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1987 subaru: dual range

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  • 1987 subaru: dual range

    the rochester suby.
    Ace Venturi.
    The name for it derived from the 43mm carb that came off a 250 I-6 in a camaro. 1978 rochester monojet.
    my elderly neighbor calls it the brown bomber.
    more nicknames, most unpleasant, than I could write down.
    A goal for these is to get that oversquare bore buzzing like a bee, and this one does.
    Humble bee is a humble nick. Sounds like a bumble bee at idle. A bit like a motorcycle, only bigger.

    long story short..
    its been 17 years, non stop, this one model subaru.
    bought an econo DL manual steering carbed subaru in 1997... after I gave up my monte carlo SS to save fuel. Disabled at work, the subaru kept me going. Very bad times. For one, I am too big for this subaru...
    The sube was AWD 5 speed, Beat it to death, gave it away. That took 7 years with zero maintenance. It occured to me, it is the only little car that went that far for only foreign car for that matter.

    I then got a loyale for free, a 1993 2wd. Silly fast, did not know why at the time. Wrecked it, kept the parts. My dad told me his VW beetle story around that time, as the subaru was seriously silly fast with only a 36mm throttle. That model allowed me to lose the internet, come back to my roots, like bangshift is. I opted to keep this 3 main boxer going...worry about a chassis later. I wanted to keep this engine going.

    I then got a 1987 dual range 5 speed for 500 dollars...due to having a pile of subaru EA82 already...I simply had to have it at that cost. Could not walk away just yet.. Drove it home.This turned out to be a very rare subaru.

    Deciphered all the engineering retards, since about 2007.. and began putting the best of each EA82 model together. 5 engine gatherings later...
    Now with a turbo multiport engine in the mix, a 1993, 1987, 1985 RX and a 1990. All of them had something to add with a best for a given category.
    all of them 1781cc, 3 main bearings. Two overhead cams , 1 for each head.

    they all failed the clutch, size of air fuel is that of a midget circus clown... etc etc.. american aftermarket took over. A lot of frustration, my scale of size is still at home with 5 liters and beyond. I learned a lot about humanity on this one project.

    I am terrible with giving projects nicknames, but as this heads into custom or rat rod, hot rod, super ricer, and other titles..
    I bought a pile of 30 cent washers from a machinist supply called "grainger". The heads for this engine shipped with no lower valve seats, the springs pounced around right on the aluminum. After deciphering physics and a dozen cures with a 30 cent washer..

    "la grainger" was another comical name, as this car lives in lagrange with a dual range and has french wheels.
    My biggest respect goes to machining, so I try to tie it in somehow. A name for something.. will do better I am sure, let nature have the chore.

    Was setting up to just repair, had parts everywhere from a previous wrecked loyale. Found half numbers everywhere. CFM being one of them. It was a 140 cfm carb on a 280cfm factory.

    that was only the beginning.

    october 2006 to today...and my third subaru ea82 powered since 1997.

    my only daily drivers.

    a little about me..
    my net car ramblings began when my one fact of health got a camera. I have 20/10 vision. Uplifting to take photos..but I only shot cars and trucks. My previous life was a 5 level crew chief on the kc135e tanker, and transient crew chief for anything that landed. War time momentums of the early to mid 90s. I am disabled.
    I also had a job working with people and their cars at a quick lube, as a grunt and a salesman.

    Nobody is happy with cars and trucks. I somehow stayed happy. Today is my computers and cameras and the cars will never die in my mind...and talking everyday. There is more to be enthused about than ever.
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    Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

    mod list: nov 15 2014 update

    This needed two posts the last time..

    mod list. updating constantly.

    Last Update nov 15, 2014
    Engine and welding notes in posts below
    unique factory built notes:
    • 1 year iridescent paint code
    • 1 year for carb and no ecm.(the last year)
    • this car has the "up to 12/86" rear cross member (I deciphered it as simply early rx with no sway bracket, cambered natural- a bit extended by oem)

    • dual range 5 speed,I have done nothing
    • I made the lube: 1/2 quart 85w140, 1/2 quart 75w90 synthetic, 1 quart 85w90, and recycled two quarts of the stuff that was in it. Gears and a diff in same

