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  • 65RHDEER
    Wow, that's going in boots and all!

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  • SuperBuickGuy
    now you see it

    now you don't....

    might as well keep moving forward front stubs

    put the rack in place for clearance purposes

    needs to fit somewhere in there

    a bit of CAD work

    looks like I need to work on the vertical as well

    the interesting bit in all of this is if I decide to LS, it should be pretty much a bolt-in deal

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  • silver_bullet
    Off point, but my way of cheering you on!
    Click image for larger version

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  • SuperBuickGuy
    starting to trial fit

    good grief there are a lot of layers.... still wonder if it'd been better to just get a front-cut and weld it to the rails... probably would, but since when do I do things the easy way?

    for those doing this - the plane of the edge of the cradle is the inner point of the upper control arms - the actual dimension is (and I may have to correct this) 37 1/4 from bolt face to bolt face... the cradle is 36 1/2 and you need 3/8" per side to clear the inner portion of the upper control arm... the arm itself is 13 1/2 front and 12 3/4 rear above the lower control arm bolts and the rear most arm is 3 3/8 forward of the rear most, lower-control arm edge flange (outside).

    that - with 2" flares, is 3 1/4 in

    note how the center line is in the middle of the hub but the upper and lower control arms aren't...

    hopefully Sunday I'll get a chance to make all that permanent

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  • SuperBuickGuy
    Today, I got a chance to get some good measurements off a C5 Corvette
    what surprised me was that the cradle is 5 3/4 inches off the ground.... as of yesterday, it was 8

    255 tire, now 7 1/4 off the ground

    that is about right sitting in the car, yes, it looks low but I could put a 275/20 tire under it ...

    time to make it permanent

    the oil pan is actually above the cradle and the cradle is basically flat to the center cross member (meaning I can do a belly pan pretty easiliy

    looking from the back

    and again the front

    next up is the front mount which will include the upper control arm mount. they are 13 inches above the lower control arm in the back 9 1/2 in the front..... basically as the tire goes up the upper arm is moving backward while the lower is going forward - but at different rates.... how the GM engineers figured all this out is pretty fascinating to me, hope it works with the Camaro rear
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