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  • You know, FGZ, the good Lord is telling you to keep your Corvette. I dunno how the rest of your life is, but unless you have some spending room in your sin bucket - you should listen to him.
    Doing it all wrong since 1966


    • back to the car
      I hate gaps

      however it does mean shiney new tool

      it's so cute

      who knew you could convince a fiberglass door to move with a block of wood?

      and it does

      ring time

      the start of the fix

      I'm going to flush mount all of this.... the ring is to provide a good edge

      ugh back to gaps

      I'm not looking forward to the sanding portion of this endeavor

      Doing it all wrong since 1966


      • So it's time for Uncle SBG's story time

        I sanded

        the end

        come back tomorrow for another exciting episode of as the DA turns.
        Doing it all wrong since 1966


        • time to fill the hole in the deck

          looks to be about the right depth now

          and fitting time *hack*



          not close

          hmmm... is it supposed to veer off to the left? wonder what that would do for aero?

          maybe I can counter balance that with a step on the right side?

          hmmm.... glue it - nice to have lots of clamps

          and as if by magic, it's now lined up.... if anyone asks, it was totally accidental and I have no idea what happened

          Doing it all wrong since 1966


          • It was the "Super" in SBG that got it to behave!
            Melbourne Australia

            65 Hardtop Impala, 70 GTS Monaro, 93 "80" Landcruiser


            • Originally posted by 65RHDEER View Post
              It was the "Super" in SBG that got it to behave!
              Technically it was my vises that got it to behave.
              Doing it all wrong since 1966


              • Time to Camaro-ize my Corvette. (I told a friend that I was doing this, his look was aghast at putting a Camaro rear end in a Corvette until I pointed out the year)

                it is 4" wider per side - which corresponds nicely with the 4" flares

                I'm pretty much doomed to upgrading the front because these brakes are large by huge

                the basic is this - the front mounts will need a new mount welded to the back of that cross frame. The rear is in line with the frame, but I'm not sure how much of a step it is compared between the two.

                another view

                there's the difference in track width - I know, deep offset looks cool; center offset handles better

                as for suspension. you'll know the moment I do. The Camaro is basically a coil-over, so if I weld a new mount plate - it would work, but I'm not sure how well so we will see - I may use a transverse spring....
                Doing it all wrong since 1966


                • so I finally finished buying the new gauges. fuel, oil, temp, water, and wide band sensor

                  good thing I put the bung in place

                  and rearranged the car on the lift

                  then took an easy task to cut the hole for the fuel filler



                  more random suspension pictures

                  yes, 3.27 gearing

                  this should be fun to see if it works

                  yeah, don't need locks

                  gratuitous side shot

                  and filler drying so I can blend the nose in
                  Doing it all wrong since 1966


                  • I just ordered the C5 spindles for the front. I haven't, yet, decided whether or not I'll use stock C5 A-arms or build my own....
                    Doing it all wrong since 1966


                    • Patrick & Tammy
                      - Long Haulin' 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014...Addicting isn't it...??


                      • Originally posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post

                        then took an easy task to cut the hole for the fuel filler




                        i like it....what was it originally for? i made one for a 69 charger work,
                        was fun as the charger body is slanted and so is the filler to compensate.
                        my ghette fabulous solution was a scrap 7"x 1/4" aluminum disc bought off ebat,
                        and a few strategically placed washers with a flat piece of aluminum
                        hooped to fit as a 'ring' to hide said washers.

                        and its functional, theres a stant "in-stant-fill" cap in the stock neck
                        so you just flip up the charger cap and poke the fuel nozzle through....

                        unfortunately the pics are on photophucket, and they are not loading...
                        ill put some up when i get back home in a few weeks, i gots em on
                        the desktop hard drive i think.
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                        • it's just something Summit carries.
                          Doing it all wrong since 1966


                          • this, needs to fall out

                            nice, new brakes... that will never be used

                            today's tutorial.

                            How to remove trailing arms in 2 hours or less
                            first, loosen the outside nut and take all the cotter pins out (including the one that holds the shims in place)

                            then pry out the outer-most shims (it actually is pretty easy)

                            then cut the bolt on the outside
                            now move to the inside bolt, cut the head off

                            knock the head off with a air chisel

                            pry in, cut the bolt on the inside
                            remove.... this took - to this point, 3 hours.
                            If anyone needs a 3.36 gear rear.... it's for sale.

                            it seriously took more time to get the tools out and ready, I went through 2 blades - mostly because you're only using the very end.... I used them later.... see below
                            first fit without obstruction... well, the well boxes are obstructing

                            beside the boxes, problem 2 is apparent in this picture too

                            better seen here

                            I'll build a battery boxy for behind the passenger seat.... cap the rest

                            in all of this, getting windows tinted.... I hope he does a good job because I know hundreds of people who'll use him if he is

                            tinting booth

                            a few cars

                            but here's where I'm at now

                            I'm considering simply welding the entire structure in place.... it would be stronger and eliminate some bushings... as far as I can see, all the bolts would be accessible - which is why I have a production pause going on....

                            I think it looks pretty cool

                            I suspect I can use stock C7 wheels

                            Doing it all wrong since 1966


                            • and a little more
                              got the mounts out

                              I need to shave 1/4" from here....

                              the yellow marks are the centerline of the old set up

                              give or take, that's about ride height.... 28" tire

                              so I welded some scrap to hold the front up

                              and some motorcycle straps for the back

                              there it is, hanging from the car

                              my are those big brakes

                              I should be able to finish this up this week, then *hack*, back to bodywork.... hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be able to get a first coat of primer.... and I still need to build the cage.... lots to do.
                              Doing it all wrong since 1966


                              • It seems that just before the beginning of the work on this by a month or so the plan was for a C4 rear and then it evolved to a C5 and possibly a C6 . Where does the Camaro 5th or 6th gen rear stack up .
                                Previously HoosierL98GTA