    • something subaru made for 1987.. a diff that did it all. 3.9 ratio..lsd/open/lock
    • no work needed- (will be modifying rear cover)

    chassis..this whole list could be in bold as a performance maker.(I did all the work below):
    • custom pitch stop (made out of shiny breaker bar- of course welded)
    • custom beams under front seats (center carrier + b pillar helper )
    • custom differential bar (strengthen + appear symmetrical for skid plate, imagination)
    • custom rear end tube (> 4 pounds of mig wire went in this tiny area- steel rod, sheet)
    • custom wheel wells
    • weld around gas tank rear beam
    • custom tailgate handle (made from scratch – very high grade malleable alloy)
    • custom interior rocker framing
    • custom grill (more air, and added metal)
    • custom fuel pump mount (welded SECC to a welded rod frame + aluminum base)
    • custom front air dam/lip (both the same for this old car)
    • doubled rockers + reworked internal, some extra external (millsupply has these)
      • 2013 – reworked driver side rocker and some floor. Custom metal work.
      • stainless 304 rockers, summer 2014
    • 1997 toyota 4 runner front struts for the rear
    • 500 pound honda front springs for the rear
    • resealed headlamps, revisions
    • 6 bolt holes for engine crossmember (2 middle are ea82 headbolts with a nut)
    • windshield wiper linkage removed, reworked to newer
    • rebuilt subframe ends (rear rocker meets arch root)
    • front sway bar (proper fit, tight, aligned- oem hookup had no function at all)
    • tunnel weld
    • front suspension clamped (3 inches dropped inside.. appears as 1.5 on the out - also pulled camber negative)
    • oem paint code engine bay + strong 2 part urethane, and undercoat down low (halfway down firewall)
    • below rear seat, on the outside.. inside is oem, still looking good, oem painted
    • engine arms driver side patched (jack at inspector garage stabbed it)
    • all channels opened and resealed with 18ga/16ga solid seamed shut
    • fixed two dents, (whole car)
    • in front of rear bumper custom ugly (tons stronger -found oem subaru error)
    • oem windshield (thick) sealed with windshield weld, and channels filled with ge silicone 2 after painting
    • oem paint code (ugly as of now- whole car but roof is repainted.)
    • rear quarters prefabbed for a sedan (both strengthened)
    • wheel arches prefabbed replacement part, outside and inside (triple double? quadruple?)
    • shift boot and #14 sheet screws
    • rear seat belt brackets no longer seen outside (welded in over a doubled seam)
    • floor corners (3 of 4)
    • strengthened floor seams from b-pillar back to rear (redundant now with extra floor beams)
    • evercoat undercoat/permatex undercoat
    • 3m autobody silicone, interior wheel well seam (very neutral, expensive but worth no smells)
    • roof rack extended (64inch) on original dealer sold 1987 yakima rods (lightning struck- cool )
    • caster rod bushings to latest revision (they do not look like original..much stronger)
    • 3 inches wider at rear wheel arch, 99 inches at wheelbase (>2 inch gain), floor flat, rigid..trim can't even creak in the summers..and if it does...I don't stop until it is done.
    • LED license plate and front marker (saved 48 watts)
    • rivets at battery tray (I may go air locks- never welding there)

    • 1993 self bleeding cylinder (the 1987 original was oem errored)
    • premium drums and pads rear
    • new brake lines rear longer stronger
    • front rotors 9.5 inch (there is an 8.9, beware.. they all swap around)
    • 50/50 split (all four work their worth- do not try this on 2wd)

    • (8)15x6 peugeot..
    • (4)yokohama avid trz, bf goodrich 205/60/15 T and H rated.
    • (12) 13x5 wheels
    • (4)13x5 studded snows
    • 3 extremely high performance oem hub caps.

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      Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

      • bussmann fuse box, custom enclouser (replace cloth covered fuse links)
        • 6 ga high grade cable to box
        • 10ga battery patch to box
        • heatsinked, power rectified
        • fuses guided by trial and error (several big mistakes by subaru)
          • tickler alt – 2amp open top
          • custom circuit (+oem “run”) - 20 amp
          • oem big power feed – 30amp
          • lights – 15 amp (unchanged)
      • modified engine grounds to higher grade (that means plural)
      • custom switch (take load off key switch - and to kill engine without locking steering)
      • 1985-1994 nissan maxima alternator 14661N (soon to be remy 94100)
        • 124 amp test recorded, retail box, special edition apparently
        • made in 2011, brand new, not remanned
        • the original hitachis is gone to junk..never using again
        • pulleys exact swap
      • MSD 6530 programmable
        • optical distributor, 1994 loyale (using base signal to fire – perfect hack)
        • accel coil
        • accel 8.8mm wires
        • rev limit set to 7000rpm
        • 500M ohm resistor on old coil negative wire for tach signal.(makes smooth tach, and stronger coil)
        • can return whole setup to oem via plugs and a fuse.
      • all egr related doodads removed from under hood
        • purge valves (I kept all of them)

