Hi all, I am not able to spend the time like I used to driving my Nova and well just hard to have funds, So i try to make side money by making things, Here is an Item I have made for a Fellow member here Chris (Novadriver) So while on Power Tour Members of some of his Forums can connect car with him and with his screen Name

OK so here is final Product, This is a Window Display I make, a little over 8.5 x 11 Laminated, You can put all the stuff you put on a show board just smaller, Can be displayed on dash under hood any where, easy to carry too, This one is for a friend who is going on Hot Rod Power Tour and he had me put info about Forums he visits on net so If anyone from those sites see car they know its him and he also has a contact number so if they want to catch up with him, This sells for $20 It is photo Quality Paper mounted to Poster Board to give stiffness and Laminated to Protect, $20 does include Shipping also.
Contact me by E-mail [email protected]
Look forward to hearing from you all