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  • new spider

    Click image for larger version  Name:	spiderinjector.JPG Views:	0 Size:	265.7 KB ID:	1302300
    found this on ebay

    15 reviews.. all good.
    I killed one injector with welding (smoked the filler tube)..
    I learned these should be replace as a set.

    205 bucks. I keep my old one with 7 good injectors.
    tried my best to clear the old one up.. it will not.

    given the fuel mileage, power and perfect cold starts...the poor basturds weren't even very old.
    my bad.
    this is the second time I have agitated them..first one was welding near passenger side air inlet for engine a few years ago.
    those go away easy enough..add cleaners.
    but attacking through the gas tank is as numbskull as it gets (that is me)

    I'll swap the bad injector out for 30 bucks some day.. have two sets.
    for now, I'll just put in the whole new one.

    this year has me at 46k miles...been very good adding up budget.
    needed fuel pump first month in 2015 (dealer guy told me it would- he got the new tank installed, did not change the pump. He seemed upset at himself over it.)

    miles is unknown on engine. that poppet stuck rocks the boat... vibration. engine bearings still sound healthy all over even skipping badly.

    watching the friendly mechanics sharing this task on you tube, I have found the po300 series and random misfire is the bad injector.
    my truck identified cylinder three exactly correct. (I am impressed)

    a super bad injector will give a 200 series code (short circuit in the injector), mine is just bunged up to my own fault.

    in live data at idle, bank one under misfire was adding 10%.. this simply means one injector. 9 something is the limit to a tuner. completely clogged is my guess..or no function When running good, it is pitter pattering around zero and single digits ( useful tip for the 96-99 owners)

    another tip with no live data, but a code reader...simply plug a spark plug into the cylinder wire that is reading bad.. that will rule out ignition. mine is brand new, as documented here.. but I checked old school anyway.
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    • new spider

      took 3 hours. the m12 ratchet is a nice extra.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	bad injector 3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	305.1 KB ID:	1303045
      injector 3 blew her cookies... I had guessed correctly.
      for electrical side of injector to fail needs an active conductor on the other side in the fuel.. I mean active and conductor. Well lit positive charged little monster
      my weld smoke in the open fuel filler...
      also exactly correct guess.

      must be getting good at this. Maybe inspect military airplanes some day.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	ba dntak gasket.jpg Views:	0 Size:	459.0 KB ID:	1303044

      a surprise..
      two broken cheap grade gaskets.. intake was pinched partly, not even in the seam.
      the intake leaked all 6.5 years I have had this... did not even notice it.
      even blasted engine at car washes.
      only lost a point off the ultimate vacuum at idle number anyway

      I gained a point in live data with new orange genuine gaskets.

      5.5 psi... whatever the hell number that is. I gained some.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	new spider.jpg Views:	0 Size:	266.3 KB ID:	1303046 glimpse of new spider, courtesy of GM underhood light on a rewindable cable
      swapped to LED 5 years ago.

      I just realized new regulator too.. I swapped the whole assembly prebuilt

      by TamerX (legit company)

      something else to notice..this engine is young.
      another guess correctly.

      reset codes, burpity burped back to super smoothy.
      still dialing in... but very nice.

      the old injectors were very good. I notice nothing with the new ones..
      just the error fixed.
      trims are tight at idle.. subtracted a pitter patter (must have been leaky intake bothering them)
      idle was still good these years.

      young motors don't need to care so much.

      my bad broke the injector..
      happy friday the 13th.

      onto the freakiest winters in 70 years (just guessing.)

      due for another inspection AGAIN.. number 26.
      seems like I was just there a year ago.
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      • new spider followup

        jumpy random reverse and first.. gone away
        start and stall after first startup (warm).. all done

        in a 58F cold start (very warm summer this year) I monitored with obd2 scanner to full warm.. no codes.

        my very first guess was fuel pressure regulator, must be 5 years now.

        fixed a couple of things i guess..
        there must have been an active vacuum leak not really measurable at the map sensor...but bothering the trucks startup after warm.

        I did get very sick, incredilble pain in jaw that same evening after fixing.. I almost called an ambulance.
        I have a crap ton of cleaners in the tank, so oxides will be flying vaporious nasty anyway.
        I have since diluted it, now that truck is fixed.
        I could taste something terrible.. like plumbers puddy and a used hospital bandage.. coming right out of my incredibly dry jaw line (I have mouth wash for that)
        stayed up until 3 am.. I must have just passed out exhausted...dense head pain.

        truck is like new... and they stay damn good even if they are not. I only proved it to myself.

        did a lot this summer.
        goals met.