      Engine/drivetrain (bold is performance makers)1781cc:
      • A 1985 one in 1500 rx dual port engine
        • modified heads for natural use
        • modified intake
          • blocked many vacuum ports, removed injectors
          • added a rochester carb
      • 1990 loyale shortblock - 10 to 1
      • 1993 loyale cams
        • oem hydraulic lifters
        • oil pump and power steering pump seals special order polyurethane 30x19x7mm steel backed with spring double lip
        • oil pan stamped. sump spot has a ring stamped lower than the rest of pan. (oem was flat- I felt it was too close to sump pickup)
        • 1990 engine, 98k..odom in the car read 136.666 miles (engine is 40k miles less than odometer)
        • gaskets redone, proper head torque before purchase
        • new oil sending unit
      • Spec Clutch su081 (stage 1)
      • thermo-tec wrapped header
      • gates (goodyear) hard timing belts (this car original could not use these)
      • professional products billet oil filter 10857 (+gm relief valve 25014006)
      • oem atsugi pistons
      • CSF 933 brass copper radiator ( the ea82 has a performance version all on its own not equal to ea81)
      • felpro permatorque headgaskets
      • 57 foot pound update to cylinder heads bolt torque. (squish a bit more on the 18 head bolts)
      • super stant stainless 180F thermostat (45858)
      • zerex antifreeze (no silicates or phosphates)
      • engine clutch fan/half shroud
      • a1 cordone power steering pump (it is indeed updated- old version not rebuildabale at home)

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        Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

        Fuel/Air/exhaust system:
        • innovate mtx-l air fuel meter (wideband digital)
        • summit 14psi fuel pump
        • custom fuel pressure regulator/check valve (very robust and heavy, no rubber)
        • holley fuel pressure regulator
        • EGR system removed
        • loyale gas tank (high pressure, better fuel delivery)
        • Full CAI
          • drilled air box inside fender out front (it was obviously incomplete manufacturing)
          • loyale air plenum on fender wall (same filter as nissan 280z, 200, 300, loyale, gl)
          • offenhauser aluminum low profile boot (1949-53)
          • remains of loyale rubber tube, (proper length pcv unmodified)
          • 3 inch steel with flange from 550 cat on loyale air box
          • fuel filler tube (1987=steel, 1993=rustproof)
          • progressive damper
        • custom 2 inch equal header (
          • t304 down pipes, t304 shcedule 40 head exit at heads, thick flanges
          • custom collector (mathed) and seat (1971 corvette steel exhaust ring)
          • high flow MBS cat (100 cell)
          • insynerator bullit muffler
          • stainless cat back..all the way back.
        • badly functioning emissions rerouted (mostly fuel vent)
        • fuel vent canister bi-metal loyale (no longer "radioactive" carbon)
        • 1978 rochester monojet 17058020
          • #80 long jet, gently reamed with jeweler bit (2.25mm)
          • custom needle, full taper (I may have simply taken out an oem retarder- hard telling)
          • chevette nitrophyl float (made for this type of monojet)
          • chevette float needle and seat, modified
          • float bowl and cover painted carbon black pigment (purified carbon is pigment- simply rustoleum bumper paint)
          • 2.2 ohm choke, also chevette (ohms to match 1.8 liter per engineers thinking)
          • bimetal relief filled in (this was used on 250 cubic inch as a relief)
          • full return line in use
          • fuel filter removed at carb
          • oem rochester base gasket to intake (ensures vacuum ports on the base)
          • choke spring (helps it close partially upon shutdown)
          • idle solenoid removed (crazy function- 1970s monojet)
          • custom throttle hookup (oem subaru cable unmodified)
          • maximized adjustment on power valve (flush to bowl)
          • the capped screw for stoich adjustment , drilled and turned until 1.5 turns out from closed
          • custom brass idle air mix screw (looks like chevettes 4cyl, but made with proper thread to work in big monojet)
          • threaded external fuel bowl vent connection (reduced slightly)
          • new choke pull off, restricted to open much slower
          • progressive vacuum port in perfect use for intake damper.
          • custom float bowl gasket out of my favorite plastic folgers coffee jug (hdpe)
          • 250cfm (under rated)
            • spfi intake ported, reamed for 43mm throttle
            • custom very thin flange gasket
            • mounted with grade 8 nuts on brass washers on 3/8ths “automotive studs”
            • one non-organic fuel filter pre pump, one powerflo billet sintered fuel filter in engine bay

