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    Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

    it's funny how such seemingly modest 'fix' can make such a difference. good work
    Doing it all wrong since 1966


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      Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

      it's funny how such seemingly modest 'fix' can make such a difference. good work
      No kidding. To me, the Master Cylinder Brace install was one of the better immediate pay-off's i've had on the car so far.

      That being said, I put some miles on the car and explain why I didn't buy a Z06 that I was all geared up to take home this Easter weekend!


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        Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

        I ended up getting a bench vise and installing a bench grinder I had lying around finally. They were put to good use, and made a really solid battery hold down strap. The battery in this car, (and a 98 Z28 I previously owned) are apparently undersized, and the factory wedge that's meant to hold the battery in the tray did absolutely nothing. Anyone have some insight? I did the same thing to the last car with this issue. I'm sure a couple others I've owned over the years had the same problem, I just didn't notice.

        Anyways, it turned out pretty good for a few hours and a Menards DIY.

        Here is the raw 2" aluminum bent to shape with the ends rounded before drilling the holes to utilize the factory hardware.

        Painted/installed. I really wish I used a dead blow or something that wouldn't have marked up the aluminum when heating and bending it in the vice. Doh. FYI - I did stick on a 2" strip of the "soft" side of velcro on the inside/battery side of the bracket I made so it's not rubbing on the battery.

        Paint color used is "WA382E" - This color matches the exterior of the car much better than the engine bay.

        Other than that, I do have a Hayes power steering/transmission type cooler and a non-ps cooler upper radiator hose coming to do the power steering cooler delete on my car. Looking forward to it!

        I installed some of the popular Amazon 4.5" LED Fog Lights this weekend. Luckily. I was able to modify the stock fog light brackets like most other people have done. I did do something a little different, and bend the top tab of the foglight brackets down, to brace the top of the new LED lights, and keep them oriented properly. For $39.99, I really can't complain. They are a TON better than the factory candles. If you are thinking of replacing bulbs in the stock housings, I might recommend that you reconsider and get these like a lot of other people have. At night they are a big difference. Not only are they better, but they are plug and play once you get them mounted in your housings.

        I also replaced both front turn signal housing sockets, and added some nice Sylvania replacement LED lights.... Turned out good.

        Before... Had one bulb burnt out.

        Profile view of the modified/repainted factory fog light bracket with the new LED light installed....

        Installed on the Midwest Chassis front bumper support. Better views/angles with the cover installed in the video I posted. They turned out nice!

        This weekend I finally fixed my leaky power steering cooler (external leak/no coolant and PS fluid mixing) with a Hayden PN: 402 transmission cooler. It has 3/8" fittings and enough line in the kit to do the whole install without using any barbed fittings or special trips to the parts/hardware store. I tested the the factory PS cooler, then the Hayden cooler under the same driving conditions on the same day and found around 30-40* temperature drops with the Hayden unit. If you drive your car hard, I would expect the results to be even more dramatic.

        For $29.99 you'd be silly not to do this install.

        Mounted behind my air dam like everyone else. After looking around, it really is the most opportune spot to mount it without making brackets/extending both lines etc.
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          Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

          Here's a big update from the last few weeks on the TA! Tons of fun was had, as well as producing a lot of content.

          This weekend I finally got the Trans Am to a racing event, had an awesome time and it performed flawlessly! This was after a very long drive, and LONG ways from home with no trailer haha. Sometimes you have to live dangerously.

          I also took a TON of footage of other cars running that you can see in the full edit below.

          Otherwise, I switched to a set of NGK TR6 plugs, gapped them to .40 and noticed immediately that the exhaust was noticeably quieter. At low rpm, the bucking is near non existent at any throttle position. It takes off from a stop without needing nearly as much rpm or clutch riding.

          Now I don't need to give it nearly as much throttle to get rolling from a stop, pulls a lot smoother and like I said. The exhaust is audibly quieter. Wtf? The raspyness is probably 50% better as well. Never had a result like that from changing plugs. Any idea why the car would quiet down so dramatically? I guess I'm just looking for answers here. Would have never guessed these plugs would be so much better.

          Not the first time I've replaced plugs, just don't get it. Are the E3's that bad?

