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project 55 belvedere gasser--"hell's bel"

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  • Just curious......
    Someone Stole your Vet in a Open Public Place, where do you put your TOOLS in a Open Parking Garage?


    • its actually a secured garage-- need a key or remote to get in.
      however yes there have been many things go missing here.
      so everything either gets locked in closets, or trunks, or sheds,
      or back of the blazer, carried into living room, etc....

      part of the reason why it takes forever to do anything is because
      pulling out all the tools and supplies and then putting them all
      away again is such a huge production.
      i mean, you know-besides the whole "fat, lazy and useless" deal....


      • I feel SO lucky to have the shop here. This makes me appreciate it even more. Hats off to you, FGI!



        • hopefully ill be going home in the next couple days (before the weekend is my hope.)
          as my sentence has been commuted by the warden. (mom...) and somehow i scored
          a new/reman vega box, pitman arm and mounting bracket off fleabay for just around $160,
          AND it ships in the flat-rate "if it fits it ships" box. yeah!

          so that decides for me if i was gonna run push/pull or cross steering. hard to argue with the
          'bang for the buck' factor. gotta start eyeballing stuff when i get home, as ill be back in maui
          again way too soon..........