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  • Rust is a Resistor !!!!


    • Originally posted by Captain View Post
      Rust is a Resistor !!!!
      I concur
      I noticed stubborness after the kb paint supplies for tractor trailers.
      these trucks, I now know.. cannot be smothered.
      they do not like it.

      light coats only. in fact for the plate flush mount, I had to grind at bubbles that paint created.. thick plastic with dust of nan metal that attacked me once popped.
      living and learning.

      a video I shared 4 years ago.. must be in this thread some place..
      was this guy building his own truck camper.
      it was one of my motivations to laminate my frame for a non existent camper rating
      I was very inpsired by his build.
      just the steel tubing frame is world beyond the weirdo composites they got going today for 35 grand.

      today he took it all apart.
      I am still inspired.
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      • memorial day
        a lot of things that inspired me have gone away
        doesn't mean they are dead.
        as a veteran.. I do have that too.

        this video came out 3 years before finding my manual trans 96 gmc.
        it did inspire me.

        factory use of frame and trans.. which came as an option in this very truck model
        amazing stuff.

        happy memorial day

        if you remember what is lost, it is found.
        if you remember what went away
        it has never left.
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        • coil dilemma
          truck shut off as I drove by n O'reilly's auto.
          I coasted to McDonalds instead

          debugging the p1351 code "high voltage ignition coil"
          that is no doubt a prophetic code for "your coil is a piece of crap it is going to quit when you least expect it."
          but it can be the controller too. Mine had no heat sink compound for example.. that may be all it took.. it did take 3 years or so, but anyway..

          out about 140 bucks between napa and oreilly

          Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03797w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	227.7 KB ID:	1294937

          new cap, not needed, new rotor, not needed.. new ign controller (90 bucks)
          and dad fornted me the new coil for helping move some furniture

          so the gadget I bought on ebay a few years ago.. the altogether coil icm and bracket was indeed somebodies home made project sold as brand new

          there was sparks marks on the shiny side of IGN controller, (coil leaking spark) no heatsink compound.. machine screws that gm would never use and the rivet for coil meant the coil was possibly 25+ years old.

          it made it 3 years for 40 bucks.. I digress. it did get me going in an ice storm in an emergency.

          I had to drill rivets, add supplied screws that came with lifetime guaranteed coil from oreillys.
          add the heatsink compound and put it all back together... correct this time.

          some debugging tricks for 96-99 that shuts off for no reason.. no fire.
          1. must have obd2 scanner with live data

          2. live data reading rpm and yet no tach?
          coil is bad.

          3. no rpm reading in live data and no tach

          ign controller is bad - count on a coil at the same time.

          4. your cap and rotor are forever bullet proof.. ignore the internet.
          mine was 6 years old..and on the truck when I bought it.
          I am literally keeping both as perfect spares after all these years.

          on the road again.

          and that start and stall? all gone. It was coil/ground related. I noticed a change after adding a steel plate to frame.
          lo and behold it was the ign coil... I bothered it's own nasty ass feedback loop.
          that is mystery stuff, will stop talking there. (I have done it before with my nuclear fingers)

          dad stopped by to help me out..even tho I was walking distance to oreillys.. not even 100 yards.
          thanks dad.
          I fixed it in a mcdonalds parking spot.

          back to trucking.

          quick followup
          it is raining, ran out of toilet paper while taking a dump.
          anyway.. had to run to the dollar store. Truck started right up explosively when i came back out.
          that would be a time when it did a start and stall.
          itis fixed for sure.

          now I am going to debug the half lit ABS light.. I am not trusting ebay now. I got my speed sensors from them.
          after that.. no errors at all. not even a light bulb is blown in the whole truck.
          my last error is a half lit abs bulb (and ABS still works)
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          • start and stall
            little longer term update on the coil, controller combo..
            that start and stall problem is all done. It has been doing that for at least half of my 6 years with it.
            I had guessed it correct all along.. but there is no books to back me up.

            I shall continue with my crew chief ways after all.

            ..and i am shamefully down on fuel mileage.
            it must really be thumping the fires now.. o2 trimming less fuel.
            a.c working perfectly.. I have to remember it needs more fuel to run it as well.

            zero errors..26 years old. ..387k miles.
            never had an airplane like that.

            Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03802sw.jpg Views:	0 Size:	470.9 KB ID:	1295246

            worked with dad's truck today.
            got brand new factory wheels back on the long studs.. this means the covers can thread on properly too.
            those are new and so are the tires. looks nice.
            I only share this as dad tells me once again today the truck is mine when he is done with it.

