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    This reminded me of the first fuel tank we made for the dirt modified. We ran methanol and the Firestone fuel cell foam and bladder would have failed within weeks if we tried it on fuel, so some 1/8 inch 6061 was procured. We made a rectangular tank that held 30 gallons of methanol. It had baffling but not fastened to the top adequately. It split the top right side seam in about 4 nights of hard left turns at the Valley. It got replaced with a 40 gallon sprint car tail tank.

    Which had no baffling. We did what the sprint car guys did, stuffed a bunch of wiffle balls in it. The methanol doesn't affect them, they are mostly void, and they don't move around. Perfect baffles...

    of course all the kids who donated wiffle balls might have wondered where their wiffle balls went!
    wiffle thief - childhood ruined, they trust no one anymore.... let me guess, they're all politicians now....
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    • time to give it wings.. or a wing
      aluminum angle

      some solid eyeball calibrating followed by serious staring

      wing held on by hopes and prayers with an assist by gravity

      it's about here I'm considering whether or not I like the stands.... they need to parallel something, e.g. the rear valence and let me be SUPER clear, I approved the design. CIRO did what I asked them to do...

      my brave act of the night

      now in place

      thankfully, I have a plasma table... basically the wing will end above the end of the deck - so it will move horizontally.... no big deal

      love it

      a good view - the stands will mirror the rear angle - also, I have to build an 8" version for Optima.

      paint is dry so I can finish this as well

      Doing it all wrong since 1966


      • I rarely ask opinions - mostly because they're someone else's preference (which is fine, and I have my own).

        But here, I'm kind of stumped.

        the angle

        do I match the B pillar window frame or the tail light panel with the struts?

        Doing it all wrong since 1966


        • I'd say yes. (Do you have access to a wind tunnel up your way? It might matter.)



          • I'd say if, as seen from the side, the back of the side window opening (why do I still want to call that a C-pillar) were vertical, and the taillight panel at 15 degrees, and the wing strut were 8/10ths of the way back from one to the other, I'd slant it at 12 degrees.


            • onward with fastening

              Luigi is checking out the progress too

              notice the tail blur? he is one active dog (love it)

              bolted down

              with pads to pretend we're saving the paint

              and tied to the frame

              tomorrow weld
              Doing it all wrong since 1966


              • That's a pretty serious wing and no matter what you do it's going to stand out. Reinforcement is an excellent idea.


                • SBG......
                  Daylight Savings Time kicked in Sunday 2 am.......
                  Lately, All your Pix are with a "Bat Cave Darkness" background lighting.......Is there something we should know ? LOL
                  LOOKS KOOL !!!
                  Let us know how well it has effected the Handling, and track times.


                  • the word is "bosozoku".....

                    bosozoku cars - Bing images


                    • choices.
                      The A1000 pump is good for 1200 hp and has -12 lines in and out. The Holley system right now has - 6 lines and makes 500 wheel hp
                      I've been going back and forth about upgrading lines. I have most of what I need to upgrade to -10 supply and -8 return.
                      at this point I'm already pushing noise limits and 700 hp is at 7000 rpm. As it is now, it's got a physical cap on noise - set the rev limiter to 5500 and life is fine.
                      But yeah.

                      my only real concern if I leave it all -6 is it puts a lot of stress on the pump but with that said, I can turn the pressure up to 75 psi if I really want more power... after all volume is a function of pressure

                      got more done tonight, though.... think I'll stay with -6 for now.... but when I build more power, I'll update. At this moment, the car is fast enough for my skills.
                      line test

                      starting to lay out how the tank will be mounted

                      I also need to put an offset in the fill tube to line up with the gas cap (3 7/8 offset)

                      I also welded in the braces - brackets got a coat of paint so drying... bolts get here Friday
                      Doing it all wrong since 1966


                      • I don't know enough about your car to comment on the fuel system but I wouldn't want to rob myself of any power on the top. I'm thinking overkill is better than underkill.


                        • Originally posted by gconnsr View Post
                          I don't know enough about your car to comment on the fuel system but I wouldn't want to rob myself of any power on the top. I'm thinking overkill is better than underkill.
                          the resolution wasn't - I punted - Holley recommends - 6 for 650... that's at 42 psi, I could turn up the pressure - but that wasn't the biggest issue, supply chain issues was.
                          Doing it all wrong since 1966


                          • well, look what's back?

                            dark bronze

                            fuel cap too

                            I like. a lot

                            truly better then I expected.... I thought I went too dark

                            with the wing in place
                            Doing it all wrong since 1966


                            • a bit done tonight
                              more fittings - most important is that stainless one

                              the problem is I welded a pipe fitting for the return when I needed an AN one... oops... will use it as a vent

                              and welded

                              in other news, I'm a really bad influence.... the red Corvette owner has bbc plans
                              Doing it all wrong since 1966


                              • The rims are sharp. I like the rear coilovers too. I just watched a video on how to convert and it doesn't look like a cheap endeavor. I'm guessing you noticed a major improvement in handling though.