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Low buck 68 LeMans

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    Blah blah I'm a cheap bastard blah blah roller clearance blabity blah blah tall enough now.

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      what ever works
      Originally posted by Remy-Z;n1167534
      Congratulations, man. You've just inherited the "Patron Saint of Automotive Lost Causes" from me. No question.

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        A little body work and some grinding, you might never know they were stretched.


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          I like it, stealthy!
          Of all the paths you take in life - make sure a few of them are dirt.


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              Ran out of welding gas


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                Saw Giggles Saturday and rest of the Thumper stash. Jealous. Like a typical gearhead I only see possible projects. Had a great afternoon bench racing with Todd. Great day.
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                  Car talk is always fun. Can you believe it? I'm considering building a couple chevy engines...for trucks of course.

                  This is what I did today, spent more time cleaning parts and looking for my last can of paint than doing anything else, but now it's only a couple hours from being stuffed in the LeMans. The valve covers are soaking, I don't need the tall ones for these heads. I have another set of small chamber heads that will go to Canada for some 270cfm CNC port work.

                  This is my brother's truck, has a Dodge 360 with ported heads and a similar size cam in it. He just got it drivable and put plates on it, and it's my first victim when I get the LeMans running and some decent tires under it. Sibling rivalry goes to what we drive too. Mine is being built in four months on a small budget, his has been under construction for ten years or so. I have more free time though.

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                    If I had some jack oil, this thing would be going in right now. Engine hoist has a leak and it wont lift it. Can't go any further until it's in the chassis. Im going to run a stock air filter assembly, might go with heat risers over the headers too. I want it to look sleepy and near stock. Should be sitting in there tomorrow with a Th350 behind it. Ma6be I'll spring for a 400 high stall converter, maybe not. The Edelbrock carb is there until the tank is cleaned out running pump gas with a bit of alky in it. Lots of varnish and rust.

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                    • Today's progress. Headers are easier without the front end on the car.

                      Hey look, wheels up! Told ya this thing has power.

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                      • Nice work Todd! Are you keeping the front drums?
                        There's always something new to learn.


                        • Drums are cheap, they work so they stay. Probably never will put discs on this thing, no reason to because it's just a beater that I plan to stuff engines in and use as a mule. That way the 70 GTO can get the frame off it needs/deserves and this one can enjoy the abuse.


                          • Work is progressing, invested in other projects this month because opportunity presented itself. Probably the last order from summit is going through tonight, fuel pump, engine mounts, and a battery relocation kit that I may or may not use. I've been digging up parts to use from the farm, scrounging things I can repurpose into lightweight car parts. Today it was a storm door frame that is reconfigured to hold up the front fenders, hood, and radiator. I have some thin sheet that will act as filler so you cant see past the grilles, fog it all black and you'd never know it's there. Now the front end is so light I can stand on it and it's still on the snubbers, but I bounce and it moves. Might need to cut the springs a bit since trick springs cost money.

                            Finished off the rear end too, had to order a $7 hardware kit for the brakes, then filled it with 90wt and posi additive. It goes under the car tomorrow, and I'm working on a set of wheels for the rear, then some tires. All kinds of stuff is laying around here from years ago, even a functioning tach that I got in the trunk of a parts car, and some gauges I never installed. There is enough stuff here I can put another engine together with stock stuff if I get a crank turned, it will go in a Formula or the Ventura. Might as well, right? Having cars able to move under their own power is a huge advantage for moving them to my land. Then I still have the 350s and Olds engines, and three bare 400/455 blocks. It's getting to be like a one man version of junkyard wars.


                            • looking good!
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                              • Got quite a bit done the last two days, and there is a wonderful severe thunderstorm rolling through now. Happy to be inside for it. Made a couple changes including the front support. It looks like its too big and out of proportion, but it's a decent copy of the dimensions. Holds me up, so really all I have to do now is get it welded. Very light and soon to be very sneaky. Even my mopar nut dad was impressed.

                                Nose is all the way up, lets me know it's considerably lighter. Sucks I have to pull the front end apart to do something with the springs, im not adding weight either. The 65s have lighter springs in them, this thing had a bunch of weight up there.

                                Something is missing.

                                This one came out, open unknown gears.

                                This one is going in, 3.08 posi 8.2 BOP.

                                Once everything is connected, it will get started. Then time to finish the hood and bumper.