the mail.
                    8 pounds a square foot.

                    wanted to get a look at grain or the cut
                    seems regular.. good and dense.

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	steel placement.png
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Size:	502.0 KB
ID:	1286722
                    this in the truck should look like a chevy symbol in a weird way
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                    • Interesting!



                      • Barry, I see that your thread has 999 replies. So I just thought I'd jump in here and roll it over into the 4 digit zone for you.


                        • Originally posted by Hemi Joel View Post
                          Barry, I see that your thread has 999 replies. So I just thought I'd jump in here and roll it over into the 4 digit zone for you.
                          its been a lot of babble lately, truck needs nothing.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	DSC03173.JPG
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Size:	341.1 KB
ID:	1288168

                          warm winter, we got a heavy bout with this last sprinkle. truck riding heavy
                          helper springs kicking in...first stages of it.

                          nothing like the rural cold sink town I was living in.
                          warmer than the midwest this whole winter.
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	151021786_10219394388153695_9086676471559790440_o.jpg
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Size:	181.7 KB
ID:	1288169

                          did some trucking with dad the other day.
                          8F cold start. Been a lucky winter.

                          Dad has been talking more about retirement.
                          I have all the years too, in my own memory.

                          45 years and 6 million miles now.
                          his shoulder has a serious ball and socket error.
                          if you could take a guess how many times it has shifted the manual trans...

                          I saw a very heavy spec rig with the automated manual. I am tempted to gimp my way into a class A.. but i got some unidentified problems.
                          it isn't like the old days.
                          one glass eye war veteran with shrapnel still built in. light up another smoke and take shot of whiskey cruising in the big hole on the big road, keeping an eye and ear for smokey bears and open chicken coupes.

                          I don't know as I'd fit in easily. I am an old trucker before I officially begin.
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                          • back to oem plugs
                            arriving home from 18 days in florida in 2018..
                            maine had several days of bad ice storm, 2 blizzards, and a deep freeze to seal the trucks fate.
                            20s below at night, truck filled with snow and arctic shade of blue.

                            truck would not start, and i killed the starter.
                            my bro n law threw in a set of plugs he had for a 5.3 LS motor.. slightly shorter resistance.
                            I knew it dd not need them, but he insisted.

                            I found the coil and controller later, by chance.. caught it sparking. I did get going that frigid day.

                            been there ever since.
                            there is one random code for high voltage.. on new coil and module. I ignored it
                            so, back to oem to go by the book
                            ac delco 41-993

                            All the extreme weathers.. may as well remove experiments.
                            At full warm on the LS plugs.. it was pitter pattery at an idle..
                            being shorter by a mm.
                            nothing else to notice.

                            going back to oem, I'll do a full reset.. unplug battery and drain caps by keeping key on after cable removed and bounce it off the ground.

                            reading up on the 1351 was even more complex than i did not know. the way pcm, and signals and coil controller all interact.. it includes the fuel injection timing as well. I thought for sure i got the same code on oem plugs.. it began after the 8.8mm wires.
                            will humor oem anyway...but am keeping those perfect plug wires. All versions of wetness and barometer. the truck stays a tank.
                            I love it.

                            a funny thought on the pitter patter idle.. all the manual trans SBC ran like that anyway. the impedance load was so light on the heavy flywheel intertia.. the only smooth manual SBC was a friction dragging one.

                            Click image for larger version  Name:	plugs.jpg Views:	0 Size:	94.2 KB ID:	1288412
                            the simple things.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	152605106_10160537752642784_4225258983123250974_o.png
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Size:	643.9 KB
ID:	1288414

                            this winter has been freakishly warm. am glad due to new apt and some heating issues to figure out.
                            I saw this in todays news and laughed.
                            we have gone 60 even 70 days... no above freezing.
                            this year was got 1 week of it, and it bottomed out at -6.
                            20 degrees warmer than normal.
                            snow totals are hardly anything.
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                            • plug change

                              not too shabby.
                              it was well below zero, that 2018 january.
                              I came home to truck encased in ice. I was in florida for 18 days 3 years ago.
                              my bro n law assumed plugs.. he was wrong, it was coil etc etc.
                              but he offered up his LS spares for free.
                              these are shorter by about 1.5 mm in the cylinder.
                              a fresh motor does not care about that stuff.

                              anyway, 3 years later, a nice sunny sunday..
                              I got the original 41-993 kit back in. the plugs that ran this past 3 years are for a 2008 with 5.3liter

                              Click image for larger version  Name:	ls spark plugs.jpg Views:	0 Size:	210.2 KB ID:	1289037
                              All are clean gold.. 2 cylinders #6 and 8 have the jeckyl and hide.. white and gold...That is a gentle mist that does not use antifreeze in any measurable amount. I found in a real deep freeze, the next spring needs a quart to top off. Other than that, I never check it.

                              there was #5 finger loose, but it stayed bottomed out in the hole. found that funny. that is also the plug wire i had to ush on all the way some months after we swapped plugs

                              ..the #1 cyl on the right is where he must have pinched the end trying to get it in. It was damn cold for our bare hands.. I mean in the teens F below zero...
                              in fact I think he mentioned this plug may have a pinched ground strap. Truck started and idled nice, left it alone.

                              an interesting note.. this 25 year old obd2 computer identified #1 misfire randomly.
                              caught it in the memory 3 times in 3 years. it kept firing anyway.

                              very good motor..
                              and no . it does not have 387k miles. this is a fresh one anonymously installed along the way.
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                              • new town, old reg
                                the veteran plate is assigned for life.
                                I simply changed address, got renewed.. same cost as renewing.

                                I still giggle at texas.. but it really is serious.

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	pain.JPG Views:	0 Size:	90.1 KB ID:	1289083

                                this is just a normal day here...for months.
                                we got a 45mph wind warning bringing in the arctic.
                                just yesterday was sun and 49.. my own thermometer read 52. I think it is off by 3.
                                got my spark plugs in quickly... the m12 milwaukee ratchet is a gem.

                                a dry sleeve in the warm calm 38F rain, and a warm finger..gets my "22" (2022) sticker on the plate.
                                not a chance in hell tomorrow to do the same.

                                you don't always need sun here, to call it warm.

                                it is relative to the overall path .
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