          In addition to that, the car got a wix fuel filter and some fresh transmission fluid in the T56.

          Welp... Looks like the plugs were a huge issue over the last issue without realizing it. The car picked up 43-44 peak RWTQ and 3-4 RWHP.... Plugs alone. The only other things done as I've documented here are changing fluids and suspensions stuff. Really blew my mind haha. Same dyno, same fuel, same tune, same everything except spark plugs and fuel filter that would effect power, torque and fuel economy. I picked up 6-7 MPG since the last trip in the car as well.

          On top of all of that, down low, the car picked up a solid 40-50 RWHP from 3500-5500 and as much as 75lbft of torque down low. Last year in second gear, it would dead hook and go from a roll. This year on my way home after dynoing it, it spins them really hard every time.

          Flame away! But this was all totally unexpected from tuning it up for the dyno. Idle quality is 90-95% better, the low RPM bucking is probably 75% gone as well. You can see that in the last video. I didn't expect that at all just changing spark plugs lmao. The E3's were apparently the root of a TON of issues that I assumed were tune related. Remember, I bought the car built and tuned on Speed Density. Not a lot of other info.

          Started getting to know my new HP Tuners setup on the Trans Am with a buddy! I've also taken the car to quite a few shows at varying distances from home with no issues. This weekend is Powercruise #10 at Brainerd International Raceway. REALLY excited to be able to let it eat all weekend. Crossing my fingers it all goes well!!!

          Well, I'm having trouble getting my hands on a good image hosting site to post pictures here. Photobucket want's money and TinyPic is shutting down and basically unusable. Wonderful lol. Looks like I'll add images to the posts right on the forum? (Annoying, because you have to be logged in to see them if I recall).... Anyways, rant over.

          The weekend of August 4th was my annual trip to Powercruise USA. Had a ton of fun and went for some FAST ride alongs this year. Made a lot of new friends and spent time with old ones!

          The TA performed flawlessly, and made the 3hr trip with no issues other than leaving my ears ringing as you'll be able to tell in the video haha. As time goes on I'm talking louder and louder to the camera.

          I did make a video edit of the event below. After learning filming and editing the last couple of years, I still made a couple mistakes in the editing process but am really happy with how this edit turned out.

          Ride along in a 560WHP all motor C6 Z06. This thing totally has me sold on getting a C6Z! Derek is an awesome guy and was letting it eat all weekend.

          This guy was doing rolling burnouts to well over 100MPH. He's an awesome driver and a really nice guy. Can't thank him enough for giving me a ride along and putting up with me geeking out over it all haha.

          Lastly, I went for a ride in this crazy sleeper BMW. It's a turbo LS swap on 15lbs/e85 making like 700rwhp. Nobody would give it a second look until it got into power haha.

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            Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

            Here's part two from the Powercruise weekend and the trip home/car cleanup. I also started doing a local Cars & Coffee type of event. We have done two so far, both with good turnouts for the area (30-50 cars coming and going over a couple hours) which I'm really excited over. My pinion seal is leaky on the car, but otherwise still running awesome and don't have any new damage. Between that and needing to install my LS6 intake still, I've got my hands full with projects on the car and other things around the house lol!

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              Re: C6/WS6 Build Thread

              The car looks great. Long term goals?
              Long term goals are... Get my 243 heads and LS6 intake on. See what power it makes, and make sure i'm comfortable with the combo for awhile. After that, I'd like to go to a single turbo and retain the 6 speed manual transmission.

              Had a lot of crazy stuff happen the last few weeks. Got a set of 243 heads in the mail, went to a few shows, reviewed a turbo mustang and got prepped for some 1/4 mile racing a few nights ago.

              This thing makes some solid power and was a ton of fun to drive!

              Yesterday after work, I cannonballed over to Brainerd International Raceway to participate in their last Wednesday Night Drag Races and Autocross event of the year. If you have never autocrossed your car, stop what you are doing right now and find a place that you can do it. Put it on your calendar and GO. It's a lot of fun, and really shows you what your car can and can't do in a relatively safe environment.

              As far as the drag racing goes... I'm happy with how I did driving my car the very first time out with it. I'll be back there this weekend wheeling it again, hoping to keep chipping away at my ET.