        I seriously have a bad prediction for this place in winter.. it is always bad..but something is going to be even worse.
        glad to have this all done
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        • no codes!
          this is momentus.
          I was pitter pattering a high voltage coil code and p0420.. but they always cleared themself...6 years now.

          today I heard the little blend door motor or something in the dash as i turned my key and my blower motor got huge after turning a/c on

          very very muggy out..
          it got very cool quick in this slimy slop..outside of windshield has the layer of moisture

          cab colder than outside by a long shot.
          blower motor is massive right now...never been this big.
          got home from my store run (16 miles) and checked codes.
          no codes.

          vacuum = 20.9 inches. Impressive. This engine is even younger than I guessed.

          I am now guessing high voltage coil code was an injector snapping electrons.
          the cab shares the same ground point as the engine gadgets at back of head...ignition and spider assembly right next to each other.
          must have bothered the hvac siwtches in the cab a little bit.. but not into dysfunction, just teasing blower resistor etc..
          my stuff has always worked..
          now I am finding long term gmt400 secrets .

          another mystery solved. I had no problems with my blower motor.. but now its an ice box.. I turned it down.

          this also goes with my rage against the machines for having no diodes on shared ground points...
          you can bother other stuff by other stuff...manufacture still makes that sick ass mistake to this day.
          pig sty of electric slob..

          anyway, we got direct hit henri the hurricane coming, which i predicted exactly in May sometime on facebook publically.
          I still think that is where my 1% native gene went...
          time ahead on northeast usa.

          my next prediction..
          now that the tundra is slicked with heat and bad foliage crazier than a mt. st helens explosion...
          this winter has a big wind for us all.

          maine is going to be particular bad.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	smokemap.JPG Views:	0 Size:	298.5 KB ID:	1304044

          here is a current smoke map..
          having 85% humidity and 85 degrees is not ever pleasant, even with all the trees.
          add this smoke enough to feel it in your eyes.

          Anyway. I hear the geese, and my backyard maple has some red orange emerging.

          summer is done, even if it hits 90F as a freak before winter.

          this may be the winter i fly away.
          been wanting to do that since i was 15.
          not my home.

          not even a 500 year dna map has me surrounded by actual family (not kidding)
          it begins in mass, and heads south...and over into canada... I am in a zone all by my retarded self..
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          • the grain of steel
            watching my favorite welder
            IC Weld on the you tube..
            he mentioned grain of steel.
            it occurred to me , I align stuff subconsciously.
            on my frame my plate is up down guess,
            for angle movements.. shear movements not allowed.
            as if to say grain up down.. long grain goes to the C...not the length

            I mention this guy often n the weld groups I am in.

            Hope he goes real big with subscribers.
            been watching since he had 10k or 65k now.
            to me and real world, this guy is as real as weld is.

            the work some of his jobs do is max weight tonnage for big rigs, bulldzers, etc.
            he did a kingpin once for havey duty low boy. that is 60ton at least,
            on that one weld.

            heavy duty as it gets.
            it is what he does with no words.. I can tell my own skill level.

            like the grain, I never mention it... he even said it is pretty much a theory only anyway
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            • acadia national park
              saw the unusual heat warning, late august..90F
              hardly any money right now.
              feeling unrewarded for all the work done on the truck..don't even go anywhere really.

              hopped in truck and headed for acadia.
              got to booth..
              30 bucks a day.
              I remembered the veteran offering.
              handed license over with the label from the state.
              my plates are also veteran too.. and owner of vehicle.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03957w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	328.3 KB ID:	1304629

              got a year pass for free.

              truck did awesome, a/c working frigid
              climbed the hills and down the other side.
              Click image for larger version  Name:	trucvkacadia august 2021.png Views:	0 Size:	574.0 KB ID:	1304627
              got it all on dash cam..but i learned that is actually boring to sit there and watch it I guess.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03945w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	170.5 KB ID:	1304628
              first visit here, I was an awe inspired 15 year old with the family.

