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So i have done it again,

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    The replacement Cooper weathermaster

    The hankook milage plus that will roll on the back

    But the sad part is only stockers to put them on

    So now it is looking a bit more stock. But hey.

    Can see the hankook and one of the glacier grips usually on the front of the 40th sitting there too

    And how else to get them home! Two in the trunk. And two in the back

    That will do it for now! Although I am hoping to make a light mount and get some cubes on over the next couple days.

    But yah. I did something else too!!

    And I think the 17's could look great on it!

    Oh. Yah the back story on this one. Well it was my nephew's and he did water pump. And Lim gaskets and after they got it back together it has a surge in idle. But he also bought a truck almost same time. So.. had to go. Was telling me he had someone offer cheap amount and he was considering taking it. So I says for that price. I would take it. If he could give me a min for fundage. Says yah. I think we can work that out. . So. Here we is!!

    And here is his replacement.


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      Good job! I love taking junk that nobody else wants and getting good use out of it.

      Pretty sure i have a supercharger for that if you're interested.



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        I should have everything to do a topswap. But this is just a winter beater/spare so no need for the extra


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          Well one more little step in the progression. The stock lights suck. And I cannot bring myself to spend half or more than the invested value to upgrade lights. So .... I am getting creative!

          The idea was to have extra but to do it in a way that I could take back off and not leave any major damage to the car when/if I sell it. So. Here is what we came up with. I had the lights from another project. So about $15 in materials for the steel and mounting screws.

          The templet materials. A plate and an extra front bumper.

          Cutting up the pieces

          Laying them out for fitment

          Getting ready to tack them up

          See what we did there!!

          Wife said I couldn't go out and work on anything. Soooooo.

          Not knowing. How they may or not interfere​ with the grills and airflow I figured. See what they look like upside down! This was also about the time the wife walked in and just shook her head and says "really"!

          And I think i managed to sneak in a test fit when she wasn't looking!! And I gotta say I can't wait till I get the time to get it on and wired up. Cause I like it!!!

          They will be Just like I did on my bike. They will be the "supplemental" high beam. On a relay setup and triggered with stock highs.


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            I really like that idea. Neat bracket fab work!
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            Of all the paths you take in life - make sure a few of them are dirt.


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              Alright time for that update. First. The lights are a huge improvement! And have a great unanticipated affect.

              They are triggered from the high beam. So when I hit highs. I get good light! I did it this way after I had my bike that way and loved it. With the car tho the lows are crappy enough that in heavy snow they act like great fog lights and have minimal glare. But have great highs when in use. ( Bike has hid projectors for main lights so the effect isn't as harsh)

              But anyway. Here are pics!!!!

              Now output

              Off/no light. For a base

              Fog only


              High only

              High with led

              I find the next two to not show as much improvement as there is as the high lights much higher on the trees and you can see individual trees much further into the woods that just don't show up well in pics. And in the low you can see the sharp line from the fog's and the led lights nearly 90 to the car in the ditch and sides also which is quite nice

              This is probably as good a comparison pic as I could get . There really is that large a difference in amount and color of light



              Also swapped clusters trying to get fuel gauge to work. Or at least get a working trip meter. Milage was pretty darn close!


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                Got another jeep wheel to try also

                Had a much better look on the back side that looked like it may clear the caliper!

                And it does !

                And I gotta say I think I like the look!

                It don't hit

                The others did


                The issue was the distance from the mount surface to the back side of the spokes

                Ecco was worst

                Canyon wasn't much better

                10 hole was much better

                Snagged a tire off the Jimmy to see what kind of height and clearance it may have as this set is in great shape.

                Spare on

                And the winter trio