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1966 F-100 EcoBoost & 1966 F-100 427 Side Oiler

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  • Let the final prime and paint along with masking begin . .


    • To get caught up today . . we now have color. sand n buff and assembly time . .


      • somewhere in between found time to build the 418 FE

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        • was shooting for a zero piston to deck clearance.. Ended up at +.002 which will give me a .039 quench


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              • Where the 418 is at right now . . . Just do not ask where the time will come from to drop it into the truck, dyno it and pull it back out . .

                I really want to be working on the ecoboost and 427 truck projects but keep getting side tracked . .

                That was the quickest update I could do but yet let ya all know I was not sitting total idle the last month . . LOL

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                • Nice job on the Bronco


                  • You are very busy. Bronco looks great as does the 418.
                    Hauling ass & sucking gas are the best uses for a truck.


                    • Love me some FE's! Something very cool about them.



                      • you make me feel like a sloth..... well done indeed. Do you ever sleep? 3 pots of coffee a day? Lordy My, just thinking about sanding that much truck makes me tired.
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                        There's always something new to learn.


                        • Nice work, but what happened? I notice a red truck in your yard that isn't like the rest...

                          someone get lost?
                          Doing it all wrong since 1966


                          • Originally posted by SuperBuickGuy View Post
                            Nice work, but what happened? I notice a red truck in your yard that isn't like the rest...

                            someone get lost?
                            Its a friends '54 Chevy, running now but needs electric fans. It has sat since 2001. Waiting for him to show so we can get it back on road.

                            Another 3 months have gone by . . since last post.

                            Finally making some progress on the EcoProject.

                            The largest thing prior to test drive was a entire new CAC~Intercooler along with all piping.

                            Basically had to make the entire system from scratch. Picked up a way too big 24 x 12 x 4.5 Intercooler and started from there trying to get it to fit between the frame rails yet have piping that clears everything and still to be able to service it with ease.

                            This evening I am finishing the install. I bought the Intercooler core back in March so its taken a while.

                            A few pics of the all new "system" I fabbed up. Goal was to make it look like it belonged there yet clear everything.

                            I was finally able to get the side shop cleared out to make room for the 4 post hoist. Getting too old to crawl under it yet be able to get back up again multiple times per day.

                            The core I started with.

                            Left sid of pic is the stock tubing location from Turbo's to IC.

                            Working alone needed a stand to hold the IC

                            Had to make some pretty major cuts in frame to get the core support in.


                            • Before I forget the Bronco project for my daughter is still not finished. Still a month away most likely. So much for a simple 2 day paint job . .LOL

                              PUrchased a new core support to frame mounting.

                              What a jungle that was to get it to fit.

                              Its also mounting for the vacuum pump for power brakes.

                              Making the end tanks for the IC.


                              • Is it going to fit?

                                Yes, Behind bumper too. Approx 1/8" clearance all around. Its a good thing I moved the cab forward on chassis that extra inch or so . .

                                Trans cooler lines fit too.

                                The tubes from turbo's to IC do not fit, left over pipe from the 427 Header build.