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It Started With A Leak.............

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  • It Started With A Leak.............

    Power steering that is, the high pressure line needed new O rings.
    While doing that I noticed my front cover was leaking, rather a lot so I
    decided not to replace the power steering parts and investigate the front cover.
    It is an Edelbrock two piece so it?s no big deal to do.
    While removing the "removeable part" it pulled the "fixed" part off the block.
    So I thought, if you have to do that you can replace the oil pump which had started "pulsing" at low rpms.
    So now the car is up in the air, new pump in, oil pan bashed back into shape and painted black, you can see by the state of the crossmember it was taking hits.
    But I am waiting on parts, a new timing cover and timing chain.
    I would be doing more under there, cleaning, painting etc. but it will not stop raining.
    I also found out while raising the engine off it?s mounts to remove the oil pan I had room for the distributor
    to firewall but the tall valve cover crunched my wiper motor.

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    Re: It Started With A Leak.............

    Ouch :'(
    Escaped on a technicality.


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      Re: It Started With A Leak.............

      That's the snowball effect, Malc. I don't know how many times I heard a guy say "All I wanted to do was fix that leaky valve cover gasket." while looking at a totally disassembled car.
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        Re: It Started With A Leak.............

        The snowball rolls.
        My Edelbrock headers and Y pipe are almost falling apart,
        it gets harder to disassemble and assemble everytime.
        I got some Hedman Headers for 3rd gen Camaros awaiting in my cart at Summit.
        Next month.


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          Re: It Started With A Leak.............

          ahhh the snowballs.... it's a conscious effort that keeps me from doing things like that.... although, my Studebaker is dangerously on the verge of that... (since I have it apart, I might as well freshen up the 500..... )

          Still, it's good to fix the big problems... though you may wish to consider a sacrificial piece of steel as a skid plate under the pan (1/8 inch plate works well for this) you can even tack it to the pan - thus saving yourself from this effort happening again as soon.
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            Re: It Started With A Leak.............

            Also known as "While I'm At It Syndrome". There is no known cure for WIAIS. Still, you're getting lots of stuff fixed - while you're at it.



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              Re: It Started With A Leak.............

              I ordered up a new Edelbrock timing chain and a Summit timing chain cover.
              Sorry to say the timing chain cover had hardly any substance to it, more like tinfoil,
              so I renovated my Edelbrock two piece cover.
              With everything painted I reassembled it all.

              After all that work the front cover still leaks despite a new crank seal and gaskets.
              Now I have a one piece Edelbrock cast aluminum cover on order.
              I never did use that two piece as intended, a waste of time.


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                Re: It Started With A Leak.............

                I feel your pain... been there, done that, got the t-shirt
                Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                  Re: It Started With A Leak.............

                  I had the feeling you where a drag racer historian and enthusiast Malc..but with that crossmember-oil pan and headers exhaust....have you been into attending rallying events lately?? ;D.


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                    Re: It Started With A Leak.............

                    Ramps in parking lots above and underground are very aggresive here.
                    My Y pipe to exhaust connection behind the trans is flat on the lower side.
                    My subframe connectors are scrubbed to hell, they hit on the traffic calming bumps we have here on all roads.
                    Shorter wheelbase cars do not suffer so much if at all, lowered suspension does not help.
                    But I cannot explain the roughing up of my crosssmember so bad.


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                      Re: It Started With A Leak.............

                      Ah, yes. Know that feeling very well right now! Working on the wife's 99 Forester. Started by a worn RH ball joint. Got that replaced but on the driver's side the pinch bolt that holds the BJ in broke flush. Goofed up drilling it out, couldn't get the BJ out of the spindle. It was frozen in as well. bent the spindle trying to free it. Ordered a spindle from a junk yard. That came with a broken BJ bolt as well. They sent a replacement....with a broken BJ bolt again!

                      The RH brake caliper was bad, the pads were worn crooked and down to the steel. A new caliper, pads and 2 rotors set me back an addition $300. Fricken rebuilt caliper was $140!
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                        Re: It Started With A Leak.............

                        I ran the motor this morning, got it up to temp.
                        Then I raised it to see exactly where that darn drip was coming drip, nada.
                        When my Hedmans arrive I will go through with the front cover swap, when you are halfway there might as well go for it.
                        Now I am going out there to renew my pinion nose seal.

                        Am I having fun ? :-\


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                          Re: It Started With A Leak.............

                          what is the condition of the crank shaft at the front cover oil seal?

                          If there is a groove in the crank - that maybe the source of your leak - they sell "sleeves" that fit tightly over the crank and create a new smooth surface for the seal to ride on and stop the leak...
                          There's always something new to learn.


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                            Re: It Started With A Leak.............

                            It is in good condition no grooves, I greased the seal and crank snout
                            so they went together smoothly.
                            The oil seemed to be coming from the lower part of the Edelbrock two piece cover where the three tiny studs are.
                            Just did the same at the pinion seal but I am not so happy about the yoke/seal fit,
                            it could be a tad tighter.
                            I have been trying to find a new yoke on RockAuto, no luck.


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                              Re: It Started With A Leak.............

                              It ALWAYS starts with that damned oil leak, particularly the front cover/pan seal....without fail, it WILL leak.

                              Malc, I don't drive my Camaro as often as you do yours, so my Edelbrock headers are actually still in good shape. Lemme know how the Hedmans turn out.

                              That wiper motor is in a suck-ass position.....some of(okay, a LOT) the ergonomics of that series of car left much to be desired(not in the least is the *@#! A/C condenser box).