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$1200 2006 Cobalt SS Supercharged

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  • $1200 2006 Cobalt SS Supercharged

    I bought it with the $1200 Stimulus Check!

    It had rod knock, 200+ thousand miles on the clock. But otherwise the interior is spotless and there is one tiny pressure dent on driver's side quarter panel, that can be easily taken care of.

    Some paint is peeling on the front bumper, again easy fix.

    Typically rust free California car, can't complain.

    B207 swap is underway, it was much cheaper to buy that than to purchase a LSJ. I ran into a problem tapping new holes on the intake side of the head since the studs that hold the supercharger and intercooler are larger than the ones to hold on the aluminum intake manifold. The B207 is the high output turbo engine from a Saab 9-3, it's the same exact Ecotec short block (block, rods, pistons, even compression ratio is the same). The heads are mostly the same, the exhaust ports are smaller on the turbo engine and the cams have less duration and lift.

    So what I am going to do now is put the LSJ head on the B207 block. It's been done before, but I'm also upgrading the clutch since we're going to adding quite a bit of power.

    I'll disclose what that is in the coming weeks.
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    You're a better man than me! I'd have problems with the bikes up against the door of my car to the point where I couldn't get in without shoving them over. I'm not real sure how well that would turn out.

    I'm not much of a front wheel drive guy either, but that ought to be fun with a stick. I think the front end moving sideways when the tires break loose put me off of them though. lol. That one ought to do it when it's fixed.
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      This has potential! I'm digging it and very curious to see where this leads.
      I'm probably wrong


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        the Cobalt SS is one of those cars that surprise the heck out of most with how fast they can be.... right in the same vein as the supercharged 3800 of Buick fame.... most of the rest of the world knows this, but here in V8 land - they tend to be forgotten and overshadowed - but if you're a rodder on a budget - you will take a lot of idiot's lunch money before they get wise... a stock one, is a 13 second car with a 5.5 0-60...

        do post pictures, and do show us what you're doing... cool stuff
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          watch a Camaro get spanked
          stock, they're 260 hp, built - 600 or more.... all in a itty bitty car that everything thinks "rental"... this really is the way you win in unsanctioned, cash events.

          and he's in the under 5k section for darn good reason... cheap parts, plenty of parts, sure it's not rwd but build a 600 hp car for under 5k... yep, I'm all in and totally sold.
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            When GM went Sport Compact Racing in the mid 2000's they hired some of the best FWD drag racers in the country. With the help of Roush (that Roush) who helped with chassis design and aerodynamics, while Shaver Enterprises out here in SoCal handled all engine development. They ran rough shod over the competition

            Sport FWD cars which are complete unibody cars with highly modified engines (not the LSJ) but the standard 2.0L Ecotec found in rental cars.

            One of these engines set the current record for the fastest four cylinder drag pass (5.80's). In fact the two fastest are are both GM Ecotec powered.

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