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1937 Ford 1/2 ton Pickup For Sale

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  • 1937 Ford 1/2 ton Pickup For Sale

    Selling my 1937 Ford pickup. Here's the nitty gritty..

    1937 Ford Truck... here's the short story

    This pickup belonged to my wife's grandfather. He passed away before finishing it. It started as a '37 Coupe. The car was running/driving and was a nice car. He wanted to build a truck. So he sold the body and kept the frame. The frame has a good clean Kansas title and is in perfect rust-free condition.

    -21 stud flathead ran fine a few years ago and was stored inside, turns over clean
    -top loader 3 speed and banjo rear
    again, all stock from the 1937 coupe and was not removed from when it was running
    -since it was a car, it has a car radiator, so the truck grille will not fit, I thought I have the correct truck radiator but I don't

    -all stock but it's been converted to juice brakes
    -also have an extra set of wide 5 wheels to go with it
    -two new tires with tubes

    here's the real story.. the paint is beautiful.. I mean it's really gorgeous. I know he spent a lot of money and time on this. It's been stored inside and the truck was not put together right away. so there are a few little rubs here and there.
    -when the bed was put on there's a chip below the gas filler neck.
    -i don't have the painted hood sides for the truck
    -they had painted a set of '36 hood sides and I'm currently locating a set of '37 hood sides for the buyer.
    -tailgate is perfect
    -truck needs the fender welting put in
    ( I just bolted the bed/fenders and stuff on to get it trailered when I moved across the country)

    -I just have the seat springs, no actual seat has been done for the car
    -I have all of the painted peices for the inside of the truck
    -all guages and glass are in great shape

    There are some things that I'm forgetting to mention, and I know there are some things that the truck needs. Really, though, it's SO CLOSE to being done. I don't have time to complete this. It's not about money, I'm doing fine. I have never wanted to be that guy with a nice car in the garage and not doing anything with it.

    I have new Bob Drake hardware in plastic and boxes. Also new Mac's stuff. There are extra parts and needed parts all packed in boxes and bubble wrap from when it was moved. So I'd rather not just unpack all of it for the sake of random pics. If there's a fella interested I'll take pics of all the parts to get a sale going. Time is a major factor and that's partially why the truck is on the market.

    I know these pics aren't very detailed for the amount of money I'm asking. I can do more detailed pics for interested parties. Let me know if you have any questions.

    pm me for more details!

    I'm asking $12,000
    Thanks for your time!

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    Hi There,

    I am new to this site so I may be lost.
    I am interested in your 37 Ford Pickup for sale.
    Is it still available? Please contact me as soon as you can.


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      Truck still Available?

      Hi there, I know this is an older post, but is this truck still available?
      Thanks for your time.


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        Hey guys... Yes this is for sale. I've been going through some family stuff. So it's going to be sold! Please PM me...


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          Is this truck for sale? As in still?


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            I have a serious interest in this truck if it is still for sale.

            Can you please let me know?



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              Sorry guys truck is sold. Thanks for the inquiry.