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    Originally posted by fatguyzinc View Post
    do you have frame connectors? if not, get some as they
    are 100% necessary on these little guys (any unibody truthfully)
    and make a huge difference on driveability, predictability of
    cars attitude when it gets out of shape, and longevity of the
    i have had several customers argue with me over refusing
    to do certain things (build/swap a 500+hp 454 into a 68 camaro for instance)
    unless they do weld up frame connectors first--their argument is
    always " its my car/my money, i get to decide what to do" and my reply is
    "then go find someone else to do it, or do it yourself........"
    Yeah.. you can see them on page 3. They run from the back along the pinch seam to the front.. back and front are welded to the slots for the Veripack rail car system and the length along the pinch seam is stitch welded. Click image for larger version

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    " You can sleep in your car, But you cant drive your house"


    • nice. i also used 1x1 box tubing with 1/8 wall to tie
      the front of our frame connectors to the rear of the
      subframe/engine cradle, as well as the crazy "bolt
      it through the floor" trans crossmember.


      • Well.. I'm almost embarrassed to say how derailed this project got. I'm sure others had a hell of a lot worse of a 2020 than I did. Hoping for a little bit of stability now and time to dive back in on this in the spring.
        " You can sleep in your car, But you cant drive your house"