            I told him i'll keep working on it for free.
            1999 with 6 liter, 2500 (seems to be exactly HD.. need to check rpo codes)
            14 bolt rear, wide springs, big rails. Found it is gt4 gearing in rpo.. 3.73
            SLT trim.. this means leather extra goodies.. heated seats etc.

            tires are same size as my half ton now. GM liked the 245 on their monster trucks..never did make any sense.
            265/75/16 123/120S

            not sure what the story is on the prev owner going cheap ass steelies..or even making this a plow truck.
            came across as a whistlin diesel rich guy in a way.

            lots of years left for regular people like me.
            124k on an iron chevy.
            all fluids serviced. Dad is getting into it as much as me.. he went and torqued every lug nut (those are new too).. all 32 of them
            he just turned 70 last month.
            Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03804w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	524.7 KB ID:	1295247

            another photo from front angle.
            learning curve for both me and dad.. I had guessed this shipped with alloys.. SLT trim, some extra factory chrome trim (doors), long studs and fender flares..
            all the evidence needed.
            this filled out nicely.
            the steelies in the foreground.. never did have hub covers...long studs on skinny flange of steel wheel would not allow them to fit. the cheap chrome hub caps had dangling loose sharp knife edges as a result.
            Glad we did this today.
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            • IGBT pride!
              IGBT is the short form of Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor. It is a three-terminal semiconductor switching device that can be used for fast switching with high efficiency in many types of electronic devices.

              did you think i meant something else?

              Click image for larger version  Name:	welder1.png Views:	0 Size:	612.2 KB ID:	1295275

              I just bought another "plasmargon" item.. as my plasma proved to be a worthy animal for what I do...same company.
              I can even use my same hacker cord with L14-30 on one end, 3 prong on the other.. both machines can remain dual volt.
              I have found these are way better off on the 220

              for the same output, you put in half input.
              on the 220 side, the very common 25A-40A input is only 13A on this one.. to do the same 200A out.
              it is actually amazing to me.
              even the cord does not need special gauge.

              mig 130, dual volt.. igbt technology

              will share how this goes when the time comes.
              I think it is a future... I said the same about pen vapes for people trying to quit smoking (I still use one, no flavors).. I digress.

              the other notable thing is the hefty weight in the small package.
              30 pounds.
              my plasma is little and that is beefy as well. I took cover off once (curiosity) some very large caps for the kicker and the heatsinks for the modern transistor in high frequency.

              other than that, it looks just like every other inverter setup out there.

              I also live in a cool place.. it may explain why I like them thus far. The heat is not much of an issue here.
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              • chinese monster
                I mean that in a good way

                Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03808w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	339.1 KB ID:	1295549

                plasmargon dual volt igbt mig 130
                my floor tiles are not pride.. it is more a spanish/african thing.
                it may even be my 1% native. Not telling.
                between that and IGBT .. could get some weirdos thinking something else.

                I see right away why they cannot ask a bigger price.
                they do not organize enough, the labels.
                claims 120A on 110.. but its dual volt IGBT
                this means 180A on the modern circuits on 220v
                nothing written on the 220 side.

                this same box is seen in 4 different places.
                from old school transformer at 110 (stays lit like its 1925)
                to the mosfet 110v and 220v inverter transformer
                to igbt at 110 only
                and dual volt igbt 120A (that is the one I purchased)

                the only clue is the sticker on the box with SKU showing 110/220
                and this company ships no plug on the dual volt (mine has no plug)
                this is the same compnay that made my monster 60A plasma.
                even the box says 110v/60hz
                it is funny.

                I'll call this one the 193A on 220v
                I started it with a hacker cord for a 110 connect, to see if it works.
                put it on high settings, full wire speed and popped a 15A breaker
                I am going straight to L14-30 plug for this one...leave my dual volt hacker cord out of it.

                I concluded more was needed after adding triple plate together.. this added to 9/16th minimum.
                I may not get all 3.. but 6/16ths was real slow on the 90A.

                with 220v at my helm.. why not.
                I can also use generator on the 110 side as that breaker is 40A. this welder actually works on dual volt properly.
                taking a look inside it is the modern windings...still weighing in at 30 pounds. it has some huge heatsinks for IGBT.
                140 delivered and 9 bucks for the plug coming thru the mail.
                looking forward to trying it out.
                2 year warranty
                and justice for all
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                • Some windings are aluminum vs copper
                  copper handles heat better
                  good deal!


