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Had a fun day at Watkins Glen

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  • Had a fun day at Watkins Glen

    I went with two friends of mine from the Vintage Mustang Forum to a charity event at Watkins Glen. It was 3 paced laps at 55 MPH for $25. But I think if you obeyed the two rules that were no passing an no hanging back to make a high speed charge they rewarded you. I'm not sure how fast I was going at times but my two friends behind me both said they hit 90. So I guess I hit 90 too. I was a little nervous at first mostly as this is the first day I really had my car on the road after the new engine along with haven't had the time just to shake down the car for any sort of trip. The trip each way was about 100 miles. The car ran very well. On the track, while not really racing I did have to keep pace with late model Mustangs. Even though my skinny full tread Mastercraft 215/60/15 protested at no time did the car ever fell like it was going to loose it or do anything squirrelly. It just went around all the turns.

    My 66 is the first car, Brad with his red 66 is in the middle and Mark isthe 66 fast back. Mark has raced here with his car many times. he has a built 351W that's been lowered and moved back in the engine compartment. We all had a great time

    Here's my in car cam. Turn the sound down, seriously. I had next to no time with the camera. I was having issues vibration and a clicking sound and tried moving the camera to a different spot. Better video but still had the clicking noise.

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