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1987 subaru: dual range

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  • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

    just kidding on the singing.
    I'd end up listening to wrist pins.

    subaru climbing pikes peak.

    my own is ready to renew the antique plate.. get it going down the road.
    the snappy blips in video above is the reason I stay 2 valve and high vacuum draft.

    bigger throttle inlection is as far as i would go with them.
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    • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

      almost 2 months

      fed it 1.5 gallons of fresh gas.. and sparked it up.
      still has not needed a jump start in well over 1 year...maybe more.
      maybe it is the ability for carbs to stop in time...for decades...
      hardly a gummy goop to fight with this one..
      its got the hot rod parts for carb engines.
      12psi fuel...full return.
      it did need 30 minutes until battery was within msd realms of happy.

      this is very tall geared. I took it down the road to reel in my 20th year with these models and remember.
      little things... realizing even my hands on the wheel have aged, still too large to be in such a little car.

      all the fighting with exhaust studs, and things that never seat.
      they are just there now, for a long haul I hope to take.

      aluminum is never the same twice...until you build it once.
      it conformed to what I built.

      I will be putting it on the road again, a long autumn trip someplace.
      I don't want the ricer crowd.
      I want to park next to that 66 chevelle still running solids in the 396...
      or the slant 6 still worried about overheating.
      ..or maybe the 3 on the tree half ton with a 250 chevrolet and a rochester monojet like me.

      History does not repeat itself, if it never dies
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      the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


      • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

        for sale again

        opted to stay patient, I have humility for the effeminate quests of my poop brown subaru


        Click image for larger version  Name:	87subaru4sale.jpg Views:	1 Size:	295.5 KB ID:	1219714

        seems i have one that is genuine right now. I just posted not long ago
        might get a normal heterosexual male this time

        yes, I am that prejudice with this subaru.

        all the parts, can even help deliver it

        if you do not know what a mig welder is, ask your mom next time you have her beard
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        the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


        • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

          just sold my little subaru

          I am remaining friends with buyer

          hope you like it hunter..

          I may add to thread as his story of the car is a new beginning
          he may put it right out on the road again a regular vehicle.

          may not be sold..
          too cold to drive, and came back.
          will wait and see how it goes.

          edit 2
          offering it up for free
          lets see how this goes. No time to talk to fairy talers and cute subaru fantasy pursuits...
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          the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


          • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

            one last photo
            Click image for larger version

Name:	last photo.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	300.3 KB
ID:	1227255

            not much to see or say
            my subarus last day

            couldn't really be my way

            12 years 2 months 22 days is 4466 days

            4466 days can be converted to one of these units:
            • 385,862,400 seconds
            • 6,431,040 minutes
            • 107,184 hours
            • 4466 days
            • 638 weeks

            a day like today minutes are hours. 3 degrees in the setting sun.
            I drove it up onto the trailer for the next owner
            I saved it for him, nearly gave the car away... because he is going tocontinue to build with it.
            I offered to do welding, and he accepted.

            With a handshake, it went down the road.
            With the 100 dollars I was given
            I went down the road too.

            I have never seen this car from behind, I was always at the helm.
            love the stance, it is as wide and tucked and meant to be as I made it.
            I will never forget the sound of the self balanced engine, against the friction of it all.

            I will most likely see this car again. I hope he makes it famous.
            he has got a good collection among his family.
            I sold it cheap, for that reason. I even saved it for him..ignored other buyers.

            A day like today minutes are hours in the 3 degree setting sun.
            I am in pain a lot now, been disabled for decades.

            my gmc thumps like a locomotive, so casual.
            skechers and cruise control on
            window cracked open smoking a cigarette
            4 pillows pouncing on the highway
            just right and keeping warm
            below zero now in the dark

            I know what I was missing, and I will never forget.
            I took in that ice cold ten geared subaru as myself. No regret

            Previously boxer3main
            the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


            • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

              the last post
              I have another journal, more personal.. it to is 10 years old now. Originally started in 2007, I lost 2 years of the first attempt.
              A strange car choice in my favorite place to be.. hot rod forum.
              I hope this last post for this car helps explain why.

              the last post

              one last photo.
              pressured into registering or selling by the buildings maintenance man after getting bullied ...
              My first instinct is to go for the throat, finger deep into an eye socket, grab jaw to a broken neck.

              But i did not.
              I advertised the car instead.
              The gmc to the right is me. It is my height and existence.

              I did this journal for.... journalism. I am a disabled veteran. My brain was very hurt for a long time.
              My income, health, life and death for a very long time.

              What I thought was a friend guided me to a subaru dealer going bankrupt in 1997. I could not think for myself very clearly.. he even went to the dealer with me. My speech and motor skills were not quite right.

              The roof racks in the photo are all that remains of that first subaru. Manual steering DL wagon with a carb..all factory. No heater, even working properly.. just like the wagon in photo. I learned i was death imminent. Even ending up in a homeless shelter. My brother was in a mobile home park that had been shut down by the state.. but grandfathered to keep his place there.

              the landowner obliged me as well... and offered a 1947 mobile home. All steel, less than 8 feet wide.. single pain glass and slatted for some of them. The walls were 1.5 inches thick. My subaru was there with me. I could not drive for several years. the brain problems earned me a drunk ticket. I am not a drinker.

