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My 1935 Ford 5 window Coupe

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  • My 1935 Ford 5 window Coupe

    I was encouraged to start a build Thread on my Car-it is about 85-90% complete now, but I thought I'd show you some of the steps it took to get where I am now-

    Here is the Frame-narrowed Big Bearing Ford 9"-(the Center has since been updated to a Strange Aluminum HD Pro through bolt/Strange "S" Trac/3.55 Gears,35 spline Axles-it has Wilwood polished Discs all around, and a Heidt's Superide II front-=, and a P & J 4 Bar rear

    Here is the Body after much work-basically, the bottom of the Car was rusted out, so I replaced that, plus I put a new Floorpan in it, filled the Roof (and Cowl vent), installed a 6' setback Firewall and chopped it 2"-

    Here I'm getting ready to put the Body on the finished Frame-the Stainless Gas Tank is from Rock Valley, and I had it polished (the Fuel System has been completely re-configured, and I'll get into that later -

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    Doing it all wrong since 1966


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      Here is a picture of my Dash during construction-I grafted a '32 Ford Roadster Dash onto the original, and am starting to form the lower console out of 18 gauge CRS-the gauges are from Classic Instruments,the Shifter is a TCI Outlaw (w/switches for shifting), the Steering Column is Flaming River and the seat is from Glide Industries-the Shifter Tower is of my own design-

      Skipping forward a bit, here is the Engine on the Dyno-it is a 540 (840 hp)-AFR 315 Heads, Isky Cam, Crower stainless Rockers, Eagle 4340 Crank and Rods w/L19 bolts, studded mains, much more-it was built by Vortecpro Performance (Mark Jones) in Colorado Springs-

      Here it is on the Dyno-
      View My Video

      Here is the engine fresh off of the Dyno, wearing it's new Hilborn Injector (3")-itis tuned with a Holley Dominator EFI, which also controls the Jake's stage III 4L80E Transmission-the Shifter inside has shift buttons on it, and you can toggle between standard, manual and paddle shift modes-
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        Here I've just finished spraying Lizard Skin-you can see where I built an internal cage to stiffen the Body up (these Cars didn't have an internal structure)-

        Here is the Roof-you can see where I've started with Dynamat-


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          It's got Wescott Fiberglass Fenders and Decklid on it-

          I had Hagan's CNC some rear Tailights of my design-

          And,I installed them-


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            Clean look, I like it!


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              Thanks for the compliments!

              Here is the Engine/Trans finally mounted-it is running the Holley EFI Crank Trigger kit(with waste fire Coils on the Firewall), and a Concept One Serpentine System, SAnderson Headers and 3" Ceramic coated Exhaust-

              I bought the Hilborn as a kit, and they supplied a Weldon Fuel Pump and Regulator-I added the Weldon Fuel Pump Controller (although I will eventually hook it to the Holley Dominator through PWM-


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                Nice car! Thanks for posting - and keep 'em coming! (There's no satisfying us BSers.)



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                  Here is a shot of my Interior before I installed my Stereo-I used a Ron Francis Access 24/7 Wiring Harness, Leash Electronics Relay boards, and Vintage Air A/C-I've converted the Windows to Power, as well as the Doorlocks, and changed the latches to Bearclaw (power)-

                  Here you can see my Trunk ('35 Ford 5 windows did not come with a Trunk-I wanted one, so I built this)-
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                    I've skipped a bunch of Photos, but you get the idea-I will be updating soon, as I've done a bunch of stuff that I don';t have pictures for-I hope to have it on the road this Summer-


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                      My dad is a member of the same Kiwanis and friend of Mary Westcott. Small world.
                      Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                        They make the best Fiberglass stuff for old Fords out there-very high quality-


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                          absolutely, and very nice people too.
                          Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                            That's some impressive work. Not your first car I'm guessing.


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                              Sweet ride..