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  • Originally posted by DanStokes View Post
    I thought Speedway offered those with a door option which means you could copy theirs. But I have a high probability of wrongness on this one.
    They do, but they don't seem to have a video showing how to make it work! I'm going to get the kit soon, hopefully there's some sort of instructions included.


    • Originally posted by View Post

      They do, but they don't seem to have a video showing how to make it work! I'm going to get the kit soon, hopefully there's some sort of instructions included.
      Surprised that nobody has made a YouTube on that installation. Yes, I hope they have directions. Pretty sure it'll have an outer frame that you 'glass into the body shell and an inner frame that you 'glass into the door along with hinges and a latch but I'm guessing.


      • I like the lower bumper I like to see the radius of the turtle. Maybe make the space between the bars smaller? I don't know anything about fiberglass doors. What about building some retractable steps so it's easier to climb in!


        • The kit has a door, a new surround, and hinges and a latch kit. From what I've found out so far, it will require glassing in the surround and some wooden structural members for stiffening and to attach the hinges and the latch kit. My grandfather G (who was a carpenter/cabinet maker) will probably be spinning in his grave, but I'll get by, somehow! (Back of hand to forehead)

          Regarding the bumper, it's not making it with me, either. My dies bend that radius, which just looks too big for the size of the turtle deck. I'm thinking that I should make a single bar, horizontal, and put a bend around the edges of the turtle deck, also horizontally, just in line with the bottom of the turtle deck. Then a set of 50 Pontiac taillights can be set into the rear panel of the turtle deck. Speedway sells a repop set that are reduced in diameter that I think will be the right size for that panel. I'm going to cut out a pair of circles and see tomorrow.

          And to make the bends in the bar, lots of cuts to get it bent tight enough, followed by lots of welding, followed by lots of grinding. Or I'll just make it from 1 inch solid bar and heat the snot out of it...

          At least I have a preliminary plan to keep moving forward


          • Cut one of the u bends in half, shortened them up a little bit, and just by chance, it looks like a good match to the curve of the turtle deck! So I made standoffs and little slugs that will weld to the frame. Removable this way. It lines up really nicely with the bottom of the turtle deck. I'll be able to incorporate rear mounts for the turtle deck into the mounts as well.

            But I was getting hungry and the F1 race was getting close to the start, and I needed to get the trailer hooked up to the Blazer getting it ready to get it inspected tomorrow at 9. So not finished and no pictures...

            And I just looked at Speedway's Pontiac taillights, both the full size repops and the reduced size. After the race, I'll cut out 2 each circles and see which size looks better. Both are available in LED and are flat on the back. Just 2 mounting holes and a wiring hole, which means if i drill the holes thru the turtle deck wrong, it's not a total disaster. Just drill more holes more carefully.

            soon, it's coming all apart for some serious welding time. But first, I'm going to mimic Dan and make a rotisserie. There's a boatload of welding and it will definitely be easier to flip it over for the underside welds. I'm thinking that I can make a 2nd stand like my antique engine stand and that should be good.

            That old stand was the first real serious welding project I ever did, way back when I was in high school. And we won't say what decade that was...


            • Pictures!
              Click image for larger version

Name:	20221103_201428.jpg
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ID:	1328453 Click image for larger version

Name:	20221103_201233.jpg
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ID:	1328454
              That's the shape of the rear bumper. I'm going to make 2 half curves to go from the frame up to the bumper at the supports. Didn't want to mess up the garage today, so I didn't get a round tuit...

              And those 2 black circles are simulated taillights, 1 full size, 1 reduced. Not much different, and the full size repops are completely flat on the back of the housing, so that's what I ordered.

              Instead I worked on 2 string trimmers, mine and the neighbor's. Mine runs, but only to half throttle. No adjustable high speed jet, so it's coming all apart for a good cleaning. Maybe get the jet drills out and open it up a tiny bit. It's a Troybilt 4 stroke engine and runs really good when it goes to full throttle. Oh well a new carburetor isn't very expensive.

              The neighbor's is a Stihl 2 stroke that has a new carburetor that doesn't seem to pass gas. It pumps it, but I don't see a wet spark plug when chocking and using the pump bulb. However I also think the ignition is off, as I did manage to get a couple of loud pops out of the carburetor. So ignition first then if I have to carburetor.

              I hate it when I get sidetracked... But I'm waiting for the new parts to show up this week.
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              • That bumper design works for me.


                • And in another thread a suggestion for a licence plate support was proffered. I liked the idea,and have started designing it so that it fully supports the plate and doesn't block the view of the quick change. And it has to meet NYS DMV requirements. Not hard to do, just can't block any of the plate. This includes license plate frames, you know, like dealerships put over the plate for some free advertising. Because it's the law, police can use it for probable cause if they want to stop someone. You'll never see one on any of my vehicles...


                  • Had to get into the garage today. It's in the 70s here in upstate New York, I'm wearing shorts it's so warm. Got a box of goodies yesterday from Speedway. Some hard parts that are not picture worthy, and 2 new taillights. The hard parts are stuff that will be hidden, the taillights however, well here's a picture:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN1685.jpg
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ID:	1328543 I still haven't learned how to take good pictures, that's why in it, the taillights look slightly off. However it took longer to lay out the hole pattern than to drill them. Like 10 to 1 times longer.

