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Meet Tatanka, my 99 Suburban K1500

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  • Got a little excited when putting the first one in place, just look at all the shininess!

    Click image for larger version

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    I'm probably wrong


    • I had started repeatedly dousing everything with PB Blaster the day before. The first 3 went easy as pie, if not very quickly. Just took my time and no problems.

      The last one... Oh that little #$%! just had to screw up. The rear shock is held to the frame by 2 bolts going through C-clamps. Well, one of the C-clamps broke. It was bedtime and I had to be at work in the morning. OK, put that one back together and just deal with it for the moment. Man that makes for a weird ride...

      Finally got back to it and ended up cutting the head of the bolt off. There was just no room to move and a Dremel barely fit.

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      Drilled out the little bit of the head that was left and finally got the damn thing free. Took quite a bit longer than I expected and about 9 or 10 cutting discs from the Dremel. Which meant I was now late to meet my fiancee, grandkids, brother, sister, and brother in law for dinner. Luckily I got in touch with everyone, and they're used to me running behind.

      No shock it is.

      Now it REALLY handles weird. I feel like I'm in a 90's rap video with the 3 wheel motion going on.

      Got back to it the next day and got the accursed C-clips replaced.

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      Now I finally have all 4 brand new shocks!!!

      Click image for larger version

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      My baby feels like a whole new buffalo now. A little stiff, but she is a truck well over 5000 pounds. I can deal with it. Feel sooooo much better and more civilized now.

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      I'm probably wrong


      • Hit the hood latch, hinges, door latches and hinges with some Blaster to loosen them up. I'll hit them with lithium grease soon. Made a nice difference, everything is smoother. I'm trying to keep the momentum going by doing little things in between bigger projects. All the little things add up and give me more motivation.

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        • Almost forgot, with the $65 for the shocks total now comes to $2477.
          I'm probably wrong


          • Originally posted by tedly View Post

            New U joints are on the menu soon, as well as mounts. Thinking about having the driveshaft balanced but that might be overkill.

            The vibrations seem to come from road feedback more than drivetrain, but it could be that I'm just used to the drivetrain vibrations. Road feed back is up because everything was like a wet dishrag before, the feedback either got lost or dissipated out. At least that's what I'm thinking. However, you should refer to my signature line...
            as with anything - what I tend to say is what I've had direct experience with.... if it helps, great, if not, full refunds for the advice are available :D
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            • Just got back from another 6 hour round trip. For the most part all is well and all the improvements are really paying off. Some things are becoming obvious:

              1. These shocks are stiff! I'm guessing they are meant for pickups/haulers as opposed to people carriers like the higher end Suburbans. Again, I will happily live with them, it is worlds better than the old ones. I can see replacing them with some better (and probably considerably more expensive) ones once I get her to a point I'm comfortable with the overall mechanical condition though.

              2. Something is definitely going on in that right front suspension. I need to take a real good look at it soon. There is a weird intermittent vibration coming from it, and the way that one tire was worn a lot more... There's a dead spot in the steering so I'm thinking idler arm, but might also be the wheel bearing. More to come on that soon.

              3. As things are getting repaired and tightened up, it not just that minor annoyances are becoming more noticeable because the overall condition has improved, some are actually being amplified to the point they are going to need attention soon or cause other problems. This is turning into a hell of an exercise of diagnostics and triaging. I'm liking it though, and really getting some pride from fixing her up and keeping her going, even if most of it is just basic neglected maintenance so far and not hot rodding. Every day I drive it I smile, and I've really missed the satisfaction this stuff brings. It's good to be able to do this again, I've been away far too long.

              There is definitely more to come soon.
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              I'm probably wrong