                  • Originally posted by Deaf Bob View Post
                    Some windings are aluminum vs copper
                    copper handles heat better
                    good deal!
                    yes I agree.
                    this one is copper.

                    I actually felt bad for giving hell to the company about my would not start properly on the 110v side of the dual volt.
                    I then watched a video on how the IGBT works and realized the parts in the 60A cutter I bought were indeed a little more robust.

                    I look forward to mig welding away with this one. one rips everything apart, the other is anonymous "turbo" putting it back together.

                    I actually have had the common 120 transformer version you run on 110..also ebay, anonymous brand. the garage circuit kept popping a 20A breaker.
                    I gave up after it broke while welding.

                    retreated to the 90A. been there for more than 10 years.

                    180 A at 220.. there is a learning curve there I can tell already. looking forward to it.

                    it would be cool to poke through my gmc truck frame just because I can.. I have felt out a lot of gauges in 15 interesting to see what factory gmc rail does at high amps.
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                    • chinese and beefy
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03816w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	520.6 KB ID:	1295594
                      my gadgets all in one place..
                      tried out the welder today.. dropped it back to 110v on a 20A plug.
                      lack of control and kept popping breakers.. and got an overheat after 1 minute solid welding.
                      had to take 220v away from it.

                      does very good.
                      got the plasma going to cut the plate for driver side.
                      my two chinese wonders.

                      doing alright with them.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03813w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	238.5 KB ID:	1295593 this is a lot of weld.
                      the new welder made it seem easy.. Even with my lack of skill.
                      I was simulating a pipe welder and the deep groove of several passes.
                      that is how much weld this took in.
                      where the angle met curve of frame.
                      some more grinding to flush the angle to frame..or I may leave it.
                      this area is quite a beating, all year round.

                      I am also simulating the gmt400 version of hd3500.. they usually got dump beds etc.
                      they have big thick overlay and it suddenly shuts off into the tail section right in this area.
                      this allowed me 6 bolts on the hangers as well.

                      the inside plate of a588 ends at the end of the angle iron, the two bolts are gong through it.
                      lots of strengthening.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03766w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	261.1 KB ID:	1295595

                      in fact it may be freakish

                      this here s the other end, those are the hanger bolts.
                      you can see the double up edge with angle and oem frame.. the whole face of rail it is that thick as well.
                      my phobia of anything less than tractor trailer in this area is now done.

                      should be an easy going half day for driver side.. finish this old truck up.

                      the purpose at first was that half tons do not get a camper rating.
                      after 1996, the power with a tease of a manual trans..this old truck was getting fatigued.
                      the shutters and jumps in first gear random..and reverse random was my final motivator to really send it over the top.

                      it worked.
                      this could do a very large dig now.. big motor etc.
                      That is not my goal..maybe someone in the future can have fun.

                      feeling older.. like it is a year later.
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                      • contact tip drama and a doppelganger
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	71jSNhz2sBL._AC_SL1500_.jpg Views:	0 Size:	274.7 KB ID:	1296072
                        did not expect such a problem.
                        I need to bump to .35 minimum.

                        wal mart.. nothing (they do not do any welding supply)
                        tractor supply.. nothing
                        harbor fright empty.. in fact their wire drawer only had a few .35 left
                        the .30 side is chock full.. tips hanging above, full

                        aubuchon 3/4 mile from my apt finally had them.

                        I guess I am in a mainstream size now
                        high demand for .35 I guess.

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03810w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	197.0 KB ID:	1296073 this is 120A on .30.. not easy. ran like water.tiny width on bead, left it in 3 fairly clumpy passes...but plenty of heat and connection (that is all that matters)
                        the older stuff above ground clamp was my very slow under taking on the 90A chicago electric.. but it worked very good. That was a couple of years ago.. maybe more.

                        looking forward to a little more thickness on the passes..and to handle the 125A settings with more control.

                        the truck is a perfect tank.. these frames wait a few days to tell you "hey I am welded".. must be the 20 foot quench dialing in.
                        it is why I want 56F or warmer at night for at least 48 hours after attacking the frame. welding in the cold can cause snap attack. I have lived it.

                        there is a cathode anode game too.. that keeps memory in strange ways.
                        12v ground loop
                        I am very happy.
                        I can tell big rails from little.. it is just an outcome of steel abuse since the 80s.
                        I got a good look at the old half ton coming out of wal mart into parking lot.
                        this one is a sturdy straight lined tugboat leaning gentle animal

                        looking forward to driver side.
                        lo and behold, even with a decay in driver side, the way the tank is mounted voids the bad area...
                        just a peculiar outcome.
                        live and learn.

