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Buinicorn the 1964 Skylark wagon sleeper

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  • Originally posted by DanStokes View Post

    Several of them. Hope to meet one some day.

    thankfully this means that you're not talking to yourself.
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    • next question, 3.8 oil pans.... is there a rear sump (not center sump) pan for these? the motor is actually just a bit too far back - if it moves forward, the transmission fits in the tunnel - but not with the center sump.... I think I answered my own question, but a quick solution would be nice (rather then one that requires fabbing or refabbing the pan). I may be running to the wrecking yard tomorrow
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      • Maybe this could work?
        3.8L Turbo Buick V6 20 Bolt Deep Sump Oil Pan
        3.8L Turbo Buick V6 20 Bolt Deep Sump Oil Pan

        Alternative Views:

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        • that wouldn't work - beside mine not being a 20 bolt pan (it's an 84 not 85) the pan itself takes even more real estate....
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          • I took the stock pan and cut the bottom off of it then bent my own kickout sump box and welded it on then added a baffle plate inside.

            I think they only come in two longitudinal varieties for the 3.8L, the one you have and the FWD one out of the Riv/Eldo/Tornado. Could check if the Jeep Dauntless stuff will work or dig up a 64-67 225 pan and modify it with a baffle plate since that's all the turbo motor had over the NA units. 85's were mixed between 14-bolt and 20-bolt. Which is annoying because the 86+ 3.8's have a slightly different deck height than the 76-85's.
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            • more sweaty, dirty work
              take all the suspension out

              safety third

              new bits

              motor is out, again

              wood screw holding the steering column down... nothing but the best safety practices

              and there it is out to be washed

              looks the same only has about 30 lbs less dirt

              it's the Ford hubcaps that makes it tow so well

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              • This one is for the Buick V6 that ended up in the Holdens here.

                However they started going into them in 88 so I think going from what is said above it would be 20 bolt?


                Click image for larger version

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                • mine may look like that when done ;) IMO it's a good test of my cnc plasma table

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                    saving this.... I want to build the 200r4 myself... these folks came recommended by someone who's just completed the same task
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                    • time to make stuff you'll never see pretty

                      and the fun of putting brakes together

                      I think it had new slave cylinders... don't care, they're cheap

                      it's like a puzzle with extra and missing pieces but no picture

                      okay a picture of something similar

                      two packages of stuff to get most of what I need.... missing the parking brake bar

                      this has everything but the e-brake and it's for both sides

                      since I have to order the bar
                      back to installing

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                      • Time to start hanging pieces
                        didn't notice this


                        well hung

                        paint so I could start on the front

                        Buick... he's not a fan of fireworks, so he's attached in the shop
                        Doing it all wrong since 1966


                        • that would look so good with the rear door handles shaved and the rear doors welded shut...
                          just saying. i mean, in case you feel like you need another challenge or something...


                          • Wood screw holding the steering column.... Blunt end?
                            If so, factory...? Maybe. Saw a few in those years of cars. Unless several guys did the same thing...


                            • rattle can rebuild

                              bit of weight in the front.... yeah, the rear axle overbalanced it

                              sway bar installed

                              start of suspension work

                              so there's only one, slight problem with these lower arms

                              how does one lube those zerks when the suspension is together?

                              but the steering box was a direct bolt in

                              cleaned and painted the steering arms too

                              thanks for watching
                              Doing it all wrong since 1966


                              • Coming along. (I wanted to say more than "like")

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