        wanted to give welding its own updated post.
        sept 2011.
        two mig machines, one was a carzy china, no safety labels (it exists, bought on ebay). the skill level needed was not much different than the other 115v, .25 inch capable.
        the second one was bought at tractor supply, much smarter, and safety labeled. no kickbacks allowed in its function. This was good as that concerned me.. the old sube may have some "extra" hidden energy if you know what I mean.
        the quantity of steel in square feet is difficult to add up. below is the sources of metal, and type.
        • a subaru fender hacked up for little patches.. (strangely used every inch of it)
        • wheel wells, rear - complete rebuild "real" 18ga steel
        • prefabbed parts:
          • two new rockers
          • two wheel arches
          • two rear quarter
          • front left fender (changed before my purchase- thicker than oem)

        sources of steel:
        • a tailgate from a lawnmower tractor (ability to smash with dirt and more than 16ga thickness)
        • 4x10 foot stainless 304 from dysarts truck stop
        • 2 sheets of 24x48 18ga from millsupply (nothing left either one)
        • 18 mig reels of e71-t (36 pounds)
        • >6 feet of steel rod (found a pile of .25 spring steel rods in an old house- odd find)
        • hacked up snap on tool box (baked)
        • 20 ga baked box for sockets (needed small amount of thin to match oem)
        • power supply cover from my dell pc (SECC!)
        • aluminum house faciure
        • the burnt china welding machine is now the steel backing for the air dam

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          Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

          cleaning up some posts..
          I was attempting daily rant / diary.
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            Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

            This is very important because I have no idea what your car looks like.

            So can you post a ton of pics for me to see.

            Because this appears to be quite cool.


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              Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

              This is very important because I have no idea what your car looks like.

              So can you post a ton of pics for me to see.

              Because this appears to be quite cool.
              that is photos.

              this one is from beginning to today.
              250 photos
              oct 2006 (day 1)
              the time scale for the level of labor is not unusual. 5 years is actually motivated. A ricer in my locale is like slapping wheels on an old steel tin can found in the forest after winter.(not safe- even if it is)

              That album is for any future sale/reference, and a blog I made is going on four full years...that is private until new owner.

              two nuclear stories go with it (very subtle- not even unusual. Seems it is zinc /sunstorm related .. and it is very common.) Disappearing acts...

              anyway, that is the only mystery..learned it a very long time ago. this one is simply a chunk of frankensteined 60k psi iron. I even had to set it up to get out of the spic monkeys laundry coming out of the dryer vent near the car.

              reality goes on..
              today was a ride to store, pipe is cracked from the 50 mile highway run just after catalyst. The master cylinder conquered something at slow speed (now a 15/16ths), maybe the whole bore fluttered to 22 inches hg. my best guess.
              the radio is like warming the car up faster..all kinds of hertz, like an ecm car does for us today.

              Tall geared and fresh intake even after the runner warms, and that is turning out to be another pleasant. Keeps the car small in the city. The pack of formula 1 bees starts around 3k rpm.

              3k rpm is just a 1/3 of the throttle ability. A whole other realm awaits...damper stays closed into 4500.

              the landspeed quest is still on.

              this week is a 3/4 inch wheel cylinder (that is the big little subes hub brake cylinder), and I already have a new line waiting..

              ya know a real long story to the point. before the steel drama/ zinc chains, all the chains actually..

              an original thought was.. why a 4k rpm launch for race, and a 140 cfm city. they never put the two together. I have been inspired by some net machines. a mustang turbo, the NRE engines. Nelson himself has called some of the builds a pussycat and monster all in one. today can do that. that is my other motivation for the 3 main boxer. No need for a permanent setting of small or big.. when the whole thing is right in front of me.
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                Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                Those pictures were awesome.



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                  Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                  Those pictures were awesome.

                  I am still updating.. I only put anything doing with work at the picasa place.

                  which got confusing recently. not what it used to be.

