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  • This is my Angry Bird

    Build #1 Failed the next day. The ball got dropped on the cam bolt, between zzp forgetting to send my new one in my kit, and me and my friends forgetting the cam and timing set was only "mocked" up...

    To anyone interested, here's the original build thread.

    GT2 Cam, Heads milled .025" and 5 angles on the valve job.

    Build #2 failed after 3 weeks of daily driving. A second GT2 cam, stock heads with beefed up valve train. Apparently a piston had a crack I couldn't see from the last build, it shattered one night and put two holes in my block and took out 3 connecting rods.

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    The Angry Garage


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      Currently working on build #3.

      42,000 Mi 2006 L26 engine
      GT2 Cam
      Comp 105# springs
      Manley steel retainers
      Comp Hi-Tech push rods
      Comp OE lifters
      Comp rocker bolts
      Pocket porting on the heads (currently at the machine shop)
      ARP head studs
      Badlanz E-Dump
      S-10 2.2 torque converter
      B&M Trans cooler
      HighFlow Fuel 255 fuell pump

      Cammed and studded

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        cool - hot rodding a v6
        There's another guy on here doing all sorts of insanity with his 6 bird
        Doing it all wrong since 1966


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          Probably talking about Warshrike? I know of him from a couple of the V6 forums were both on. His car is pretty sick.


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            yep, that's the one. I have a fascination with 6s as well - twin turbo'd versions
            Doing it all wrong since 1966


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              Challenging to build big power from smaller engines, especially ones that don't have huge aftermarket support. Good work. Here's to number 3 hanging in there a while longer.
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                I've had bad enough luck with this mild NA build, would never try boosting it haha

                You've seen Tim King's 8 second V6 Firebird right?

                @ Scott, thanks sir!
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                  Apparently my old cam doesn't give a flying #### about coming out of the old block

                  +1 Humanpower

                  Who gives a #### about Horsepower, when you can gave 2 Humanpower???

                  New S-10 Torque converter in.


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                    cool build up. Enjoying the sense of humor as well

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                        Sweet, the new oil pan is here. Just waiting on my heads and I can start putting this mess back together.


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                          got to be a pro at pulling that enigne by now...your way more dedicated that me...i woulda lost my mind after the first build
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                            Actually the 2nd time I didn't pull it. I did everything in the car :O

                            I broke a ground strap taking it out this time, cheeky bastard.


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                              Painting up the newer front cover

                              The mess in the oil pan

                              Broken chain dampner

                              Gonna start addressing some rust while everythings out. Both sides look like this. Hitting them with a wire wheel.