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The 2Grand Cherokee

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    Re: The 2Grand Cherokee

    defiantly not as easy a swap on a wj as an xj or yj!


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      Re: The 2Grand Cherokee

      The WJ continues! after long languishing with a half-finished winch bumper hanging off the front, a Hyundai shaped dent in the right rear corner, no AC, non-functional airbags, and anemic engine, I'm back to working on it! Also, I'm fixing none of those things right now.

      So, I've got a pair of axle, both open 3.73s- D30 front from a V8 and D35 from a junkyard I6 WJ. The rear is going in to replace the mildly bent housing that's been squeaking ever since the accident, the front will follow when I have the funds to replace all the worn components. For at least a short time, the Jeep will be 2wd. (Actually, I bet I could away with the part time 4wd in a pinch since it's a fluid coupling, but I digress)

      So, I'm sitting on all new pads, rotors, seals, and axle bearings for the rear and I'll be cleaning and swapping over the next two weeks in between working on the Army Jeep project and helping my better half recover from surgery.

      Another note and a bit of a product review- slapped on some air helpers in the back to tow some heavier trailers. It's still a bad tow rig, but it's way more controllable with the Air-Lift bag in coil type springs, and it doesn't squat at all. They are still installed, but I'll probably remove them with the axle swap since it's only a minor issue to reinstall them, and I don't want to pinch one off road. If you need to make something tow just a bit better, and you don't want to spend real money on it, they worked great.

      Also, I think that Rightpedal has infected me. After working on his old Blazer a bit, I've been hankering for a more aggressive off road project. So, I've begun negotiations with my wife for this Jeep being my DD for another year, and then entering full on project mode, aiming for 6 inches of lift, long arms, and 35s, and some change to the driveline to better complement the tire/lift. Once this starts, this will definitely no longer be a sub-5k project.

      Speaking of which-
      Previous total-

      $110 Junkyard rear axle
      $120 Rotors, pads, seals, bearings, and new upper ball joint, all for rear axle swap
      $90 Air-Lift rear helper springs
      $3408 New total


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        Re: The 2Grand Cherokee

        Ruined the rear in my 1/2 tonner 4X4..3.73's. Could not find another 3.73 as they are 4 series housings in the 12 bolt series.. Had 3.08 back there, was a real dog.. But if I was stuck in the mud or needed to go off road, I used it as is. 3.73 front, 3.08 rear. Eventually I bought 3 series gears in the right ratio..


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          Re: The 2Grand Cherokee

          The new axles are in as of two weeks ago. Not a huge noticeable difference in the way it moves with the 3.73 vs 3.55, but that's just to be expected I think. It does no longer squeak.