                  I forget sometimes, those photos help me too. I cannot capture to this day, lightning strike evidence and fresh welds. Both related in appearance.. but that is not my problem, it is the cameras.

                  a deep carbon looks like a black hole on camera. Big psi.

                  on that note.. the metal pieces. The rear quarters. 6 years now. I learned something peculiar about rust...
                  there is no such thing as rust.

                  rust is the chemistry and frequency that cause a metal fail. I am never fighting rust.. I am fighting everything but rust.

                  The o2 sensor playing with kHz, and the accel with its own large crystal oscillator. wow. that little buggy may never rust again.. unless external. a micro shaker is a good car keeper.

                  and salt? salt is not the asshole. salt found what to trigger to action and go away, and bothers the finalizes something else. most common seems to be the old style acid lead batteries and the oil filled coils. both gone from the car for some time.

                  There is amazing backwards stereotypes about metal. paint is just for fun..although in the case of less than 18gauge ricers, paint is indeed a structure.

                  a lot to share with this one..
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                    Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                    zinc and sunstorm

                    this morning looking over about 4 years of blog posts.

                    3 socket extensions, a socket and now the nut at the center rear end bushing.

                    disappearing act. I mean literally a disappearing act.

                    I am a nut about tools. military crew chief crazy about tools.

                    putting pieces together.

                    the egr had a nuke, black hole version. long gone done, now second engine.. this one had no use for egr anyway by factory. Very centered. beautiful engine I must say.. even the casting is very nice.

                    anyway, the mystery is zinc. density change to a chassis once dipped in a strange version. The sunstorms is like a meteor smashing a russian zinc factory. it is that powerful. Ate 3 extensions, a socket and the most recent is a nut in a place I never touched with the welder. once the welder gets its way, it is a chunk of iron with no mystery.

                    so the mystery is not solved...even the nerdiest of star trekkian physics gurus would drop a jaw if to go through in realtime what me and this car has.

                    it is almost over. Putting mythical EGR worshipping rainy places is close to nuclear, but is not.

                    that one link that ate the nut, added another depth to runtime after connecting up the bushing. A sure landpseed grabber. As if it was not deep in the hole already, this runtime is over the top...a pun I guess, that is where the connection is on the rear end tube. right up top. Very casual. I do not even care about hp numbers at this point.

                    I talk of these things here with seems maine is a rare place in itself. Events are too. I have talked locally with others, my stories happen in other machines. Killing a zinc chain.. during peak of sun cycle.

                    if that disappearing act should ever happen, there is one thing I caught all made the same noise. if you can imagine crumpling paper noise.. but metal...and the sound like something hit the bottom of a glass jar. That is what it does when it happened. All four times. The nut the other day was as close as I have been to realtime encounter. I was inches away from it.. nut in my fingers. in disbelief I looked all ate the damn nut. The noise happened as it happened. not in a hole, no ate the damn nut.

                    I wonder if its repeating a Chernobyl sound or something.. but that would be a shame. A nuked machine does not respect the electrons. back to zinc theory, sticking to it.

                    the zinc stuff is actually ongoing, subconscious. I replated the carb needle in nickel for example, last year. I never forgot the crazy northern zinc events. The monojet was especially feisty. zinc dichromate. My first encounter was a delta88 that ate new brake lines... from the outside in. that was late 80s. I was 15. My first earful about crazy metallurgical processes and theories that linger. It was actually my realtime learning that got me into some special path in school, metal working. Not everyone that wanted to go there could. I encountered something not even scientists can replicate..

                    anyway, am content. Approaching this like an outline, science. Two things in common to the delta 88 "ghost" and this sube..I recently broke a a very old brake line on the rear end. the delta88 went weird after replacing them. 20 years apart, two totally different cars...brake line open has an ingredient.

                    both cars must have had the same event. I still agree about the sun, peaks of the storms. Easier to accept. Now if a car was a fission victim, chernobyl version.. the coming year is beyond 26 for the half life of that energy. it is time to rebuild safely. At most some ghostly opposites of fission can happen. Still do not know to call it fusion. No scientist really has yet...but do count on density. A metal worker will find that stuff on your own project if there is any problems anyway.

                    was just talking with dad.. the 5 million mile trucker. he forgets the sunstorm stuff. Probably traumatic. he goes back to old style radios that repeated everything in the air. buzzing statics from outer space included. Anyway, came up with the electroplating theory. this one makes the most sense. Ground lit in a big way, my hand was the cathode, rear end the anode...finished off the rear end with a chrome looking a big hurry. Wet ground I was laying on as well. The hand that held the nut has the jitters, swollen wrist.

                    not a fan of zinc, mystery powers. will find some strong paint to finish off the rear end. Stop the will to be that crazy in electro thieving a plate..
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                      Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                      bs sticker

                      got this today..and still waiting on wheel cylinder. Supposed to be here.. but not sure what is going on in delays.Appropriate timing, the chores are done. The rest is doing over the top work. Nice to take a break..back to cooking my breads.

