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1975 Plastic fantastic aka Corvette

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  • holes are fixed, didn't blow the shop or me up.... bonus! I think, though, I'm going to take the opportunity to weld corner braces on the tank - going to fully check it again tomorrow (I hope, going playing with SAR tomorrow so I may not get back in time or shape to do anything)...
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    • major happenings with the Corvette tonight

      oh, and I pressure-tested (again) the tank and painted it silver.
      Doing it all wrong since 1966


      • Thanks for letting us know that even you make a random mistake now and then, but have the humility to let us know - and show us how to fix the same. Hope this is the end of the leaking tank.
        There's always something new to learn.


        • the biggest mistake was talking myself into using the 18 ga that was available rather than running to get some 16 ga..... anyway

          it's back, and leak-free

          and my highly effective method of putting the fuel back into the right tank

          then back to sanding on the hood

          and bracing the scoop
          Doing it all wrong since 1966


          • so I was whining to a friend today about how the hood wasn't turning out well - and he told me about his mustang (which is beautiful) and how he painted it 5x before he was happy.... I'm glad I listened, I ground the primer off because it wasn't adhering well; had I not, it'd have come off later
            hard to see in the picture, but the paint was crinkling

            so I ground it off

            and reprimered

            someday I'll buy a camera without the spots

            but it looks LOTS better (the hood)
            Doing it all wrong since 1966


            • Lemme tell you about my fiberglass hood mess...I bought the hood with the scoop used, after getting it home noticed the scoop was on crooked. I thought that I'd like it rearward a bit anyhow, so cut it off and re-glassed it in. After all that work the resin hardner then did not kick all the way (old, I guess) so I had to scrape all this gooey crap back off and try again, what a mess. Then the whole thing was so flimsy and warped it must've taken ten pounds of glass, resin and bondo to get it straight. I extended the scoop back to the windshield and changed some understructure for clearance, also. Evidently I sealed in a few bubbles and ground down nearly back to them...after doing a beautiful paint job with perfect tint and metallic match, when it sat out in the sun the bubbles popped...had to grind them out and re-shoot, which did not come out as good as the first time. There's more, but you get the point. Oh well, that's how we learn. I figure I had over 40 hours in it by the time I was done.

              Tanks were another learning experience back when. It's amazing how good of a welding job you can think you did, and still have a leak... Using one of those kits with red dye for the inside and white powder for the outside (the red wicks through and shows outside on the powder, for even the smallest hole) worked well.

              Anyhow...nice work.


              • I appreciate your input, Loren. It convinced me to fix two "holes" where the gel didn't go all the way through - I was going to simply fill the spaces with glaze; but now I'll go ahead and break out the die grinder

                *to clarify... I cut the hole a bit large so that gel would get between the scoop and the hood.... there are two spots where the gel (I gelled from the back) where the gel didn't go all the way to the top of the hood. As Loren points out, the right way to fix is to cut that space through again, then refill the space with gel because otherwise you'll have air bubbles then cracks then paint failure...

                the worst hole in the tank was where I tacked the divider into the tank - it leaked at that point, which is why I am bemoaning not using 16 ga stainless
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                Doing it all wrong since 1966


                • Consider using a sealer before priming?
                  I'm still learning


                  • Originally posted by Bob Holmes View Post
                    Consider using a sealer before priming?
                    yes, wouldn't have worked - the 1st primer reacted with the second primer. It was after I ground off the primer that I realized the 1st primer wasn't sticking
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                    • Paint... now I can move this off to the back burner and fix the BMW

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                      • Very nice.
                        Si vis pacem, para bellum


                        • Awww! Now it's too purty to use!
                          Looks sweet!


                          • Originally posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post
                            Paint... now I can move this off to the back burner and fix the Fiat...

                            Looks good... I didn't think I would like the scoop, but it fits. Nice job.
                            Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


                            • maybe - the BMW job is replacing the lower control arms and a brake job... so not terribly tough. Of course after that I have SAR 2, and Rescue rig that need attention.... but maybe after that

                              Here's the list of stuff... maybe now would be a great time to ask what people want to see:
                              replace rotors
                              replace pads
                              replace lower control arms (common problem)
                              not at this time, but soon:
                              A/C for dog
                              laser-cut grills to make the rear a kennel (so I can roll the windows down and doggie won't escape - or more pressing problem, keeping people away from dog, she protects her space, but you'd be astounded at how many people stick their arms in the car to "pet the cute doggie")

                              Winch installation
                              Inverter installation

                              Rescue Rig
                              clutch fan replacement
                              heater core replacement
                              gauge install
                              power window motor install
                              dead man's pedal to keep the rpms up so the invert works well

                              all in all it's pretty basic jobs.... then the spider is on deck (crossing fingers)
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                              Doing it all wrong since 1966


                              • I think you should fix the heat in RR #1 I would like to see the dead man's pedal, and the winch / inverter install.