                        the passenger side was the flexing weirdo. Exhaust heat had a large say in the matter...the way the fan blows on these reverse rotation setups too.
                        that is a large fan.. can hear it like a tractor trailer sometimes.

                        looking forward to getting this done.

                        meanwhile on facebook.. a poster shared his 95 with a new clutch.
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	miles1.JPG
Views:	63
Size:	109.7 KB
ID:	1296077
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                        • lord of the rings
                          Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03840w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	280.7 KB ID:	1296965
                          this is the 99 I weld for my dad.
                          I offered to do all the work as he says it is mine when he is done with it.
                          he don't need to tell me when.
                          I do it more for sharing time with him. I'll be very sad when it is mine.

                          like father like son I guess, this is the second round on the rear left shock mount..identical routine as my 96. that one took 4 tries and some swearing.
                          Hence I share here. Ever hear someone say "they all do that" or "they all do this" when it comes to a certain make or model. I am sure you have.

                          being the gmt800 has a totally different design.. I have now concluded we hit the same terrain at the same time for some unknown routine.
                          we must be related.

                          this is not even my last beefy attempt. if it breaks the pipe next, I'll weld that too.
                          anyway, replaced the shocks while under there. P art of the break was badly broken shock.

                          my chinese turbo 130 mig is doing very good on .35 wire and the generator.
                          I flipped up my hood as i do when done welding and noticed the bright red across all I just welded. A lot more welcome heat. I still stay hideous under here.. no one cares. I just want to change old steel and connect new steel.
                          This stayed hot for 30 minutes. Job done. the steel is not the same anymore.

                          my 96 ended up with a totally laminated and rebuilt back end.. as previous posts show.
                          the rear left is the biggest monster weld my 96 has got.. same as this 99.
                          this one already had hangers replaced form previous owner.
                          truckers trucks must keep trucking truck things

                          you know what truck rhymes with

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	image_25757.jpg
Views:	53
Size:	156.2 KB
ID:	1296968
                          today I was sporting cover alls and harbor fright welder sleeves.. and leather gloves..only 65F and cloudy here you know.. got to dress warm in july.

                          I took a look when I was done.. and now know my body just eats the iron sparkles. The leather showed me how much poop flies, and how many years I just took it right to the skin. leather had little black spots all over it.
                          I am beef jerky.. long before welding. it involved ingredients of outer space and the sound barrier .. I digress.
                          wear some good stuff welding upside down.

                          stay healthy,.
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                          • snugger than a bug

                            94F.. my apt is cool with heat pump..but still wanted to find a trail in the woods.

                            this one had no mention of a gate.
                            VERY tight fit at the end.
                            I should have recorded outside, but I was angry.

                            the welded frame is a beast.. all suspension as frame can not do that flexing gymnast routine at this age.
                            and poly mounts and bushings.
                            if I had anything but factory wheels tucked into the wells, I would have had to turnaround.

                            I did one of those "1 takes" for the tight turn and the rock and trees.. been driving this long enough to have eyes in the back of my head.

                            one of the hills needed 4x4.. something else cameras never do right. angle of terrain.

                            interesting bridge they built across the swamp.. rows and rows of logs, dirt piled on top.
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                            • Your description of the "Bridge" is UP HERE in the U.P. Called a "Corduroy Road".
                              Loggers build these "Floating Mat Bridges" over the "Loon Shit Swamps".
                              They use "Tops and Undersized Trees"
                              and then push dirt (usually mud) on top to bind it all together.

                              Happy Trails


                              • new floor pan
                                been sitting in the back seat for a couple of years,
                                a genuine driver side inner floor pan, all the dimples and shapes and curves in place.

                                Click image for larger version  Name:	floor pan.jpg Views:	0 Size:	307.0 KB ID:	1298425
                                I just had to cut old out use what I want of new one..
                                I used about 90% of it.. just trimmings not used...and saved them anyway.
                                welded in with a little 90A from harbor fright.

                                came out nice.
                                old floor was really done.. 25 years.

                                got 4 something inches of rain yesterday.
                                was driving truck in it.
                                not a common event here
                                no errors at all. this is before fixing the floor in a real way.
                                nothing got in anyway.

                                hampden maine is a tourist route.
                                Also thought I'd mention my nasty mishap after hitting a pothole so hard it hurt.

                                I broke a shock mount right off on the way home tonight.
                                go very slow if passing through, you'll know where it is.. its got one lane

                                back at garage soon.. welding yet another shock mount.
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