                      A ride to store, some big connection is indeed satisfied with center bushing. It is also nice to take it easy, the slow mode a bit less noise. I see 60s for this week, will throw in wheel cylinder and map out a pretty finale under the back end.
                      with a 3 brake system, it is sure as heck my welded sube.. you cannot even tell one side in the back is full brake and other has none.. on a rear end that broke four times. My weld is coming through for sure. this was what I was expecting all along, and never quite got it. The center had to be hooked up. The last of the midget..

                      looking rear end over with my American sized ...brain...I was attempting a physic in the span of five feet not even possible without a center hookup...and it still outlasted an entire wrx by 20 years. Add to that, the design has to leave the wagon chassis positive raked to be normal, big pressures on the highway as the car becomes a wing. I almost feel silly. Hauled off to the hospital last month did help some, I feel a lot clearer minded. Can treat this as the animal I always have, and be more confident. I was making a suspensionless bridge out of a rally wagon....and it worked, but I am after tractor trailer mode. Really silly to look at it without the center being thought of. Subarus problem really, I respected what they built. live and learn. I was self taught a bit more about steel through all this...and of course once again..oem has more weakness than I can shake a stick at. I did doubt it all...except for that rear end crossmember design.

                      As this is a little car void never filled. I was just watching some of this cars generation in the rwd world. they also had little engines.. much bigger with fuel air and mods. that is where that drifting car stuff came is really 25 years or more now. in fact, the ae 86 is why the brz with a boxer exists today. It is known the boxer coulda woulda shoulda been a little can of whoopass..and it never happened unless owned like a rally team would (and did years later). This keeps me afloat. I will try the rwd trick for a day.. I bet its all over the place. crazy drifter. I don't mean slop, I mean go kart snappy whatever I want.
                      Ignoring the bomb is impossible this close to home. Even the south wind on my nose tells me something bad happened. I look to the past, like every military man. This was interesting:

                      the only element found and used was iron in the earth. the kilns
                      stopped when all the timber was burned and they could no longer feed the kilns.
                      now that is hard core. As euro and families history is altered by women (every surname suffers a runting tall tale by women). I am finding just how tall some of the mysteries of reality are. Some names got handed castles.. after not even building them,but because they were that righteously fearsome. Righteous to the point of gaining governments. So terrorist fighters existed. clock makers. iron men. perfect fighters...
                      and not a single mention of the terrorist they wiped out.

                      ...and a bomb comes out of nowhere in a relaxed place close to home. There was a saying I never understood. "you don't want to go waking the dead."
                      I am not going to say who said it.. indeed a woman. I know what it means now. No one wakes the dead. The truth never sleeps. Swap trees for snakes and famine for suicide.

                      back to brakes for cars that actually move forward and backward...
                      The new cylinder does not ship with new little bolts to hold them to the car. Looking through the folgers bin, I have 3 subarus and 16 years to choose from. Found two in a hurry. A funny thing about the back brake. It must have gone 26 years without one.. left side. the right side was so good as to hear the brake engage. Rally car slap it around loud and proud. Have not heard that in recent weeks, but know its working. The left side has never made that nosie, and never really caught on. I replaced everything but the wheel cylinder and last 11 inches of brake line. guess where it is not working..

                      You know a car chassis is fixed when the right front dives to a back left not working.. and no steering pull in any direction. I have never gone that far in any chassis. This one does not even creak from a maine winter leap to summer. Acts of wizardry unknown is probably a common result to experience... all new to me. being as I made it happen.

                      took wheel off, and for the heck of it gave the part I broke stuck in the cylinder one last try with vise grips. As it came loose I heard the familiar sound of the ups truck. Did not need the delivery after all. Good timing however. Just hooked up a new run of line. Away it went. A new cylinder does come with new bolts, I found them in the box. A new spare wheel cylinder is not a bad thing.

                      where the old line had that silly restrictor and on a tiny master has never had a tough day in its life. About time to make it work. Sat around a quarter century along for the ride. I replaced everything, even the brake hardware, color coded springs etc. I just knew there was something else, and the brake line breaking revealed it. I can hear both sides engaging.

