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63 Fairlane 500

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  • 63 Fairlane 500

    Got back to the Fairlane this weekend, I was first going to replace the motor in the mustang but want to make sure the Fairlane is ready to go to dragstrip for a local get together they do every spring. Had my normal fun broke off 3 studs on the torque converter so it looks like I will run one of two mystery converters that I have. Both are smaller OD than the older tci that was in it that never seemed to have enough stall speed. Pulled the motor because it had 90 psi oil pressure at idle, I found the problem there was some chunks of rtv in the oil pick up.

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    Re: 63 Fairlane 500

    chunks of RTV blocking the oil pump intake would cause the oil pressure to be 90 psi at idle????
    There's always something new to learn.