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    I have wanted to to Drag Week for the last two years real bad. But my car a 67 Chevelle, see my project thread on it, would never pass official NHRA tech inspection. It still needs alot of work such as interior, quarters inner and outer wheel houses and it probably wouldnt hurt to replace the rest of the wiring in the car. I don't want to rush anything on my car just so I can go. I got to thinking one night my dad's Nova never gets driven and would be a real easy to make minor modifications to get to a fairly decent street/strip car. This summer and next summers vacations are all spoken for. Now 2013 is not... and who plans that far ahead right.

    Little background on the car it was my mom's first real car she ever bought. She got it used in 1971. The car has roughly 53k on the odometer. The car sat for like 15 to 20 years, until about 8 years ago when my dad decided to get it back up and running. The motor is a 350 with some crazy compression pistons and some old school 2.02 heads, a performer intake, edel carb, MSD ignition and Autozone headers. The transmission is just a run of the mill 350 unkown torque converter. Rearend is out of a Camaro which is to wide and the 195/60R14's rub with much of a load in the car. It runs okay for what it is but the parts combo just doesn't work. The car leans to one side I don't know what that is about, but it is on my list to fix. Needs rear bushings real bad. Lots of loose things on the car that just need tightened up. The body is in fair shape it needs the trunk pan replaced and at some point and time the car was wrecked and someone hacked in a fix on the passengers side spring mount.

    My plans are to install the trunk pan which my dad has, fix the hack job on the spring mount (I will get a picture of this) get the car to sit level, get the rearend narrowed so I can run wider tires, replace all of the bushing in the rear and the uni body bushings. Install sub frame connectors. Take the motor out and asses the block and mainly replace the pistons and cam. Looking for compression around 9:1. I have been waffling on what cam I want. Looking to run on 91 to 93 octane pump gas. The heads have been reworked and the valve seats hardened. Hoping to reuse them and not have to get another set. Replace the intake and carb. Leave the headers alone they work. Leave the ignition alone it works. The transmission will get replaced with another TH350 I have that was rebuilt but never made more than a trip around the block as for converter I don't know at this time since I don't know what cam or the rear gears are. My dad has all of the interior parts they just need installed. Lastly I want to get the car painted prior to drag week. My dad is a 100% do it yourselfer and he has already notified me that he will be painting.

    I know this combo isn't going to set DW on fire but I just want to go and make it all week on a car I built and to be able to say I did it and have fun doing it. I just want to do it. At any rate enjoy the pictures and this will get done.

    Pictures up.
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    nope, don't like you... don't like you at all.... a 66 Chevelle, 67 Nova... what's next a split window vette? shoebox?

    oh well, just jealousy talking - can't wait for the pictures.
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      Cool, another DD'er! I'm jealous of the painting, I don't think mine is going to get painted in time :*( After I get it running I'm going to see if I can get a coat of silver on it the first week of September, but that depends on a local shop and how commited they are to deadlines.
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        props! looks a lot like my 67.


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          So here the rest of us have to scrounge our money together and then FIND a good Nova like that and all you had to do was ask your Mom for her old car that was sitting in the garage? Some people have all the luck.....
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            So whats the hold up? Why isnt it done yet? Minimal rust, no huge dents, already runs... It could be running by DW next month! ;)

            I would almost kill someone to get a car that straight and clean to work on.


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              I have begun working on the Nova and now that I have the rearend apart so I can take it to get it narrowed. I thought I would get some opinions on my motor mods I plan on making, transmission converter selection. Please keep in mind that my plan is to take this combo on dragweek. And I am trying to do some of this on a budget where it allows and buy used parts where ever I can. I know some parts should not be bought used. Such as pistons and cam.

              First the motor is either a standard bore or .030 over bore block, the heads are old style 2.02 heads that have had the valve guides replaced, valve seats hardened and some of the valves replaced a couple years ago. I plan on reusing the crank that it is in it, the heads and the block of course. I am going to replace the pistons with ones that will yeild me a 9:1 static compression ratio. Hoping to run completely on pump gas. For my cam choice I am going to go with a Comp Cams 230*/230* Duration @ .050 .480"/.480" Lift. I am going to top the motor off with a Edel perfromer RPM manifold (that I already have) and a 650 Holley. Would a vac secondary be okay here or should I spring for a DP?

              I am going to use a TH350 that I already have that has been rebuilt. I am thinking about going with a 2,200 2,500 stahl converter.

              Once the rearend was removed I discovered that it is a limited slip 12 bolt with 3.31 gears. I am going to be running 235/60R15 MT drag radials with caltracs.

              By the way the car is equipped with MSD ignition already and headers with are not probably bigger than 1-5/8 tubes.

              Does this combo sound okay for its intended purpose. Or is there something that I should rethink. I know it is not going to be a major contender in any class but like is mentioned in the original post I just want to make it the complete week.

              I have a battery hold down made, overflow tank installed, the trunk pan is cut out and ready to go back in, rearend will be going this week to get narrowed. I will post some pictures later this week. Of the Nova and my Chevelle that has been primed.


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                Sounds good to me. You'll be spinning the engine around 3000 rpm on the freeway. The cam sounds like Comp's old Mega line. Is it a 270 or 280?

                I would think a 150 shot of N2O would make it a really fun ride.
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                  It's hard looking at those pics because it make me miss the one I had.
                  I just had a 350 in mine with a powerglide and 3.08 gears. I love those cars!
                  Originally posted by TC
                  also boost will make the cam act smaller


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                    Well I worked on getting the trunk pan fitted to the car last weekend. Got the rearend back from getting narrowed. Today I ordered new axles, spring bushings, spring pads, u joint girdle and subframe connectors. Hopefully after christmas I can get the trunk pan welded in. Then move onto removing the motor and transmission.

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                      Got the trunk welded in and primed. I am going to paint the trunk with either undercoating or trunk paint in the spring. Per the directions temps were not high enough this weekend. Started working on the subframe connectors this weekend. Hopefully I can get the rearend back in this weekend. after the rearend I hope to get started on the motor and transmission.


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                        Very cool, cant wait to start on mine I have 3, we will look forwards to seeing it on Drag Week
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                          Got some more work done this weekend.

                          Subframe connectors are in.

                          Rearend cleaned up and painted.

                          Hopefully next weekend I can get the rearend put back under the car.


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                            That's going to be a fun car. You did a great job on the trunk pan. It's nice that it's solid other wise and nice and clean underneath. I was doing some work underneath on my wife's 69 Mustang tonight, it was fun.
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                              The rearened is all in minus bleeding the brakes and putting the diff cover back on. None of the local stores had a gasket.

                              Thanks to squirrel I finally got the drums on correctly. One thing I did find and raised some concerns was that when I was installing my caltracs one side required my to adjust the transfer link out farther than the other. The car had been wrecked in the back right side years ago. In fact it was wrecked prior to my mom buying it. And the first owners traded it off because they were not pleased with the repairs. The following pictures show where the frame rail has been buckled. My question is would this cause the rearend to track funny? Would this be the reason for the caltracs needed two different adjustments? I have also included pictures showing how close the tire is to the front end of the wheel whell from one side to the other.

                              Also after I torqued the u bolts per the specs it just seemed like the isolators got real mashed out. Just wondering if this was normal.