                      ..and the nut that disappeared. came back out. What was real freaky, is with wheel off, I can see perfectly right where I needed to hook it up the other day. no nut in sight. I went to gas station, and was pulling back into my spot and there it was, shining in the sun. So, a brake line connected has something to do with satisfying this. Super conductor? hadron collider mini Japanese version? The mystery goes on. The teleporting sube.

                      this is the disappearing nut. I do not know what the white stuff is..or that brown. I wish I had a geiger counter. The brown may be something..

                      the sube teleports nuts to another dimensia...and back.

                      reading up on hadron collider... it does have the ingredients. if super symmetry decides to take a direction.. but yet another symmetry in the way. a 3 way overlap can make stuff happen in ways unknown to man. find it like an epicenter..only to be dumbfounded in theory.

                      the weirdos spent big bucks for a reason. I am involuntarily a believer.

                      one side should have a shadow.. but you will not find the source. I could think to sleep over this one.. but I don't.
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                        Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                        no more hocus pocus

                        brakes all in. all four.. most cars are like that.

                        the sube does 3 wheels two struts half the brakes and 2 cylinders.
                        good times.

                        anyway, got some highway in, wanted to verify all four brakes on more of a load. nice stuff. it even squats the front end down. that is a brick for this build of Subaru. sits up like a little truck its whole life.

                        other traffic takes off freakish fast in comparison.. but second gear sends me off into the other dimensia with no effort. car is on a different wavelength. Very landspeedish. You don't dump a clutch on 40 tons.. this little sube is the same.

                        I am enthused at this post. it has been a very long year. Radio on , all four speakers, now like my brakes..all four of them.

                        I can have some fun now. autocross ..but the top end time really has my imagination. I still have not forgotten the little rabbit I saw in photos at loring, a full cage, a lot of work...120 something mph. Humble isn't it. guy Did not even need a cage. I mention that one for the 1.8 liter.

                        I can finally back off this for some time.

                        comparing to the inline equal was part of the voluntary challenge, a very long time ago. The rabbits were thunder trucking around at the same time as the more rare carbed ea series. the little Omni. Me? I was driving a chevette..the sideways mount is not a benefit today. I lived it.

                        the boxer simply is mind blowing if you give it a chance. I'll hide behind the legends in the dark. Porsche and even corvairs are ahead in making a performer. This one really needed the classic chance.
                        A note on runtime. even with damper keeping a calm realm, perfect stoich. Second sometimes bounces like a gt3 leaving the pits. Letting off is useless, just keep steady let it dial in. A little pro skill needed, surprising at first. Very boxer indeed. I am certain there is no cure for this, and that is alright. Classic sound, it could get a laugh out of some.
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                          Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                          very happy to hear of the success that comes with stubborn backyard engineering!!
                          Patrick & Tammy
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                            Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                            very happy to hear of the success that comes with stubborn backyard engineering!!
                            except the backyard is not the stubborn part.

                            I am looking forward to finally getting some performance number on this.
                            it has stuck out for a quarter century. A second engine, air fuel change.. the chassis is a fast one.
                            All a lesson. race car builders find this stuff as a cage tightens etc. A desire to slow velocity means more air fuel. Amazing curve. The same small package can act like a bigger body.

                            really weird not one local story of staying real with it into a classic realm.

                            I was looking through summit, I guess I found a coincidence.
                            the #79 fuel jet is a .089 hole.

                            So, the #79 that was given by Rochester in 1978 for the chevette was only wrong in that it shrunk.

                            Without knowing where it had to go, I got the nice wideband setup...
                            I bored it out with aid of AFR gauge, and got the same exact number as Rochester a .08850...35 years later, by a .005 inch.


                            a 43mm barrel, a different engine entirely.. although in the 1.5l to 1.8 range. the big barrel still took the same size jet.

                            that is a lesson in venturi/velocity no doubt.

                            this leads me to the top end, it may run out again, but not for being wrong, simply hitting the limit of what could be another barrel to keep climbing.

                            To live it, the goes to anything with an engine.

