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Rules for cars for sale

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  • Rules for cars for sale

    You asked for it! Welcome to the new classified section. This forum is only for cars for sale or trade BY YOU, not for stuff you found locally or on Craigslist or ebay (see the "Check This Out" forum to share those items with your fellow Car Junkies).

    Here in the Cars For Sale section, all items posted must have a PRICE or a list of SPECIFIC ITEMS YOU WILL TRADE FOR. Also, you must specify PM, EMAIL, or PHONE.

    Also, your SUBJECT LINE should include the YEAR, MAKE, MODEL of the car being sold; price or several-word descriptions are also recommended.

    YOU MUST HIT "NEW TOPIC" TO START A NEW AD. Please do not use the "Reply" function on another person's ad unless you want to discuss that specific item.

    Please see the sticky topic in the General section and give us your input on this section's format. We can change it if you don't like it.

    Enjoy! (PS- Bonus points for giving us Car Junkies first dibs!)
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    Please include as a minimum:

    City, State and Price

    Interior Color/Condition

    Paint & Trim Condition

    Location & Quantity of Rust

    Mileage and/or Owner History

    Known Pending Repairs

    (As many pics as possible)

    Engine (just) running, or is the car safely driveable?
    How far would you take your family in it, as-is?
    Many ads w/o at least the above are just
    passed over due to too many "mysteries".

    Ad results usually depend on a simple rule:
    The more effort you put into it the more interest created.

    Ask yourself: What would you want to know about a car you might consider buying?

    It's a lot less time-consuming to put info in your ad than it is to
    answer e-mails and phonecalls about everything you left out of the ad.

    Reduce the steps, hassles, hoops, & hurdles for both buyer & seller wherever possible.

    (Likewise, many buyers will wonder why info was left out, & never e-mail to ask.)

    Am sure that other members can also add more to the above suggestions!! --------