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  • picked up some metal to build a cross brace

    and built it

    then installed everything

    if you're thinking "that's pretty close" you'd be wrong, it's too close... so much stuff in such a small place

    Doing it all wrong since 1966


    • last night, issues

      and now fixed

      new issue.... making the old upper hose work

      cut the offending angle off

      then weld back on

      and fit

      still have to put a bleed valve on top but close

      moved the temp sensor from the front to the top

      I swear I should put a zipper to take the hood off...

      another view
      Doing it all wrong since 1966


      • Velcro?


        • Originally posted by DanStokes View Post
          it is good enough for Astronauts, and Astronauts did drive C3 Corvettes.....
          Doing it all wrong since 1966


          • time to finish up the cooling system

            plumb the tank

            first, paint the mount

            then the layout

            Thursday, the stainless upper hose was in progress. Needed a bleeder as this is the highest point

            because the metal is only 16 ga, I put a plug in the top then tapped it for the bleeder

            finished here

            you know, I could have finished this all pretty, but f*** that - gotta give the haters something to hate on

            then a solid aluminum tube for the lower hose

            once mounted
            time to connect the AN side

            on unfinished tasks.... painted the lower valence

            we end on my favorite task... wiring... it was comforting to read that my plan will void the warranty

            this isn't the void part... but I can't imagine putting the controller on the bumper support is a recommended procedure

            grounding done (now we're voiding)
            Doing it all wrong since 1966


            • List to finish this round

              1) finish fan system - that includes a switch to power the fan and the water pump while I'm sitting between rounds
              2) attach the side pipes
              3) wrap the sidepipes
              4) make it so the gas tank can't slide in its straps (yeah, really)
              5) tow hooks
              6) reinstall interior
              7) build air cleaner
              8) tune....
              9) build rear cover/defuser
              10) install front spoiler

              *eventually build an exhaust system that's side pipe but actually doesn't kill power and is tunable
              *put dual adjustable coilovers

              Doing it all wrong since 1966


              • lower valence installed

                this removed. I don't need it. Called Derale today, we talked about what I was doing and cleared up a misconception..... that they are computer controlled motors. They're not in this case, it's a 2 speed motor thus I can control it with my Holley computer. Key here, if you're copying, is you MUST start the fan on low speed then double the speed by adding power to the high side of the motor.

                and wired

                With substantially tuning, it's drivable now
                I still need an air cleaner


                probably this

                all i have to do now is build it

                Doing it all wrong since 1966


                • tonight we start with CAD work


                  and enclosed

                  and then some envisioning tape

                  now just to make it out of metal
                  Doing it all wrong since 1966


                  • first... trim the tray to make more sense then do a first piece

                    then a top piece

                    next side panels

                    other side.... keep in mind the motor is off-centered from GM so steering and brakes can be in the engine compartment... not as noticeable until you do something like this

                    finished product.... well, finished CAD

                    tomorrow, make this out of aluminum
                    Doing it all wrong since 1966


                    • Looks great SBG, another quality part on the vette
                      Melbourne Australia

                      65 Hardtop Impala, 70 GTS Monaro, 93 "80" Landcruiser


                      • time to make it out of metal

                        now with sides

                        and test fit with the cover

                        tomorrow, weld and do the cover
                        Doing it all wrong since 1966


                        • little further... the holder for the air cleaner
                          bought some 1/4"x3/4" aluminum bar

                          the last step after welding was positioning it in place

                          Doing it all wrong since 1966


                          • time for a test fit

                            someone mentioned I don't know how to weld aluminum.... this wasn't me, it was magick

                            then weld in the stand

                            then install the hood

                            some say I don't learn - I say, see the hood and I'm checking clearance before I build the top piece? yeah, lurnin'

                            and it clears... woo and hoo!

                            time to cut out the top pieces

                            then time to temper the metal


                            and then I question why I didn't pick up 5152 or 3003 aluminum on Friday...

                            I'm going to try to bend this around but I give it about a 30% chance
                            Doing it all wrong since 1966


                            • onward back to metal manipulation

                              key here is that this is hour 8 but only hour 2 of actual work.

                              you shall bend to my will

                              the hardest part was, of course, clamping. With aluminum, adding filler is almost mandatory - so you need at least 3 hands

                              and unlike steel, there is little memory to the metal, so you can distort it then tap it right back into shape

                              but lord knows there were some ugly welds to get it to stick together

                              first fit

                              then I needed to work on the pan portion and add flanges

                              and finish the bottom side

                              it seems it worked

                              well, would you look at that

                              but still, there is quite a bit more work, need to go square to round though I've found that preliminary-finish can help the process

                              all that work and I'm painting it black..

                              Doing it all wrong since 1966


                              • tonight was more of a void-the-warranty night then get anything done
                                a month from order to delivery.... which isn't bad, last year it was 6 months estimate

                                they also wrapped it very well

                                what I get? spoiler alert, it's a spoiler

                                and, of course, it doesn't fit

                                I know, I know, what kind of fly-by-night supplier doesn't make a non-factory spoiler for a C3 Corvette with 2" flares?
                                thankfully, I know how to use these tools

                                cut it apart, widen it 4"

                                then figure out how to fill in the holes.... of course the curve isn't right either (which, tip for those following along, at SEMA, I spent some time understanding what the big builders do to make spoilers work.... simply put they cut the lower splash guard then rotate it to a more vertical orientation)... which is what I'll do next time

                                then time to cut up the airbox again and make it fit better

                                and I still have a problem with it up against the hood... though I'm not sure I care - it's maybe 1/4" tall - given the hood flexes at high speed, a brace would actually kind of help. it doesn't rattle... but we'll see.... I also may decide to completely remake it
                                the transition from square to round isn't something I love - I dunno, I have a couple days before I can get back to this so between now and then, I'll think on it
                                Doing it all wrong since 1966