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Ethyl Returns as a Ford

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  • Ethyl Returns as a Ford

    I appreciate you guys and gals following us on the Whipple build. We had a lot of fun with the Whipple and learned a lot of things. In all, over 750,000 views were logged against the Whipple build through several of the top sites. For five years now we have dealt with the Whipple and watched our build go from a one of a kind to seeing the COPO Camaro 4.0 Liter Upgrade using much of the same things we discovered, though to a much better result. I'd have to declare the Whipple a success. We decided to go a different direction after many hours of discussions with [email protected] and [email protected] Both of those guys helped us many ways over the years to overcome problems and come to solutions. The result is if/when I buy a Camaro, the 4.0 liter Whipple, 170mm TB and Crusher intake will be my choice.

    For now, we wanted to go a different route. SNL Performance has long been heavily engaged in Turbocharged applications and we really wanted to apply the same level of effort to a Twin Turbo Setup with as much passion as we put the Whipple package together. Steve Addison of SNL had studied the twin turbo applications found in some of the rear mount technology and the APS kits. Over the years we have helped customers with Twin Turbos replace kit designs with larger turbos, we've ported Turbos and accomplished a dozen other tweaks. In many cases constraints in the customer goals limited the outcomes. On this build Steve made a special effort to understand my goals and then set out to have my fabrication done in a manner that is consistently high in quality and easily repeatable.

    We chose to fabricate the installation so that it fit the existing 2004 GTO (Ethyl). We did not want to spend a large amount of time moving brake lines and electrical fuze boxes. If you are looking for exotic and innovative ways to tuck the ABS, we were not interested in solving the problem so you won't see it emerge here. My goals are somewhat more modest than with the Whipple. I am looking for a solid performing car in the 800 rwhp range with improved reliability and that we do not have to accomplish custom fabrication for the core system components beyond the initial Turbo build.

    Steve chose the Precision units that have really had a positive reliability and quality reputation in the Honda and Supra world. After several communications with Aaron at Precision we settled on two options, twin 6266 or twin 6766. I chose the 6266 giving up potential growth for a better spool. The units have a 0.81 AR with a T4 flange.

    Before we could get to the good stuff we had some cleanup to do with Ethyl.

    First, the Mosier pumpkin with the Wavetrac 35 spline Diff could not handle the power the Whipple made. On the fourth 60% throttle pass the Wavetrac disintegrated. There were less than 1000 miles on the unit. At our power level, Mosier/Wavetrac agreed to fix the rear end one time but advised my they could not continue the lifetime warranty. After a very amiable conversation with a gracious representative from Mosier we opted to get our money back on the Wavetrac.

    Chris Nichols at GForce Engineering recommended we try a Strange S-Trac. I had considered a spool which I had run successfully at this power level on the OEM differential. However, I broke an LCA while running the spool and prefer not to use one with the IRS. If the S-Trac cannot hold I am going to an SRA.

    Next, the battery relocate done when the Whipple was on the car was my first and it was not well done. SNL has taken a couple of weeks to sort out the wiring problems we encountered as we began to bolt the Twins up. We stopped the install on the Twins and went through the entire car rerouting, wrapping, and reconnecting the wiring.

    We also pulled the Nitrous kit. That may have been a mistake but for now we are just going to see what the Twins can do. I know where Waco is if I need to reinstall it.

    In addition to the above, one of the driving factors on the twins was to have a hood back on the car. So I have bought my eighth hood and it is waiting patiently to be installed.

    Most of the Fabrication and patch up work is done. We expect to start tuning next week. Here are a few teaser pictures of the car with the mockups and in some cases, the final fabrication, in place.

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    beautiful piping!
    Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


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      We pulled the heads just to take a look inside, 5000 miles later everything looked okay.


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        looks pretty good
        Doing it all wrong since 1966


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          Thanks, hope to have it running soon.


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            Here she is with her hood test fitted


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              that is a lot of intercooler
              Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                Buttoned the engine back up today. Starting to find small things displaced over time, minor delays, yet irritating. For instance we sat on the fuel rails for three months before discovering the wrong thing was sent.


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                  Started getting into the good stuff today. Bolting the Turbo up. Everything coated and ready to install.


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                    A little more progress today, hope to start by next weekend.



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                      Stepping up the fuel deliver from the A1000 to the Eliminator. Adding Billet Controller and -12AN inlet/outlets


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                        love watching this, your fuel system is basically the same as what I'm planning for my Buick; and what I'm pieced together (a bit smaller) for the Spider....
                        Doing it all wrong since 1966


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                          Cool shots

                          Got the Oil Lines in

                          Starting on the Fuel System, upgrading the A1000 to the Eliminator

                          Ford 9 Inch is back where it belongs with the Strange S-Trac in place of the Wavetrac


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                            how are the halfshafts holding up?
                            Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


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                              The GForce Engineering portion of the 9 inch IRS conversion is doing remarkably well. The wavetrac disintegrated on a 60% throttle pass after less than a thousand miles. Half shafts are no problem at all.
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