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Turbo-4 '89 Mustang roadrace coupe.

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  • Turbo-4 '89 Mustang roadrace coupe.

    I've been building this for 4 years.

    Now to be fair, one year was lost because the front suspension supplier was unable to supply what we had purchased. And, the last year was lost because of this:

    After 4 years we've been on track for a sum total of 75 minutes.

    Specs on the car:

    NASA American Iron/SCCA ITE roadrace car. We also hope to compete in the Western Endurance Championship

    '89 Mustang Coupe
    2.3 liter (140 cubic inch) turbo 2.3 liter
    Front converted to double a-arm suspension
    Rear converted to a three-link, beam axle design.
    5.5 inch double disc clutch with light flywheel and hydraulic throwout bearing system.
    Nascar spec radiator
    Big ass intercooler.
    Weighs less than 2300 lbs dry
    Carbon fiber hood
    Maier three inch flared fiberglass fenders, three inch rear quarter panels
    ATL fuel cell
    POS Haltch e11v2 that has no manufacturer support and the tuner community doesn't want to work with.
    Three wiring jobs.
    CCW wheels, 17 x 9.5 (AI Class spec)
    Toyo RA-1 (soon to R-888) 275 17s
    96lb injecters with E85.

    We're currently replacing the test engine that we took to the chassis dyno. On a stock 84 turbo t-bird longblock with a stock SVO t3 we made 400 ftlbs of torque at 4000 rpm, when we limited boost to 15 lbs we made 315 ftlbs at 3800. Remember that thats with 140 cubes. An equivlent 350 Chevy would need to make 1000 ftlbs of torque in the first instance and 788 in the second. So we are cranking out the power, in fact more than we are allowed under the rules.

    I just yanked out the test engine and will put in the race engine this next weekend. Then back to the dyno.


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    Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

    Cool. More pics plz!
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      Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

      That car has got THE look. Don't sell. Talk to Dieselgeek if electronics is the problem. That thing is just too wicked looking to get rid of. Worst comes to worst, there is always a carbed small block to make things easy.
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        Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

        That will be neat. It should actually turn too, without having all that weight over the front wheels.

        I still remember when I had my 87 5.0 Mustang on the scales at Mosport. It was running in CASC Showroom Stock GS, which basically was like Firehawk rules at the time. Anyway, at 3,300 lbs., it had 1,000 on the LF. :o

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          Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

          Bob, are you the guy that had Wes Kiser come put a megasquirt in your car now? I thought you did, but could be mistaken. If not - I have your fix to the haltech nightmare. We can talk offline. Huber's really like the true crank triggered ignition using stock ford parts.
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            Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

            I think Wes did Curtis Hensley's car. Mine is still the Haltech. I'm running the 36-1 cranktrigger wheel, currently with a VRT (hope to change to the square wave sensor you told us about) a Ford drop in cam sensor from their DIS 2.3s and four LSx coils with TR5 plugs. I called you once about flying out and fixing this thing, but finally just ran out of money.

            I went to EFI 101, which only gets you smart enough to be dangerous, then one of the guys on the team completely ripped all the wiring out and rewired based on some of the info in the Bosch Automotive Handbook. Used a lot of shielded wiring and separated the grounds for the 5v sensors and all the 12v stuff. We did finally get the thing running like a champ on the test engine, the dyno operator was stunned. At this point, I think we can make this thing work. Its just that the last two years of wrestling with this thing has been wearing us out.

            The chassis is awesome. Right off the trailer the thing worked. Even temperatures across all the tires with just a little tire pressure adjustment. When the engine would work, the thing was a rocket.

            I've got some pics and questions about the crank trigger that I'll post over on the "EFI childs board."


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              Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

              Sweet ride

              Two questions:
              1) How did you design the chassis - I'm really interested in learning more about chassis design
              2) What are those wheels?
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                Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

                I probably own every chassis book ever published on the topic except the Milliken and Milliken bible. I especially like the Carroll Smith books. Steve Smith, no relation to Carroll, has a number of excellent books also. I frequent a site called Corner-Carvers and spend a lot of time researching. I spent a bunch of money on a computer program called Win Geo3 by William Mitchell and model a lot of configurations. I draw up suspension designs on graph paper and fiddle with them. A buddy of mine likes to draw them full size and hang them on his garage wall.

                The chassis on this car has a number of Griggs Racing products that I modified in order to use readily available and cheap circle track components. I was an early customer for their SLA (short-long arm also know as a double a-arm) suspension and they couldn't source the dropped spindles that they were charging about $500 per side for. And after analyzing the geometry with stock spindles, I knew it wouldn't do what I wanted. So I sourced spindles from Sweet at $150 per side and modified the suspension to work. I also used Howe hubs, which are rebuildable, instead of the throw away stock mustang hub. Again, the stock car parts were cheaper. The spindle nut for a stock mustang hub costs $45. That's dumb for a single use throw away part.

                The wheels are CCWs: Three piece modular wheel.


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                  Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

                  This weekend the new longblock goes in the car. I can put the intake back on because there are no mods planned there, but the exhaust side needs work. I've got to set up a new turbo, put a smaller spring in the wastegate (the car makes to much whp and torque for the class rules so I need to be able to lower the boost), install a backpressure measurement system on the exhaust header and do a bunch of safety wiring.



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                    Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

                    That is one bad looking machine my friend!


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                      Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

                      A couple more slide shows from the track:

                      On the dyno:

                      Maybe too much boost:

                      Working on the engine install, found that the test engine had been leaking out of the rear main seal, now I need to clean up the clutch again.


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                        Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

                        Sweet! ;D


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                          Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

                          I think the test engine should be in my turbo T-bird! cool ride, looks killer just sitting there, thge stance is Bitchin!
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                            Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

                            Love those Ford-4's,got a few of 'em myself ;D! ~OO6.


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                              Re: Racin in '09 or its for sale.

                              Stuck the new long block in it today.

                              Found out what killed the test engine while I was inspecting parts before installing them on the new engine. The cam sensor's gear had sheared. That threw off the timing and stopped the oil pump from turning. The accusump saved the bottom end of the test engine, didn't save the cam.

                              I hope to be running by the end of the month.