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  • Favor for a friend

    I really do'nt know how to say this,so I will jump right in. I have a friend,actually my girl friends X-husband but I knew him in High school,good guyhard worker just has really bad luck!
    He has a 79 Monte Carlo,drag car,raced with some success in the '80's,he took it down to build a tube chassis and sheet metal interior,then the bad luck kicked in,a lung tumor,a brain tumor,then crippling diabetes and divorce and a move back to Mom's house and a garage too small to work in,no money and really no way to finish on his own,he ca,nt stand or kneel long enough to get any real work done,and,Mom has the car buried in bird cages etc.
    I want to see this car done before he dies.a real possibility as his diabetes is the worst I have ever seen,he has been in the hospital at least six times this year and eight last year,up until late last year with no insurance,he finally got disability,that covers meds,Doctor bills and a small monthly stipend,but,no money to finish the car.I am not in a position to help,I recently lost my job of seventeen years and have child support etc.that comes first,I have tried the cable shows,but,no response!
    So,I come to my friends here,asking for ideas on how we can get this done for my friend Jay,he would never ask for help,he will always help others,but rarely does anyone step up to help him.Let me hear your thoughts/comments/ideas on how this can happen! thank you

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    Re: Favor for a friend

    Hey D_T, what does the car the car need to be finished. Give us some direction.
    "Somewhere the zebra is dancing". Garth Stein's The art of racing in the rain.



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      Re: Favor for a friend

      It lacks one piece of sheet metal on the interior,a re-fresh on the motor,it's been sitting on the floor for almost seven years,he was looking to switch to alcohol and bettter heads when he started the re-build,does'nt sound like much,but,with all his set-backs,the car may as well be on the moon!


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        Re: Favor for a friend

        Where is the car located?

        If close enough to me, you know I'd be happy to help.


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          Re: Favor for a friend

          Ai'nt you gotta nuf ta do with the forum project ;D It's in Illinois


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            Re: Favor for a friend

            Back in 2004 I lost my father to diabetes and understand how sick a person can get from the disease. We had planned on doing a project for some years, most likely a 67-72 Nova or second gen Camaro. The Vehicle of chose was niether the Nova or Camaro. What I ended up with was an 83 El Camino.

            Nice ride when I first purchased it, but the ride was involved in a accsedent during a winterstorm with 16 other people, and was totaled by my insurance company. After much thought, I figuring that it was a supremely solid car, and bought it back. Thus, this was to be our project.

            Basically It was me that was going to finance the project, and turn the wrenches for the most part. See he had the connections being that he was the Manager for NAPA here in Pueblo. Unfortunately he became sick during the time of working on the El Camino and with life me working and such we were unable to complete the project together before he past.

            If I can be assured, that this is the genuine article. Then you have my support in anyway possible, I just need to know what is needed. Being, that I am a full time student with a full time job I can help a little to make this a possibility for the gentleman, if in at least the smallest way.
            Let us know

            Sincerely John
            HRPT 2004LH 2007LH 2008