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Buinicorn the 1964 Skylark wagon sleeper

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    Originally posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post
    good information. thank you... one thing, though, I'm not changing the hard parts I already have unless they are completely knackered...
    Definately, plan 2 is if you want to go Turbo V6 but what you have turns out to be junk. If you want to stay with the classic V6, another option is the big bore 4.1L which would have the turbo crank (or you could harvest this one) but a 3.965in bore vs. the 3.8L's 3.800in bore.
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      My dollars are on the valve train being stuck. bore scope said no rust in the cylinders (and let me again highly recommend the $10 bore scope you can use with your smart phone) it still has oil in it and the oil doesn't have water on top of it. What's actually kind of amazing is, given how loose the turbo is, that the plugs weren't oil fouled.
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        You know.... this hasn't been on the front page. Do you think McSquatch is jealous too?

        So beside pot stirring - I have to relate this because, well you'll get it.
        When I pulled the motor with the seller, I forgot my cordless impact. He's down in SeaTac and that is a good solid hour drive from my house. He works out of Bellevue but is mostly in the field. I asked him that, when he got a chance, if he'd bring my cordless driver back when he came north. He did, delivered it nearly to my office. There are good people out there and he is one of them.
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          got rolled back in the shop

          looks like the steering box is going to work great

          can you believe how terrible these floors are (heh)

          plan is to set the motor in it and eyeball it on the lift....
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            Rust-free sheetmetal is SUCH a treat. Coming here from Michigan was almost a shock - both the Camaro and Mutt are totally sans rust. So are the rest of the fleet but they're newer.



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              That's just plain cruel man.

              Of all the paths you take in life - make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                But look at all that rust! it's nearly unsalvageable!
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                  Of all the paths you take in life - make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                    You could finish it and let me drive it to work for a six month shakedown in Iowa to properly age her...
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                      Originally posted by silver_bullet View Post
                      You could finish it and let me drive it to work for a six month shakedown in Iowa to properly age her...

                      you guys already ruined all of yours and now you want mine? ha, I tell you. HA. But I hear the weather is great there now.... oh wait, that's here too.
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                        So here's the plan... painting season really isn't that long, and if I want to use this next year, I need to paint it this year. Seems backwards, but I can do motor builds, suspension work and all the rest during the winter.... so that's going to be the mainstay of this for awhile
                        this kind of explains the rear gears

                        this is not stock

                        looks promising

                        even more so

                        a Buick in a Buick... whodathunkit?

                        flat hood achieved

                        and now for the body work

                        I'm so torn on this - I should fix it right with a pan, but they're so small that I may do good enough

                        lots of little holes around the windshield

                        I did spend time vacuuming it out - apparently I didn't photograph it. The floors are in such good shape - I'll get it up on the lift in the next day or so and mount the motor along with fix the lower bits.... perhaps even widen the wheel wells in the back
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                          Full assessment time

                          they're good even for here....
                          quarters... not so much, but I think I'm going to channel my inner M&P ... who am I kidding, I'll hack and mud

                          this is the worst - I think it's been pre-hacked and pre-mudded

                          at least it has a 7 pin plug for my trailer pulling

                          but those floors

                          I'm pretty sure I can easily hook the column shift to the new trans :D

                          and I think I'll be eliminating the spare-tire well (at least eliminating what's left).... though bonus is there's a brand-new, bias-ply studded snow tire in the well

                          fenders look good

                          I can get new inner fenders

                          the motor fits(ish). I need to move it back or up a bit because the pan is against the cross member.... still, this is not hard stuff so I'm kind of looking forward to doing it (as much as I can look forward to bodywork).
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                            The kid hooked the full manual reverse valve body turbo 400 to the column shift in his Skylark.
                            Little too easy to shift.. Dash isn't marked for 3 speeds but everything else lines up.. P-R-N are in the same place as stock, then it goes 1-2-3 instead of D-2-1.. There are dash pieces made as well as "proper" linkage pieces.. If memory serves, you may need to grind a bit on the outer sleeve of the column to get first gear if you keep the standard O-D-2-1,


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                              Beside the deck building and the minor other stuff, I spent some time on this

                              this is a problem...

                              notice the missing seam?

                              the right corner has issues

                              lots of issues

                              ah well, easy enough to fix
                              though I may try to find a couple doors
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                                DB - if you see a 4 door with 2 good, right side doors; let me know. I'm buying new metal for the quarter, but the doors, especially the front door looks challenging.
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