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  • home made overhead granty

    I love making stuff for the garage that helps me mess around with my hobby, I made a overhead gantry, so cheap,
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    sorry I posted this in the wrong cat,


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      Probably OK, speaking categorically.

      BTW - here in the States we'd call that a "chain fall". A block and tackle would use rope as the flexible medium. At least that's what we'd call it where I grew up in Michigan - it'll be interesting to see if folks from other regions of the country have different names for that lifting device. "People divided by a common language" (more or less from Winston Churchill).



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        "Chain Hoist" is what all the old farmers in these parts referred to them as.

        Growing up our farm shop gantry was twice as high, twice as wide, and EXACTLY as useful. Nice job, now paint that thing and claim it cost 10 times what you have in it, for when people want you to build them one like it.
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          So there's at least one other name for a chain fall. Hope others will add their local names (I find this stuff interesting, like the various names for soda pop in different regions of the country).

          And Bryan, you gotta name it "Elmer"! I don't know if that means anything to folks a half a world away but here in the US "Elmer Gantry" was a famous murder mystery that was made into a movie. I never know how much US "culture" gets exported......

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            Second the term chain hoist .
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