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  • the usual suspects...

    start out with the one I'm CLOSEST to "finishing"

    1979 Chrysler 300. 360 that's getting a Holley Projection system. More money than I want to think about. New quarters and trunk, and half of the rockers, oh and some rear frame for good measure. Lucked out and found a donor Magnum that met a tree with only 37k miles on it. Oh yeah, no rust on THAT car... Currently getting the engine (had a rotted freeze plug between it and the trans) and trans (toasted, new one now) back in, as well as K-frame (rotted) and new suspension components (tired, and puny t-bars). Still more to do, but would like to cruise in it for 08.

    next up an 85 Power Ram. Yeah, its a beater 4x4 truck. You need that in New England. Well, not last winter... I'll be happy when it's reg'd... just random stuff you do to a truck you pull out of the woods.

    finally, the toy that the fiance will hire a hitman for:

    comes home Sunday. She doesn't know I bought it (4 months ago) Going to be an AutoX / track day car. Comes with lots of extra parts so I can actually work on it with minimal investment for a while (just lots and lots of welding wire...)

    Oh, and the 02 Neon... Daily driver, autox car. I run it in the stock class, I've got enough projects as it is!

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    Re: the usual suspects...

    Very different and very cool. I liked the Magnums of that era. One of the few cars in those years that actually had attitude.

    I'm so jealous of that Challenger. I had a chance to get one with new paint but missing motor/trans and the interior just tossed in the trunk and inside for $3500. Pissed about that loss.

    Let us know if you survive the "Honey, look what I bought months ago!"
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      Re: the usual suspects...

      It helps to bring jewelry when bringing home the ... umm.. newest family member.... however, nice score!


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        Re: the usual suspects...

        Cuda, Nice 300! Don't see too many. 70-71 Challengers are one of my favorate Mopars, will be a great project. My favorate line to my other half is "Honey, you should see the great deal I got" of course this is usually after an evening out at her favorate restaurant!


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          Re: the usual suspects...

          Diamonds..........That will shut her up

          For alittle while

          -Ron White