              I still found a spot, among all the people to be alone by the I have done since I was 17..first years driving.
              right in this area...
              31 years now. some years are missed to bad sickness, immobile...homeless or broke.
              When i found my trail in dna.. all those french people.
              D'entremont was my grandpa, and the mi'k maq indian my grandma..
              400 years now.
              he was the first governor of acadia.

              before english went full retard like they do an afghanistan mission today.
              or cromwell on a donovan rock pile.
              anglo saxon be gone from america.. I pray I pray
              just be a minority immigrant, fess up to the incest self decalred royal schizophrenia and leave our budget and leadership and military to actual real adult people.
              I know who won america, france and spain and everywhere else does too..

              this place still is not theirs.
              hell, it will never be anyones,

              I do daydream when I am here
              aristocracy, privilege.. and who deserves what?

              I believe i earned that pass... especially here.
              God bless america and the troops..

              may the 13+ lost today, be forever remembered..and family in peace.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC03928w.jpg Views:	0 Size:	151.0 KB ID:	1304643
              imagine coming though that cold fog.. without sight.. for some time. then feeling the heat from a mainland.. the sents of living foliage, birds who spotted your ship and land on it making noise, full tilt to a nearly wrong way wind at best
              ..and seeing the cliffs of maine after 30 days or more thrashed against odds..
              rocks stable in the bright sun of summer.

              assume it a daydream.
              but I still need to splash ocean on my face and hair and hands.. it stops the dandruff, and helps my spleen, the genetic sailors spleen and pancreas that keeps like a freshwater fish unless i manually fix the saline values myself with the salty sea.An odd opposite of diabetic.
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              • dash cam acadia national park

                just kidding about being bored with dash cam.. its the most fun I have with video

                simple editing.
                I am the same as where I began in 2006..
                I don't even update my music.
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                the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


                • inspection 26

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	index.jpg Views:	0 Size:	23.0 KB ID:	1305806

                  the old dog got thru again.
                  I adjusted ebrake last evenng

                  significant as in maine this is antique now...
                  passing as a modern inspected vehicle.
                  I have never seen a realm of years go on this long with smiles.

                  1996 automotive holy year.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20210907_171043.jpg Views:	0 Size:	202.9 KB ID:	1305805
                  still hammering a pretension I gave left side rail for the weld plate.. super smooth
                  prouder this year than last.

                  engine sounds awesome...

                  2021 summary
                  • 2 corten a588 plates, space between cab and bed, frame both sides (2 feet each)
                    • removed rivets front hangers of rear springs to bolt conversion
                    • large weld
                    • strengthened gas tank crossmember
                  • EGR valve
                  • new spider injection assembly (TamerX of south carolina)
                    • intake and injection assembly gasket (orange)
                  • floor pan welded in (actual factory replacement)
                  • exhaust tidy (basically straightened tail pipe angle)
                  expecting hellacious turn of weather onto winter.
                  I feel good about the old truck
                  388,091 miles

                  giving it oil change, mobil 1 of course, later today
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                  • oil change 388,104

                    filter spotless
                    oil no odors.. a little thin and darker, but synthetic
                    after injection fail.. gave it more cleaners than needed.
                    just getting to oil change now, 30 days later.

                    mystery engine.. not even speckles of poop in the stainless mesh.

                    cleaned billet filter with dish soap per original instructions.
                    I did use some spray bottle Zep heavy duty degreaser too.

                    all ready for winter best i can anyway.
                    held up to kitchen light, all clean..back together.

                    mobil 1 high mileage. 5w 30 for the 26F below coming our way.
                    discount at o'reillys... 31 bucks 5 quarts

                    last oil change
                    nov 2020.
                    approx 6 k miles
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                    • quick rocker scab

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	rocker paint 2021.jpg Views:	0 Size:	377.3 KB ID:	1306484

                      went to grind and paint my rocker.. and remembered 6 years ago.
                      this area in the scribble was going to need a scab of stainless some day...symmetrical to passenger side.
                      the actual piece is much more precise than that. I am not an artist.

                      added it today with some weld.

                      sure enough, it cut back on the elusive door squeak...not a common noise, but I know how to make it.
                      I also remembered how much stainless steel this rocker custom gobbled up.
                      4 foot lengths, over 1 foot wide.
                      and my little pieces in the fancy curves as shown.

                      the flap disc could not get off my over ambitious undercoating type material I put on.. but I did manage to get to steel for the weld.

                      KBS rust paint is now the lower part of truck all the way around as well..
                      back to shiny.

                      expensive wanted me to use it up.

                      going to 40F tonight... I pick a great time for 48 hour paint.
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