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'71 C20 Farm Truck Survior *updated*

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    Re: '71 C20 Farm Truck Survior *updated*

    Got the new tires on it.
    I liked the 285's better, but ended up with 265-75-16's to get the 10 ply Erated.

    Also redid the rear brakes and realized it doens't have a dana 60..... It has a Eaton HO52. I had never heard of it.....

    I also found the original NoSpin documents in the glove box! Pretty cool, a real detroit locker!

    I also added a new heater core, and found the original blend door cable had been cut from another heater core repair....
    So I used a choke cable and fixed it.

    Hopefully I can get it back from the exhaust shop tomorrow and finish it up!


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      Re: '71 C20 Farm Truck Survior *updated*

      When you did the heater core were you able to pull the box without taking out the inner fender? I only ask as it looks like some of the bolts on mine are not accessible with the inner fender in place....

      (I have a brand new heater core in the shop waiting to go in, just haven't had time & it's been summer - so who needs it right?)


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        Re: '71 C20 Farm Truck Survior *updated*

        Its hard to say..... The heater core had already been apart so it might not have been the same for me. (It looked like all the screws were there, but the hard ones might have been left out....)
        I pulled the passenger side hood hinge bolts off the fender and rocked the hood ahead to get the clearance I needed to get the heater box out.
        Remember the blend door cable should also be hooked up so you have to disconnect it at the temp control and snake it out.
        Other than that it was pretty straight forward.