Hi, my name is Paul Estrella and i am an Automotive instructor At Greater New Bedford Vocational Technical High School. We are in the beginning stages of building a 1969 pro-touring nova. We are building this car to demonstrate the unbelievable talents and skills that our students have. This is a project that is much bigger than building a car with a great group of kids. We Are teaching and demonstrating the importance of responsibility, accountability, and Productivity. We always encourage them to dream big, strive for greatness and never be afraid to work hard. We are a school located 40 mins south of Boston and a demographic where many of these students have never seen a car like this or never been in one. We are building this nova in collaboration with many of our shops within our building. We are currently in the process of having the visual design students create the artisan logo and a rendering of the vision of the build. We have met with the Internet tech and engineering students where they will be creating and maintain the website for the build. We have a full machine shop,fabrication shop,collision repair shop and Automotive shop that will be highly involved in the build. We Have opened the opportunity for students that are in shops that are not involved to come work on the project after school. Their is no funding from the school for projects like these so we are trying to build high end cars on a High school teachers budget. Majority of the build is done after school and students are allowed to work on it if it falls into the curriculum for that specific area. Our students are learning the ropes on budgeting, buying,selling parts and internet marketing. This is the only way to get new stuff besides donations of parts. We are using this build to gain awareness and importance of vocational education for high school students. By building this car we will be using it to help fund raise (ie car show at school) and ALL money raised goes to students scholorships for post secondary education and to help students buy supplies needed to get started in their trade. We all remember our first time going into a racecar or hotrod. We are giving these kids that chance to create those memories of building something themselves. Click image for larger version

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