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Buinicorn the 1964 Skylark wagon sleeper

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  • If my calculations are correct, I have about a day more of welding - then undercoating and sound deadening. Then I can remount the body forever
    so onward



    stitch underneath

    then more work making the side perfect

    the whole point is to anneal the metal... it will shrink naturally but first I need to get the brittleness back out before I pound on it again

    and I'll have to do this repeated before I hit it with a hammer again. Heat, let cool naturally....

    mostly I have to fill the rest of the trim holes but also do just a bit of welding inside the wheel wells
    Doing it all wrong since 1966


    • more fine tuning.... a warning, though. This will not be perfect. I plan on driving this and even race it (though using it as my race-tow-car has great appeal to me).... okay

      first get the lines within bondo distance

      back it

      the other side, I needed to slot the wheel well because (guessing here) the Skylark sedan has less of a curve

      so weld it so water can't get behind the filler

      minor grinding while waiting for things to cool

      fix the corner - again, so water cannot get behind the filler

      betterish... not going to spend a lot of time here... when the next rebuilder gets to it, this will give him something to bitch about

      Doing it all wrong since 1966