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mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

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  • mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

    Just thought I would post a little information about my project.
    I started my current job about 12 years ago; the co-worker I sat next to had a 1969 Javelin that he always talked about. He had plans to some day get the interior restored, and have it painted again. He had purchased the car new and he and his wife used it as a daily driver for many, many years. Understandably he had a personal connection to the car.
    After a year of him not having the time/cash to do this I started my long quest of cajoling and harassment to get him to sell me the car. At least once a month (usually weekly) I would ask nicely, “You gong to sell me that old Javelin?” He would laugh, say “no”, and that was that.
    This went on for about 10 years. I have always liked "uncommon" cars; an AMC would be perfect.

    Eventually my office had moved to a different floor, so my routine was out the window. However, one day I was in his area and I stuck my head into his office…. “Hey, you gonna sell me that old Javelin?” to which he replied, “Actually, I am probably gong to sell it”. The timing on this was perfect, I had recently had a pretty harsh supermoto racing accident, and I was looking for a project that didn’t involve hitting the ground anytime something went awry.
    I had a seat and we had a little chat, a few weeks later I brought it home. (The picture in my message footer is that day) Below is where the car lived nearly every day of it's life.

    I feel I need to mention, I had 3 unfinished car projects in the past (66 Buick special, 66 Olds F85 wagon, 70 Skylark). I’m determined to get this one done.

    I started tearing into the car to see what would need to be done. What I found under the carpet was NOT GOOD! The inner structure, and subframe was rotten from the inside out, F#$%! I will not soon forget that day, the realization that this was not the starting point I thought it was. (I suspect most of us have been there before)

    Ebay to the rescue! A fella I had purchased some parts from in Arizona had a rust-free shell for sale.

    I decided to do whatever it took to get it. I easily won the auction, posted the shipment on and connected with a wonderful shipper. I had the Arizona shell shipped directly to a friend’s body shop. Back on track!
    I spent nearly each weekend getting this new shell ready for paint, and finally brought it home to my garage a couple weeks ago.
    Currently awaiting parts so assembly can begin. (Sound deadener, Aerospace components brake kit, suspension bushings, etc.)
    The goal is to make next year’s power tour (with my very understanding wife) for my 40th birthday.
    I find this form to be very encouraging, so thanks to all who have been sharing.

    More Misc. pictures below:
    After blasting/sanding

    Metal work including subfram connectors

    Finally, PAINT!

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    Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

    Very cool car. I really like the color combo from when you first purchased it.


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      Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

      Great story. Great car. Too bad you had to ditch the original body. Keep posting pics of the progress!
      1967 Chevelle 300 2 Door Post. No factory options. 250 ci inline six with lump-ported head, big valves, Offy intake and 500cfm Edelbrock carb.


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        Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

        When finished, the car will be visually identical to the way it was in its first life (I have old pictures!) with the only exception being a wheel change. I hope to use the new 17x8 AR Torque thrust D’s. I need something to fit over the upgraded front brakes.
        I have spent a fair amount of time on twisty road courses and I think brakes are one of, if not the most, important part of a car’s performance and should be the first upgrade done on any car. Ooops, time to get off this soap box, sorry.
        The interior will also be put back to the way it was…. See!

        The bottom of the car and under the hood, well, that will be a 'little' different ;)


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          Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

          Very cool, love those 1st gen. Javelins. Big heavy seats, but AMC was probably the first to have recliners on most of their backet seats.

          Ed N.
          Ed Nicholson - Caledon Ontario - a bit NW of Toronto
          07 Mustang GT with some stuff
          88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe 5-speed


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            Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

            Mike, those couches do not match the AMC motif you are shooting for in the living room...he he.

            Great project and good on you to be persistent in the first place to get the car and then not to lose hope when it did not turn out to be the solid piece you thought it was.

            Yet another cool project from one of the members here.

            Neat to be around so many "doers".

            That which you manifest is before you.


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              Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

              Not enough green hot rods aroundif you ask me...very nice.....


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                Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

                Thanks guys!
                I honestly never thought he would sell me the car, I was actually looking for a good MGBGT to stick a V8 into when this all went down.

                Those seats sat in the living room for a week, me and the kids would sit in ‘em and make car noises.

                “Doers” is a big part of why I jumped in to this. One thing I can’t stand is people that are always talking about what they can do or what they are going to do. I found that I would watch some of the auto related programs on TV and think to myself, “I could do that”, and after a while I got to realize I was starting to be a talker, even if it was just in my own head (The term mental masturbation comes to mind).

                As with any project, I have found that even the unexpected surprises have a silver lining somewhere in them.
                I needed a rotisserie, so I built one and became a better welder in the process.
                The end result will be WAY better than I had originally expected, I am assembling a car that’s so clean my hands don’t even get dirty.
                I have met some great people through this build, form the guy I bought the shell from in Arizona, to the guy I sold my rotisserie to from Arkansas who is restoring an AMX.


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                  Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

                  Is that a Mark Donahue edition?


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                    Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

                    Unusual good lookin colur combinatin on an unusual car ;) 8)


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                      Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

                      Donohue Javelins were only made in 1970 (the year Penske/Donohue started running the AMC Trans Am effort).
                      This car is a 1969 SST Go-Pack with a dealer installed ’70 Donohue ‘kit’.
                      The previous/first owner’s uncle owned the dealership, and his brother was a mechanic there.


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                        Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

                        I love the car.good work


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                          Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

                          Back at it!
                          Here are a couple pictures, first the car getting dropped at my house.... A major milestone complete.

                          I set the two side-by-side so I can easily transfer the remaining parts from the rust magnet to the new shell.

                          Then with a little help, I stuck in some glass.

                          Then started the part I am dreading most, the dash / wiring harness if I get this correct it will be a miracle. I took a ton of pictures and labeled everything with tape and a sharpie!


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                            Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project

                            Looks like an awesome project. I always liked the Javelin. Keep the pics coming.


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                              Re: mike343sharpstick's 69 Javelin project


                              The shot of your little guy staring at the tow truck could probably win a photo contest. Actually the thing that cracks me up is that I know YOU were looking on with that same look of anticipation and wonder that he was when that truck backed up the driveway (and that is one sweet lookin' tow truck btw).

                              Milestones indeed!

                              Good luck on the wiring, I'm phobic with that stuff as well.

                              That which you manifest is before you.