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    Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

    We had a guy at Maxton who raced a Lincoln that was a bit built (can't remember his name.....). Anyhow, he ran the AC in the staging lanes then switched it off and turned on his cool shirt pump for the run. Guess it worked for him.

    I see why he did it. The Trans Am makes quite the puddle when it's hot out and the AC is cranking. I'll have to keep that thought in mind if I get any closer to a drag strip haha! I'm 2.5-3hrs from the NEAREST one.

    In other news:

    I took delivery of some parts after a bit of the lapse in the action here haha. UMI came through big time with some very nice additions to the suspension/chassis with their Subframe Connectors, Strut Tower Brace and Lower Control Arm Relocation Brackets. The finish/manufacturing is a 10/10. I can't recommend them enough at this point!!!

    the last week or two I've put quite a few miles on the WS6 after work and am starting to love it more and more! Even to the point of contemplating selling the C6 haha! Here's a quick shot I took on an MN backroad a few days ago that turned out ok. Stay tuned for the next video/parts installation post. It'll be this weekend once I have some personal time away from work.


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      Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

      This Saturday I got all of the UMI pieces installed. Everything went really well, and the fit/finish was excellent on all of the parts. Couldn't be happier!

      Before really diving in to anything I put together some "free" wheel chalks out of some old wood I had laying around. They aren't much to look at, but they are going to keep the car level and not kill me haha. I'm sure I'll have them for many years now.

      The first piece I installed was the Strut Tower brace. This went on in about 10 minutes total. I did this first because the car was flat on the ground with the suspension loaded.

      Here's the car up and juuust a hair out of perfectly level the way things landed front and back height-wise. the suspension was fully loaded front and back, so the car itself was just pitched the slightest bit forward. Might have been 100% perfect if I made two more wheel chalks for the back.

      Here's a shot of the passengers side after installing the SFC, and the LCARB.... You'll notice a little fresh undercoating. I saw a couple spots that were flaking and was in a full panic thinking there was rust behind it (we all know these cars rust out in the lower front wheel wells first.....) Turns out it was just the undercoating flaking off of the perfect paint underneath. I about died haha! I got all the loose product off and sprayed some fresh undercoating on.

      Moving onto the drivers side.... Everything was just as easy as the passengers side with the exception of fighting to get the Lower Control Arm bolt lined up with the holes. It was clear in the instructions having a friend is the best way to do this and they weren't kidding. Luckily I had an old screw jack on the shelf that came in clutch here. I refuse to throw it away because it's saved me on stuff like this many times!! It's not that things didn't fit well, it's that the rear end moved about 1/8 to 1/4" and I couldn't fight it back into alignment with what I had otherwise.

      Last shot is jsut showing everything installed and how nice and parallel the Lower Control Arms now with the LCARB's. The rear end side of them must have dropped 4-5" getting them just about perfectly straight with the frame in front of them.

      If you're interested in checking out any of the products I installed, look at UMI's Website *click me* or reach out to their customer service. Everyone I talked to via email or on the phone there was great.


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        Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

        This weekend was already the annual "Powercruise USA" event held at Brainerd International Raceway. Had a GREAT time there as usual, and the Corvette drove perfect. Couldn't be happier!


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          Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

          So, quick update here. Everything has really taken a leap on the YouTube channel in the last week or two, including it getting remonetized. So that's some big news! Big news = big changes, and I got to do my first subscriber giveaway.

          Everything went well getting the car chassis dynoed monday night other than the low number... It really needs a dyno tune.

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