                            the second hole that needs cover removed on the monojet, (it goes to main jet hole if to follow it)I admit..that could be my own secret.

                            Like the intake damper that kicks in later. One always just looks at the carb, even today. What surrounds it is equally and more as important.

                            To dial in something to be that universal. The engineers must have bordered a black hole of void.. and stopped there. Going beyond brings mystery.
                            it does explain going jackhammer as mainstream. injectors are jackhammers, inlines, shared journals.. all jackhammers avoiding a big balanced run of beautiful. No need to be scared anymore.

                            I have concluded for everything one thing.. the air side is the confusion. its like conquering god himself. Who the heck can do that? Nobody.

                            this is a cool vid. The smashing part is silly, and maybe my science will make sense of theirs some day. My sickness is things that travelled with no known start or end. I eventually identified it in any man made machine.

                            As I have gone to mystery, not volunteering.. even the old 707s in a junk pile had some many many lessons. I am glad that hadron weird stuff is out loud. I am sane.

                            This vid, if you are into deciphering.. explains why the crazy leap for digital interrupts all over our cars/trucks. I found ignition is the only one that has a nature for it. All else needs smooth. I may be too far ahead in saying it, I just simply lived it.

                            speaking of smooth, once one does get there. Parts fail, revealing the retarded market yet again. Recently I found the ceramic substrate of convertor , which has no platinum, becomes a convertor if there is an o2 sensor in front of it. the real platinum sending the rest of its reaction to the ceramic. that means heat.. hence the burnt pipe. with the burnt pipe, I am finding the rear crossmember needs yet another monster weld to finalize.

                            this build by factory was not just a company going broke, it is a killer with half assed finishes to important subjects..
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                              Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                              daily note

                              This car made me sick, and so did my rental.. but more the car than anything. Even on the modern engine, I had to work it out of years and years of too lean. Someone did the hard work already, the low down micronic metal changer needs a smart builder.. and that is where my pride is. I have run the twenties years old even in new England seeming like they were just off the showroom floor. more than has to worship metals of all kinds. slow slow clock.

                              I found some recipes to help car building (I am a straight guy that cooks)..
                              • the breads with baking powder instead of yeast,
                              • prune juice,
                              • all the citrics,
                              • and tons of iron rich meats.
                              Not many machines, even nuked, are going to win a good diet...but only for a short time. I also found
                              • vitamins with potassium anything (bananas can backfire on a nuclear sickness, or serious oxide sickness).
                              Anyway, feeling good lately. the only thing I have found local stopping a restore is no known cure for the grotesque non-organic sickness that an owner/builder gets. I am just one, nearly killed me. Not enough sun at all. Not enough of several things..

                              I normally keep blog separate, but todays notes is good.( Not like me with this buggy is it?)

                              the cars notes for today.. I am back to making habit of driving til full warm, and oil pressure into the books numbers. when it is high the engine is tight more than oil being cold. ..a trick I learned from old car drivers. I blew the first engine while oil was not up to temp.
                              It is almost bewildering to think this is ready to go anywhere in a way it should have decades ago. the largeness of it is absolutely it stays so casual to be that large. Like a deep woof of a big dog taking it easy..even while barking. The other realm sneaks up into a shreaking formula sound, all up to me and my foot. It is surprising no matter where the throttle is. This would be a time to go for a good sale, truly a smile. I am just feeling too rewarded right now. The only thing better in my memory is a tall first gear of an automatic with a v8 big enough, making it seem short..going by three ricer gears to its one. Not to down the boxer, the proportion of what it does over itself in size via sound of work, and the result…one of the greatest on earth. It very well could be the greatest with the real facts out loud.
                              I am right down to details just for a next owner to say, yep that looks good. I simply have some Frankenstein welding to make pretty.

                              on some technical stuff, it is the long term metal related coming to a close. Six years for this one.
                              the center bushing on the rear crossmember can now let the proper fed right bank push the car back to the left. A boxer is extremely powerful like that. it could bend c-rails if fuel is out of whack. That was another factoid of keeper for the ten speed.. the front end is amazing, I still wonder if it was purposed for flat six.. but the "group a" story seems more appropriate for the date stamp. A small run of 5000 minimum. I have had 3 of these, none match this brick of a front end.

                              ..and that is the welds focus, maybe the weekend. the center bushing mount a lot more robust, and a cover with grinding for the rest of member. Sustaining now quite content, this last day should wrap it up nice.
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