                    Next is to make a really thin pair of spacers for a set of brake adapters for F1 spindles. They're beefier than passenger car front spindles but fit on the axle just fine. Then a new tie rod, and drag link. It's still cross steer, but will be using all tie rod ends. I have one of those tie rod ends that have the built-in tapered eye. I gain clearance at the lower frame tubes going with this whole setup so it's worth the effort... I think?

                    And as usual, I know, show us the pictures! don't be so demanding!


                    • Okay no picture, however I made the spacers mentioned above this afternoon. It was a little time consuming, as my lathes are in need of some quality R&R. It turned out that a 3/8-inch fender washer that I had just 2 of, were the perfect thickness. So how to open up the center holes to 1.31 from 0.375.

                      A nibbler! It just fit thru the hole, and after a lot of small bites, I had the hole opened up enough. Band saw, and the od was close enough to start. Then just a little bit of time on the small Craftsman lathe to true everything up, and viola, I have 2 spacers. Dug out all of the spare parts to assemble the rotors on the spindles, and yup, nailed the offset so the rotors and caliper mounting brackets for the old Ford (1937-48 passenger car spindles) now work on the F1 spindles. So I get a beefier spindle axle and can use Speedway's metric caliper brake kit on the F1 spindles.

                      Tomorrow I'll press new bushings into the F1 spindles, and hone them to fit. I've got to get some 7/8 od heavy wall dom now and make new tie rod and drag link.


                      • Tomorrow finally got here. (See above). Pressed old bushings out, new bushings in, and honed them to a perfect fit to the new kingpins. Used my newest addition to the garage and the oldest machine on this project. The pictures start with the press (sorry I didn't think to get a picture while changing the bushings), and end with the spindles with the job done:
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN1696.jpg
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ID:	1328739 Yeah really exciting huh? We what do you expect?
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN1692.jpg
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ID:	1328740 Basic 1928 Sunnen bushing grinder setup as I use it. One of these days I'll make a real coolant system, instead of the drip pan and squirt bottles. But it's worked this way for me since 1976...
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN1693.jpg
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ID:	1328741 This is how we hone the spindle, hone the spindle, hone the spindle. This is the way we hone the spindle early in the morning! If you look closely at the thing sticking out from the upper left part of the machine, you'll see the hone truing sleeve sized for the mandrel in use. An important step, truing the stones.

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN1695.jpg
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ID:	1328742 Click image for larger version

Name:	DSCN1694.jpg
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ID:	1328743 Finished other than a good cleaning. I've never measured the pins and bushings when sizing them. I do it by feel. I do measurements once I get a fit that I like. I can still get them to 0.001- for a fit. That shiny thing on the spindle axle is the bearing adapter to mate mid 70's Chevelle disc rotors to these spindles. There's a really thin spacer between it and the spindle to get the location just right! I'm fussing with these spindles as the axle is significantly larger than a 40 Ford spindle. Everything else is a wash, pin size, pin inclination, backing plate bolt pattern and register, and steering arm dimensions.

                        So that's a small job done. Of course there's another non-car project brewing. I'm making a screw jack for my small drill press from the acme screw from a horror fright trailer jack. Can't throw a good acme screw away.


                        • Went to a local swap meet today. Didn't buy anything! I don't know what came over me! Contemplated a quick change rear or two, but I'm already 1 ahead of projects. Saw some rear hubs that would have fit the current qc, and would be a lot lighter, but then what would I do with the current setup?

                          So met a few people, connected with a couple friends, so all in all a successful day.


                          • Distractions! Instead of getting something done on the Whatever project today, I worked on a little shop project. I made a lift screw device for my antique Delta radial drill press. I salvaged an acme screw from a horror fright trailer jack that broke, and a handwheel from an old lathe tailstock (hey can't throw out anything, it might have a use some day).

                            I made a nut cage that bolts on the base of the drill press and lets the screw stick up under the work table. It can lift 1000 pounds as a trailer jack, so lifting about 30 pounds of drill press table will be a piece of cake. Oh, most of that weight is actually the x-y positioning table I've had for 20 years or so. There's a couple of tweaks yet to make, but the bulk of the project is done.

                            I suppose now I have to get back to the Whatever project. I did muddle about with the Whatever project a little bit. Spindle stuff. And I have to get some small diameter tubing for the tie rod and drag link this week. And get the engine to the shop. And...

                            Oh bother! It doesn't matter, only fall off again anyway!


                            • One of these days I'll make an honest attempt to get something done on the Whatever project. Today was another day of futzing with non-garage tasks. Special food for the cat, took twice as long to get home as normal, because of traffic, and an accident blocking the 1st alternate route home. Then go to a leather r&r shop where I have a custom made set of boots being altered so I can get my feet in them. Long story short, Maggie bought them for me in 91. I haven't been able to get them on since 92, it was time to get some help. And the lady is also going to reline a leather coat for me, also 30 years old. Yeah Inever seem to toss stuff...

                              After all that it was time to fix a hutch. Close but not done. So in and out of the garage, but just for stuff.oh well tomorrow is another day!


                              • "One of these days I'll make a Honest Attempt to get something done on the Whatever Project"

                                AND HERE COMES THE 12 Inch Wheel Class.....
                                1 day, 1 hour, 1 minute, and seconds Behind the Leaders !!!

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	gettyimages-152421408-612x612.jpg
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ID:	1329056

                                Everything finishes..........
                                At their OWN Speeds.....