              Very grateful to be living next to a 100k btu garage hot air furnace in that tiny place.. the noise did not bother me. My ears were still screaming 4 jet engines and 550mph.

              Upon more strange guidance, a friend of my sister brought me to radio shack to get my first computer, a compaq had the new found windows 98. I got advice to start a memory short and long were taking stabs that left the appearance of a quick seizure or blank face.

              It was in this mobile home, my subaru outside.. the head pain continued to worsen.

              Amazed by the simplest things my computer did.. obsessed with it for several years living as a recluse.
              Saving words in notepad. Drawing in mspaint.
              counterstrike one by sierra came with a game called half life.

              I learned to be playing with the very terrorist i was in my tour of duty to be aware of.
              my computer got hacked.

              my head pain worsened.
              One day looking at the sun through the slatted glass, the pain reached a climax behind my left eye, and a gush of fluid came out from behind it. Out my nose and tear duct. My teeth popped upper and lower in several places.

              The relief and pain was astounding. I was crying and laughing at the same time...
              before I passed out with nerves open from jaw and the instant realization, part of my brain came back, with colors to see.

              I awoke on the floor.. it may have been 2 days down. Right next to my hot air furnace...that dried the fluid that came out of me, leaving a crust on my face.

              my first ride upon my license back was local. I then went to my mothers grave in johnston rhode island.

              2001 rolled through. I still had that 87 subaru, I was still living in the 1947 mobile hut
              I knew it was not my kind of car.

              I then realized the value of what my life had survived. The Subaru was a physical symbol of it.
              I decided to keep just one and make it special.

              It is now 20 years later.
              So much has died around me. I tore down the mobile home with a sawzall. I declared it a health hazard. I learned I have gulf war 1 symptoms.

              I learned I surpass rules for purple heart, and valor.

              The photo above is looking out side my apt window, jan 2019. It is public housing in the woods.
              In a small town I launched from, very cold desolate place of 700 people.
              No place for a 1987 subaru. How did it survive?
              It raised my own question surrounding me.

              My subaru went to a good owner for 100 dollars. I drove it up onto the trailer.. my last throttling of it.
              I looked in the mirror later that evening. I am old.
              I have no emotional motivations anymore. My grandmother would call that life..

              The machine I built. it will stay the same, and gain new motivation and life and thoughts of evolution.

              It is now I know why I wanted a journal. It was for you.
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              • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                Now you can move on. Tennessee, Georgia, Sunny South Florida, Puerto Rico, parts unkown?


                • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                  Loved this car.. If I wasn't on the wrong coast...


                  • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                    Loved this car.. If I wasn't on the wrong coast...
                    I was just so glad to see enthusiasm of the next owner. Even if he goes animal with it.. the steel where it matters is there now.
                    meanwhile, saving my pennies. My brother has a gmt800 that needs welding, it may be my first LS vehicle.

                    I poked some steel today in my ild 96, it scrubbed a hole on the front of the leaf spring hanger at frame. I was looking for this, tractor trailers do it too (the old ones) after adding the angle iron straight edge.

                    I'll keep busy with simple welding projects on v8 trucks instead.

                    This address has a lunatic maintenance man, he keeps getting defended by an integrity beyond truth.
                    I sense police and lawsuits and ... oh my, time to pack.

                    A guy named fred weymouth, gods gift to.. himself and a rural self proclamation without challenge.

                    it is a reason to find good towns with more people.
                    the only dunkin donuts in Milo Maine area drained my gift card in one visit...I could see the lies on their face when i inquired today (it had to be an employee that did it)
                    I am done with it. All my friends are dead anyway.

                    next month is an even louder colors new version of a veterans license plate. That is all I need. I am done here.
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                    the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.


                    • Re: 1987 subaru: dual range

                      I see this boxer revival, the great effort.. hands on.

                      I am getting old, but smiling more.

                      if a kid has a dream to do something,
                      they may not know from what past it has come from
                      until their actions are complete
                      to realize what it has become.

                      my mom told me I loved the beetle.
                      she thought it was some kind of genius. moms are like that.
                      self balance... linear to rotation.
                      she always played with my hair. it was long and wavy
                      she agreed with her sisters and called it mediterranean.
                      not a clue what that meant.

                      it was not until this past week... they apparently proved themselves right.
                      my boxer attempt is done. I like seeing the euro efforts... as it is the beginning.

                      my old subaru was up for sale again..
                      given maines IQ.. it will most likely get run over by a truck after a 12 pack of PBR.

                      I still have piles of parts that were supposed to go with it.
                      seeing the ad...
                      I guess i keep the turbo engine and heads and cams I got all over the place...
                      and maybe build one more..
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                      the death rate and fairy tales cannot kill the nature left behind.