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  • Cantvalve16's 1966 Mustang

    While my wife and I are discussing project names, I thought I would post a build thread on the car I purchased a week ago. When my wife saw it being unloaded from the rollback, she smiled happily, turned and said, "I like it". Whoa! Bonus points for dragging home a disabled car that my wife likes. Yahoo!

    This car will be a long term project. Unlike other projects, this car will be the last thing in our budget to get money. (Read: it's gonna take a while). So far, the purchase of the car and the little bit of money I have left over has been nothing but gift money. So, birthdays and Christmas for me is going to be the bread and butter to fund the build. Sigh.

    The car is a '66 Mustang. Not at all worried about the numbers matching since the car is a converted V8 car. Originally a T code 6 cyl, 4 speed car, it is set up for a small block, C4 combo. So far, I haven't seen any butchery to make that happen, but I have done nothing but look at in the last week. Only rust I've found on it to speak of the battery tray area and the very bottom of the trunk drop offs. The quarters look to be heavily covered in bondo, but the rest of the body is pretty solid. The pictures show lots of body parts missing, but most of them came with the car.

    Suspension consists of an 8 inch from a '79-80 Granada which is about 1.5 inches wider than a '65-'66 Mustang 8 inch. The front is V8 stuff and 5 lug disc brakes (probably from the same Granada).

    Plans are to strip and coat the underside of the car replacing all hardlines after coating. Then, rebuilding suspension in the front and rear. I plan to reuse what I can that I think will go along with the cars intended usage. So, as you can see, there is plenty of labor to be done while I wait for the funds to build up. I plan for this car to be my most thorough build, although it will be done in stages so that I can get to driving it as soon as possible.

    Engine plans are totally up in the air. I am looking for anything from 289's to 351C's and C4's to T5's. We will see what shakes out. So, enjoy and feel free to comment and clog up the thread with cool Mustang pics for ideas.
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    I haven't posted pics since the forum change. How do I imbed pics in my posts?
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      "go advanced"

      Then "manage attachments"

      upload (hope they are small enough)

      Then "insert inline"

      Cool - first gen mustangs will always be cool - if you're keeping the shock towers - don't go with a cleveland - stick with the W family.
      I have the complete front steering and suspension for you that I will be selling since I'm going with a M2 front end on the falcon.
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        The C is going to be a very tight fit, get the Vasoline. I use photobucket, it's very easy to copy and paste from them. Just click on the bottom of the picture addresses, it'll have all the required info incorporated so you just have to copy and paste to your post. No need to add any other tags.
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          Posting pics is easy, but I am dumn and my computer is slow. Pics up! Party on!
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            Hey... Looks like a good start. Cool!


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              I still look for one of those every now and then. The "one that got away" was my sister's friend's '66 back around 1982. Brand new interior, rust free Texas car, 289 three speed manual, A/C! Needed paint, sunburnt from Texas summer, but the interior was already done. 800.00... sigh.

              Looks pretty good really... running?
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                mody looks mostly there and not a rusted out hulk
                Originally posted by Remy-Z;n1167534
                Congratulations, man. You've just inherited the "Patron Saint of Automotive Lost Causes" from me. No question.

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                  Excellent start! Even though you can get aftermarket fenders and doors, nothing fits like OEM! Original doors get spendy!
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                    Looking forward to how this project was your previous project that was partially responsible for getting me back into the Ford-Lincoln-Mercury camp with the Cyclone. Good luck!
                    Michael from Hampton Roads


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                      Looks like a great starting point. Been looking and waiting for the stars to align so I can get one.
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                        Need a complete manual steering set up and upper / lower control arms and springs?

                        I got it all for the falcon (then discovered I needed an unobtanium v8 falcon centerlink), but will be going M2 now.. shipping might be spendy.
                        There's always something new to learn.


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                          Micraven- My apologies for getting you hip deep in another project and good on ya for doing a way better job than me. Your thorough manner for stripping your car down and starting from scratch has been inspiration for mine, so... I guess we're even. Haha!

                          John- I will take a closer look at the front suspension in mine, but I think I'm set.

                          Thanks for the comments guys. I've had a couple of these car before. Got this one for $400. I plan on going for the fast for cheap way of building, while doing a nice surgically clean job. Thinking about everything from gasser stance and tunnel rammed all the way to street legal track Shelby look. Parts availability will probably determine the direction.
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                            I hear ya - project direction is directly affected by the parts that are available, and cheap! Looking forward to it.
                            There's always something new to learn.


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                              And up from the grave came this thread. It is not dead... Fred. Sorry for the ryhmes. No progress on the car itself other than doing to exploratory cleaning and making the trunk lid shut with some adjustment. But here is the list (mostly complete) of the parts I have scored for this thing on Craigslist:

                              14x7 Torque Thrust wheels with polished lips
                              Roller 302 shortblock that needs some love
                              Complete '84 Mustang GT Engine (came with a T5 that was just scrap)
                              Rebuilt '68 Mustang C4
                              GT rear valance
                              Box of exhaust tubing that turned out to be a complete unused 3" mandrel bent exhaust with new Flowmasters. Freebie!
                              Set of Cragar Headers. Ya, who knew Cragar ever made headers?
                              2001 Mustang GT bucket seats

                              Bought some new stuff at Mustangs Plus last weekend, too:
                              New Driver quarter panel
                              New gas tank and sender
                              New 3/8 fuel line
                              New driver floor pan

                              So, the parts to build it are starting to come together. Looks like Christmas is going to bring some more stuff. The wife and I have been working on the house to prepare for our Christmas house guests, so garage time has been short. Looking to make some headway starting in January.
                              Bakersfield, CA.